The Twilight Magic Shop

Sum: Some very strange thing start up when a new magic shop opens.

Chapter one

The Drago

---School yard after last bell---

"Syaoran, I don't see why your on edge." said Sakura, looking at Syaoran who was looking from side to side. "Its just I've had this feeling that we were being watched all day." replied Syaoran. "I have to agree with my baka descendent on this. I've been getting the same feeling all day, its magic and I know I've felt it before, but I can't place it." said Eriol, looking up at the roof of the school. "Then how about we ask the Sakura cards?" asked Tomoyo, once again being the voice of reason. "Good idea." said Sakura, as they went to her house.

A few minutes later they were in Sakura's room with nine cards laid out in front of her. Card made by Clow answer my query, has someone been watching us?" asked Sakura, as a light wind picked up. She flipped over the middle card on the top row, it was the Windy. Then she flipped the middle card on the bottom row to revile the Time and then she flipped the three cards in the middle and they were the Illusion, Create and Libra card. "Ok, so we are being watched and in time they'll show them self's to us but what do the last three mean?" asked Kero, looking at the cards.

"No clue. Well, it's getting late, so, I'm off." said Eriol, getting up and starting to leave. "He's right. I'll see you all tomorrow." replied Syaoran, following Eriol. "I should go too. I don't want mom to worry." said Tomoyo, getting up and following the boys.

"Kero-chan, what could the reading mean?" asked Sakura, after the three had left. "I don't know, what I want to know is what Illusion, Libra and Create have in common." said Kero, landing on the desk. "Well, I hope it's not serious." replied Sakura, putting the cards away. "What ever it is, you should prepare for the worst case scenario." said Kero, turning on the TV to watch more movies that Tomoyo shot. 'What's going to happen?' thought Sakura, going to bed.

---Sakura's Dream---

Sakura looked around her at the large void before she turned around to see Tomoyo with a red three tailed cat that had two small devil wings and black markings around the face at her feet. The oddest thing was that she had two large dragons surrounding her, one as black as the void and the other a white color with a few blue swirls at random parts of the body. "Tomoyo-chan?" asked Sakura, as a load ringing interrupted her.

---Real world---

"Sakura, wake up. You're running late!" yelled Kero, when Sakura woke up. "What!?" yelled Sakura, looking at her clock. Ahhhh! I'm late!" yelled Sakura, dressing in a flash and running down stairs. When she got down stairs her father and brother had an amused look. "Looks like the monsters finally up." said Toya, getting kicked in the leg. "Come down Sakura, I snuck into your room last night and set your clock twenty minutes fast." said her father, putting a plate at her place at the table. "Oh, that was dirty." said Sakura, looking at her father.

A little while later Sakura entered the class room and walked up to Tomoyo. "Hey Tomoyo-chan, what's up?" asked Sakura, seeing a look on Tomoyo face. "Well, something happened last night." said Tomoyo, pulling a book out from her bag. It was a dark purple or black book with a flame near the bottom and the title was The Drago. "What?" asked Sakura, looking at the book that looked like the book the Clow card came in. "It seems I've become a card captor to a new set of cards that are dragon based. At least that's what Infernale said." replied Tomoyo, as Syaoran and Eriol walked up.

"We'll help you, so do you have any cards?" asked Sakura, as Syaoran got a confused look and Eriol looked like he had seen a ghost. "I'm starting off better then you Sakura, I have two, Vento the wind dragon and The Void Dragon." said Tomoyo, pulling out the two cards. "What, you started off better then me in my hunt?" asked Sakura, getting depressed. "Well, Infernale said that Vento is very docile and likes humans very much and he said Void was just lazy and more then likely just didn't feel like leaving." said Tomoyo.

"How did you get the book Tomoyo-san?" asked Eriol, has some color returned to his cheeks. "Oh, on my way home I saw Mr. Julian, you know the shop owner. Well, he and Arashi were going some where and he dropped the book, so, I picked it up and tried to follow him only…the lock broke and the cards shot off every where but these two and Infernale charged me with catching them." replied Tomoyo. "After school, we're going to the Twilight Magic Shop. If he can get something like this, then it must be a genuine magic shop." said Eriol, as the teacher came into the room.

---After school at the Twilight Magic Shop---

When they went in, it was still the same with Eli in the same place. "Are we sure that Owl's real?" asked Syaoran, looking at the large owl. "No, but I think it is." said Eriol, looking around for Julian. "Excuse me, Mr. Julian, are you here?" asked Sakura, standing at the front counter. A few minutes later Julian came out of the back. "Oh, Hello Sakura-san, what can I do for you?" asked Julian, with Arashi following and instantly going over to Sakura rubbing up against her legs.

"You and your guardians can drop the act Julian-san." said Eriol, getting confused look from every one. "What act do you mean Eriol-san?" asked Julian, trying to look confused. "Only a true wizard could have found the Drago cards. I bet you purposely dropped the book in Tomoyo's path so she would pick it up." said Eriol, pulling out a paper spell only for a knife to rip through it. "Although you have Clow Reeds memories, you don't have his skill." said Julian, opening his eyes a little. "You're a demon." said Eriol, shocked that a demon got this close to them with out them sensing him. "No, it's a side affect of being master of the Daemon cards." said Julian, pulling out a blood red book that had a red eye on the bottom and the title The Daemon.

"How long are you going to fight this pissing match?" asked Eli, making Syaoran jump. "So, you're a card captor?" asked Sakura, looking at Julian. "Was, now I'm a wizard and you're a sorceress. As soon as you gained the title mistress of the cards you stopped being a card captor. So, other then this unpleasantness what can I do for you?" asked Julian, closing his eyes. Do you have a device for finding the Drago cards?" asked Tomoyo. "Yes, I do." replied Julian, pulling out small compass that had a dragon carved onto the back and runes on the sides. "450 yen." said Julian, holding the compass above his head and out of there reach. "Here." said Syaoran slapping the money on the table. "Here's your compass and spell." replied Julian, giving the compass to Tomoyo. After they left a shadow came up on the wall behind Julian. "Good work Sasuke. Return to your card Daemon." said Julian as the shadow transformed into a card and floated over to its master's hand. "Thing are getting interesting. Soon the war of six shall start." said Eli, as Arashi jumped up to the counter. "What's the signal?" asked Arashi, looking to Julian. "Only when Oro is caught will the battle start." said Julian, pulling out a ring that had the Kanji for void carved out of red stone on it and putting it on his right ring finger.

End chapter