The Twilight Magic Shop

Sum: Some very strange thing start up when a new magic shop opens.


---Kinomoto residence---

"A magic shop?" asked Sakura Kinomoto, looking at Eriol. "Yes, and just after you made the Hope card. It feels fishy." replied reincarnate of Clow Reed. "So, it's probably nothing but a magic shop." said Tomoyo, trying to get her friends to calm down. "I have to agree with Eriol on this one. Making the Hope card sent out a lot of magic and then not even a week later a magic shop opens. Its fishy." replied Syaoran, with a worried look on his face. "I've got to agree with those two Sakura. You were talking in you sleep last night and were calling out some name, Jul something." said Kero, munching on some pocky. "Fine, let's go check it out." said Sakura, pulling out a few Sakura cards and the staff in key form. "I agree it would be beneficial." said Eriol, as they all got up and left the house.

A half an hour later the group stopped in front of a small shop that had a circle with an eight point star and runes around the circle over the shop door and a sign that said Twilight Magic Shop. "Well this is the place." said Eriol, as Sakura and Tomoyo went in with the boys following. When they entered they started to smell a light but power incense (Spelling?) and odd items scattered through out the shop. All in all the shop looked like it should belong to a wizard.

As they looked around Sakura found an open book but what was on the page surprised her. On one side there was a picture of Clow Reed and on the other was a summarized story of his life and what he did. She looked to the others to see what they were looking at. Tomoyo was looking at some incense and what they were used for. Eriol was looking at some ceremonial daggers that had different seals on them. Syaoran was looking at a large stuffed owl that was the size of an eagle. Then she turned back to the book and reached for it.

Then as she was about to turn the page something brushed up against her legs. When she looked down she saw a black cat that had a patch of red on its forehead and had violet eyes. "My, I must say, Arashi doesn't take to strangers like this often." said a voice, from behind Sakura and the others to jump.

When they turned around they saw a man about sixteen with blazing red hair in a low braided pony tail and half moon spectacles, they couldn't see his eyes because they were closed. (Like that of a fox mask of Gin from bleach) He was wearing black shoes with black dress pants and a red Chinese silk shirt that had a gold fox going from the right shoulder to the left hip with a green sash. "Oh, I'm sorry; I didn't mean to scare you like that. I'm the shop owner, Julian Higure pleased to meet you." said Julian, in a tone that reminded them of Yukito and Eriol. 'Where did he come from? I didn't sense him.' though Syaoran and Eriol together.

"Hello, I'm Sakura Kinomoto, that's Tomoyo Daidouji and Eriol Hiiragizawaand the one by your stuffed owl is Syaoran Li." replied Sakura, shaking one of Julian's hands. "Stuffed owl? Oh, my dear I'm very afraid you're mistaken, Eli isn't stuffed, he just likes to sit still for very long periods of time." replied Julian, when a yelp of pain came from Syaoran.

When they looked over one of Syaoran's fingers was clamped in Eli's beak. "Eli, let him go or it mice for dinner." said Julian, making Eli let go of Syaoran's finger. "Are you alright Li-kun?" asked Tomoyo, looking at Syaoran's finger. "Yes, I'm fine." replied Syaoran.

"How can an owl get that big?" asked Sakura, realizing that Eli could more then likely pick her up and eat her. "Oh, he's Eurasian Eagle Owl. There naturally that large and he's not even out of the single digits yet." replied Julian, as Eriol looked at the clock. "Well, it's getting late, we should go. Till next time Mr. Julian." said Eriol, as the others realized what time it was. "Till next time kids, be safe on your way home." said Julian, as the kids left the shop.

"So, what do you think of the new mistress of the Clow card Arashi?" asked Julian, as he opened his eyes to revile two silted burning infernos. (Like the eye of Sauron in the Lord of the rings movies) "She has a kindness that Clow Reed did not. She will make an excellent mistress, especially when her power reaches its peak." replied Arashi, jumping up on the counter. "And you Eli?" asked Julian, looking at the wise bird. "I agree with the hell cat on this one. She will be great!" said Eli, in a British accent. "Very well then, Let us keep an eye on her." said Julian, pulling a book from under the table that had the title The Daemon on the spine.

Author's notes

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