Taking a break from Daily Lessons…It's hard to do humor with it, ya know?

So, Ryna-chan presents…a bunch of weird oneshots. No, really. O.o It's like, random stuff that you wouldn't see the characters doing, or what you couldn't really imagine…so here it is!

Oh, these are gonna have almost everyone at some point, so as far as I know, there is no main character…but you never know. Oh, another note, these are most likely gonna be really short, like humor fixes! Whoa, weird simile…

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Character(s): Kratos

Genre: General

Rating: K+

Timeline: Cruxis era; before Anna arc


Kratos loved taking showers.

The way the hot water would slide down his rough skin; removing any and all dirt or grime from his body. He loved the way the steam would ease his weary muscles, and how every problem seemed to drain away as easily as the water.

Kratos was once again enjoying the bliss that was taking a shower.

Quickly peeling off his purple and lilac mercenary outfit, Kratos stepped into the already running shower; nearly shuddering as the water splashed onto his back.

Not wasting any time though, because he had many things to do and was quite busy, the seraph quickly poured out a small amount of shampoo in the palm of his hand.

He began to massage his head, slightly groaning as the pure white suds on his hair became gray with filth. How he even managed to live with his hair so dirty, he wasn't quite sure.

Kratos closed his garnet eyes and submerged his head completely in the drizzle of water, washing away the muck and remaining shampoo.

Finally convinced that his auburn locks were actually clean, Kratos then began to lather soap into a small washcloth; cleaning his body of any offending grime.

As he was washing, Kratos couldn't help but begin to hum a little tune to himself; a song he had once heard in Meltokio. What was it called…? Ze…something's theme…? Pulling himself from his wandering mind, as he tended to do more often, the auburn haired man rinsed his body free of any residue. Sadly, the cleaning part was done with, but Kratos wasn't so eager to step out just then. The water was so comforting and the two worlds weren't going to suddenly explode if he stayed a little longer…

It wasn't until an hour had passed that, the seraph painfully aware of his skin wrinkling from all the moisture, he exited the shower; throwing on the clean Cruxis uniform that he had brought along.

"That…was wonderful," Kratos murmured to himself, his garnet eyes glazing over from sheer pleasure. "I am certainly looking forward to next month's showering."

(cue "EWW!!" from readers)

Haha, didn't see THAT coming, did ya? XD

I wonder sometimes…do they EVER shower/take baths? Kratos seems like the clean type to me…(shrugs)