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Character(s): Yuan, Kratos

Genre: Romance(?)/Angst

Rating: K

Timeline: Right before events in Tales of Symphonia


Yuan… when will you ever see me?

I've been waiting for you the entire time; watching, biding my time until you could notice and acknowledge me.

I've been under your nose for so long, how is it that you keep neglecting me?

I long for your touch, to grace your countenance, for your breath to fall upon me; if only I could tell you all these things…But even if I could tell you, you would never listen.

You would probably say I'm too masculine for you…perhaps you're right, but can't I only compliment your beauty? Oh, who am I to fool.

You would never want me.


"Hm…?" the cobalt swiftly twirled around to face his companion of old.

"Yuan…er," Kratos Aurion gave a sheepish grin, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. "I don't know how to put this into words, but…"

Yuan frowned thoughtfully, perplexed by his friend's behavior. "If you need to say something, just say it." The half elf was so blunt; the auburn haired man took another moment to collect his scattered thoughts once more.

"Well…" Kratos coughed and pointed at Yuan's face. "You have a mustache growing."

A minute of silence passed. The two seraphim stared blankly at each other, one not knowing how to react, and the other uneasy of a reaction.

"You serious!?" Yuan dashed to the nearest mirror that presented itself, and gaped in horror of the long dark whiskers that had begun to develop on his upper lip. "NOOO!!" the cobalt fell on his knees to the floor, raising his fist to the ceiling and cursing all the Summon Spirits.

"Yuan…" Kratos shook his head sadly, relieved that they were the only ones inside the building. His friend was such an embarrassment at times. "You simply need to start shaving like the rest of us."

The half elf blubbered, scary images of shaving cream and razors danced in his head. "B-but…" He whined pitifully, "I don't want to be like you old men!!"

Kratos twitched. "Old men…?" Still, the human rolled his eyes as he dragged Yuan to the bathroom; to teach the cobalt how to properly shave without maiming himself.

Oh Yuan! You finally recognize me, and you kill me! Slaughtering me slowly, without any remorse…But I will come back.

Maybe then you will allow me to charm your upper lip…

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