Sasuke Uchiha talked to me.

Sasuke Uchiha talked.

To me!

What's more surprising is that he actually made me feel better….

In his weird only-Sasuke-can-insult-someone-but-make-them-feel-better kind of way.

Confused? Yeah, me too.

How did I get into this situation?

I still have no idea.

"Hinata! We're going to be late!" Neji screamed from the front door.

"I'll be right there!" I took one last look at myself in the mirror and sighed. I might have tried on all of my clothes, but I still ended up in jeans and a tee-shirt.

"That's so boring!" I could almost hear my sister, Hanabi, saying "you have so many cute clothes that I helped pick out yet you're still wearing that!?" I did feel slightly guilty about all those new clothes stuck in my drawers, but they just weren't "me".

"And since when were you a potato sack?"

It's funny how even in her absence I could still hear her voice.

I broke out of my thoughts when I heard honking. I looked out my window and saw Neji waiting in his car looking rather annoyed. We were going to pick up Lee and Tenten to go to the Tanzaku amusement park today. My other friends, Kiba and Shino, were going to join us there afterwards. Not wanting to cause more trouble, I ran down the stairs, grabbed my sweater and went out the door. Once I in Neji's car, I avoided his stare by buckling my seat-belt.

"Why did you bring a sweater? You're going to feel hot." he said.

I admit it was hot outside, but I couldn't tell him that I found my shirt too tight! "I…I don't want to get sunburned." I replied.

As we drove off I overheard him mumble something along the lines of "Have you ever heard of sunscreen?"

I wish I could kill him sometimes.

We picked up Tenten first and I chuckled at the sight of them. She looked like a mother fussing over her child.

"Neji you look so hot with those bandages!"

Well okay, the kind that tells their child they look hot with bandages…

He recently hurt his forehead while helping Lee with his martial arts and had to wrap it with them. I could tell that Neji was considerably embarrassed, no matter how hard he tried to hide it, and honestly that just amused me even more.

I admired Tenten a lot. She never shied away from people the way I tended to, and she always had a smart come back for everything anyone said. At school, she was the star of the girls' soccer team. She was, however, irritated by the way she said guys treated her like "one of the boys" but I always told her that it was probably because they knew better than to mess with her. She would always laugh at that and say that they were just stupid.

"Hina are you alright?" she asked.

"Umm... y-yes I'm fine." I answered with a smile.

"Oh okay, you looked really distant. But don't worry, just stick with me and you'll have the time of your life!" Neji just smirked and their argument continued.

A couple of minutes later, Lee was in the car with us. "So Hinata! Will you ride all the roller coasters with me?" he asked. "I don't know… I don't really like r-roller coasters." I answered back. "WHAT!? No you must! I will personally accompany you on all of them! I will not let you waste your youthfulness!"

"Could you just shut up with all your "youthfulness" crap Lee?" Tenten intervened. "But Tenten! We are in the prime of our youth! We must enjoy every moment we have until we are thrust into the cruel world we call adulthood!"

"Lee." Neji said sternly.

"Uh oh, somebody's in trouble..." Tenten said in a sing-song voice.

"Both of you shut up, I have a head ache."

"Oh! How could I forget! I will be forever remorseful about owning you last week!"

It took everything Tenten and I had to hold back our laughter from the look on Neji's face.

Before we knew it, we were in Tanzaku. I wondered how we could find Kiba and Shino with all of these people around. Everywhere we looked kids, teens, and adults were walking around happily and talking about all the rides they wanted to go on. Some even looked sick. Oh dear...

"HEY HINATA!" somebody screamed. I searched the crowd and saw Kiba waving at us at the cotton candy stand, next to Shino. I happily walked over to them, now I was certainto have a good time! Neji, Tenten and Lee soon followed and joined the conversation.

"Aw man, Kiba you're making me hungry! Wait a sec guys, I'll be right back. Hina you want some too?" Tenten asked. After saying I was fine she left to buy some food, ignoring Neji's remark that we just arrived.

While the guys were in deep conversation I noticed almost every girl there was staring at them and quietly giggling amongst themselves. It didn't need a genius to see why; Kiba was mischievous and funny, Shino's sunglasses added an air of mystery to him, Neji was the embodiment of cool and Lee was… well... unique? And sweet. Yes, he was sweet.

"What are guys like them doing hanging out with that?" a redheaded girl said to her group of friends. They all laughed loudly and I couldn't do anything but stare at the ground. I knew that it seemed weird for people like them to be friends with me, but I didn't need anyone to rub it in my face…

"And who said I'd want to hang out with someone like you?" Neji said coldly. The guys turned around to look at the group of girls. "I-I didn't say anything" the red-headed girl stammered. "Oh really? I could've sworn you said something about Hinata here" Shino added. "I swear I didn't-"

"How dare you laugh at our Hinata!" Lee cut in.

"Not so tough now aren't we?" Kiba said through gritted teeth.

I fidgeted and tried my best to calm everyone down."G-guys it's o-okay, just st-stop-"

"No Hinata we want to know what's so funny." Neji answered.

"Hey!" we all turned around to see Tenten holding two cotton candies. "Hey I know you..." She said as she squinted. She made the most innocent face I've seen as she raised a cotton cady, expressing her remembrance.

"You're from the girl's soccer team at Suna's aren't you?" she asked politely. "I almost didn't recognize you with your new nose and all."

The girls gasped and started whispering amongst themselves, ignoring the desperate attemps of the redhead to shush them. I looked over at the guys who looked just as confused as me.

"Wait a minute, wait just one minute!" Tenten said a little too aggressively as she approched the group. "She didn't tell you?" she asked one of them. They all shook their heads as the leader hid hear face in shame. Kiba let out a snort. I looked over at him, asking him with my eyes what she meant. He made a fist and pretended to hit himself with it. Oh...

Tenten laughed again. "Oh that's rich..."

Suddenly her expression darkened. "Well I'd reschedule an appointment with if I were you. Remember what happened last time?" The girl looked so frightened she couldn't even speak. She then decided to quickly walk away, followed curiously by her friends.

"HEY why are you suddenly so chicken you little bitch!" Tenten yelled over at them. "Don't you want a new nose? Or face?"

They simply ignored her and sped up up, one of them daring to look back.

"Konoha Kunoichi kicks your ass!" she continued. Kiba was in hysterics. "If I wasn't going to eat this I'd probably shove this up your fu-"

"That's enough Tenten." Neji interrupted with amusement. I saw how hard he fought his laughter along with Shino.

I looked over at them gratefully. "Th-thank you guys but really… you shouldn't have."

"We couldn't just let them talk to you like that Hinata!" Lee exclaimed.

Everyone nodded in agreement. I was glad that they were there to help, but I still couldn't shake that feeling of helplessness. Was I that weak?

"Hey Bushy-Brows is that you?" I froze when I heard that voice. Anyone could recognize it. "It is you! Hey and everybody's there too!" He was coming closer!

"Hi Hinata, how are you?" I turned around and I saw him. Striking blue eyes, blond hair shinning in the sun, and that contagious smile I couldn't keep my eyes off….

"I didn't know you'd be here Naruto!" Kiba said. I couldn't hear the rest of the conversation. I didn't know what to do, what to say, I couldn't do anything right when Naruto was around! I was panicking. Neji was right; I shouldn't have worn a sweater, I was sweating like crazy!

"Hinata are you alright?" I looked up and saw Naruto staring at me worriedly. Without realizing it, my breath became shallow. How stupid... I couldn't reply so I merely nodded so fast I could've gotten whiplash. "Here Hinata, it'll make you feel better." Tenten said as she handed me her cotton candy.

"There you are Naruto! We... no, I was looking all over for you! Don't just leave us like that!" We all turned once again and saw Sakura panting as she walked over to us, followed lazily by Sasuke. My heart fell.

"Oh hey Hina! Hi Tenten!" she said as she gave each of us a hug. "I didn't expect to see you here, at least I won't be stuck with these two idiots." she whispered to me. I simply smiled while she and Tenten giggled.

I was torn inside between frustration and joy. Sakura was irritatingly perfect. She was pretty, feisty, had good grades, her family loved her… She was everything I wasn't, and Naruto was in love with her. But I couldn't hate her. I just couldn't. She was never mean to me. If anything, she treated me like a friend. One of her best friends. And for that I will forever be grateful. But with Sakura here, all his attention would be on her. Not that it would change much… he never really saw me anyway…

"Hina we're going to have so much fun! And there are so many things I want to tell you!" Sakura happily said. She hooked arms with me and walked away. I looked back at the guys who were following us and saw Naruto arguing with Sasuke. Sasuke Uchiha. The reason Sakura kept rejecting Naruto. I still didn't know what girls saw in him, he seemed so cold. It was a wonder how two opposites could be such close friends.

"Hey! Hey! Let's go to the Mangekyou!" someone said. Everyone started talking excitedly about the ride.

"I heard that the first drop is so high you actually have to catch your breath when you scream!"

"Oh yeah? I heard that someone got a heart attack on it! Believe it!"

"If I cannot make it through the ride I will win twenty stuffed animals!"

"If you don't make it through the ride you won't be able to win twenty stuffed animals."

No! I didn't want to go on this ride! The Mangekyou was the highest roller coaster in Tanzaku. I could see it from where we were. The cars were red with black triangular shapes. We could hear the screams of the people on it. This frightened me but it only fueled the excitement of everyone else. There was no way I was going on this ride, no matter what they thought of me. No one could change my mind!

"You're going on the ride with us right Hinata?" Naruto asked.

I shook so much I thought I'd fall even with all these safety devices holding me in place. Since we were an uneven number of people, and the cars contained only four people across, I ended up alone with three strangers. It didn't help much that the girl beside me kept screaming. We didn't even move yet…

When everyone was on, the screams and pleas of the girl beside me grew even louder. Sakura and Tenten looked behind at me and smiled reassuringly. We were going up. This was it. I was going to die right here and now.

"Oh god! Oh god! Why aren't we going down yet!? Why are we still going up!? Help me! NO!" the girl screamed. "I-I-I'm s-sure we're g-going t-t-to e-enjoy t-this." I tried to say. "ARE YOU-" she didn't have time to finish, because we were going down! Falling! Never in my life had I felt this afraid. I actually felt like I lost five years of my life! I didn't even know if I was screaming or not, all I did was close my eyes and waited for this horrible ride to end.

"HAHAHA NARUTO LOOK AT YOUR FACE!" Kiba laughed. We were looking at the pictures taken from the ride. They were pretty funny. Some even decided to buy some key-chains of them. Everyone, even the ones who usually kept their cool, like Shino, Neji and Sasuke, looked absolutely terrified. "Meh... I was just acting…" Neji said. This only brought more laughter. But I wasn't listening much since I made it! I survived! Boo ya! No one could call me weak now! I was great! I was incredible… I … I felt sick…

I grabbed the closest person to me for support. This wasn't good. I was going to throw up. Without thinking, I ran to find a bathroom, "Hinata! Hinata wait!" someone called after me but I ignored them. I couldn't find anything! How could such a huge amusement park not have any bathrooms around? Or at least something to vomit in!

Suddenly someone grabbed my arm. I turned around and was shocked to see Sasuke holding me. I couldn't hold it in anymore and threw up. This was so embarrassing! Here I was emptying my stomach on Sasuke… Oh my god Sasuke! "I-I'm s-so s-sorry!" I cried.


He then dragged me with him to find a bathroom. After a couple of minutes we found one. Luckily I reached it before I threw up again. "I-I w-want to g-go home." I pleaded once I saw him again. He sighed and said that he would have to call everyone to say that I was alright.

I hated this. Of all people, Ice Prince just had to find me. He hung up and said that he'd have to bring me home. "What?" I asked "b-but Neji c-can-"

"Neji wasn't there when I called, so I have to bring you home" he said as he walked through the crowd. I stood there and looked at him hesitantly. "Are you just going to stand there? Hurry up!" he said as he turned around to look at me. Neji wouldn't be too happy to hear that I went home with Sasuke, but I sighed and decided to just follow him.

I could tell he was mad when we were in his car. I didn't want to say anything nor do anything that would only upset him even more so I just sat at the back seat. "Open the widows it stinks in here" he said. Did I mention he was Tin Man? Yes, he was the Ice Tin Man Prince...or something like that...

As he drove, I stared out the window. The air on my face calmed me down a bit which helped a lot. However, I was still sad. Why did he come after me? Why hadn't Naruto? Does he not care that much? I felt my eyes starting to tear up. I wanted him to be the one who held me and who brought me home…

"I know you're disappointed." Sasuke said as he looked at me through the rear view mirror. "I d-don't know w-what you m-mean" I replied. Can he read minds?

"You're a horrible liar." he said with a smirk. "Naruto couldn't bring you home because he can't drive. I drove us to Tanzaku." Well that kind of cleared up a few things. "Also, the idiot isn't fast enough to look for you so they sent me instead."

I've known Sasuke as a guy who barely spoke, and when he did, it would most of the time be one syllable words or insults. But here he was talking in full sentences. Impressive.

Nevertheless, I couldn't answer him back. Even with the windows down all the heat went up to my face. How could he have known what I was thinking?

"You're an idiot you know."

"No I'm not!" I snapped. I can't believe I didn't stutter. Sasuke raised his eyebrows. "Yes you are, being depressed about some dumbass that can't even see what's in front of him."

I couldn't help but stare at him. No matter how I wanted to deny it, he made some sense. Deep down, I always knew that depressing myself over Naruto was kind of stupid… I could be having much more fun if I didn't think about it. Even Tenten and Sakura told me so. "You shouldn't waste your time on him Hina!" they'd say "there are many other guys out there who would actually notice you! You just have to pay attention!" Maybe... maybe they were right? I smiled as those thoughts and Sasuke's words lingered in my mind.

"It's not that I'm trying to help you or anything, I just don't want you to start crying all over the place, it's irritating."

I looked back at him through the rear view mirror and my smile widened. "Thank you, Sasuke." I said. "Whatever, girls make such a big deal about everything."

I guess I was wrong about Sasuke Uchiha. Tin-Man had a heart after all.

"I guess I was wrong about you being a mute."

I hate him.

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