Chapter 1

Something in the closet is prowling!

It was 1:00 a.m. in Titans Tower and everybody was asleep. Well,….almost everybody. Raven was sleeping in her room until a knock on her door woke her up. She groaned but got up anyways. She sliped on her cloak and opened her door to find Starfire looking at Raven with big eyes full of fear. "Yes Starfire?" Raven said through clenched teeth. It had been three day on this night that Starfire had woken Raven up at 1:oo to tell her she saw something move, drool, and shake in her closet. " Well um, it is just that in my closet-" But she was cut off by Raven raising her hand to tell her to stop. "Starfire," "Yes Friend Raven?" "Stop waking me up every night at 1:oo in the morning!" She yelled. And with that she slammed the door shut. Starfire looked down at the floor sadly and turned away to walk back to her room.

The next morning every body was confused. Why you ask? Well just read to find out! Jeez…

Starfire was sitting on the couch with her toothbrush, tooth paste, pillow, and sleeping bag. "But Starfire, why do you want to sleep on the couch?" "It is the monster my closet!" Starfire said. "Um, dude? What Monster?" BeastBoy questioned. " She's talking about the one she imagined. " Raven inquired. "Uh, could you explain more?" Robin asked. "Fine. Starfire has been waking me up for the past four nights waking me up at 1:00 in the morning. She keeps saying there is something moving, or drooling in her closet." Raven finished. " Starfire that was probably a nightmare." Robin explained." Yo! Rob! I set up your new training equipment!" Cyborg yelled. " YES!" Robin shrieked. Raven just gave him that you-just-ruined-a-moment-with-Starfire look. "Um I'll be back in a minute. " And with thst he ran off.Starfire continued on, " You would have to be the CRAZY to stick your arm into my closet!" "Yes…Crazy…" "Friend Raven! What is the meaning of your rude tone?!" Stafire Half asked Half screamed. " No offence Star but you of all people shouldn't be talking about crazy." " What do you meen?" "Well your imagination just gets a hold of you sometimes and then you tend to freak out." "Like when!" "Well lets see, remember that time when you tought the floor was made of spiders after we watched that spider movie? And that time when we all went out to eat and you saw the chef was going to boil the lobster so you took all of the lobsters from there tanks and stuffed them in your purse? And when you thought you could replace the chickens from the barn we visited with walnuts?"


Starfire was holding all the chickens she could find from the chicken coop in her arms. She was saving the chickens from being killed, plucked, and boiled or fried. Or, at least she thought. "Come friends! We must flee to the safety of the T Ship! Where we will be able to live safely under water!" "Hey! Who took the chickens?! " He glanced over and saw Starfire running with the chickens in her arms. "Hey! Get back here with my chickens!"


"Friend Raven, I belive I am understanding it now!" Starfire squeaked. " O.k. But look over those memorys and now. I meen thas just plain stupid!" " But Friend Raven! I am telling the truth!" " O.k! That's it! I am going to go to your room and opening your closet to show you there is no monster!" Raven bellowed. "Raven Please!" Starfire pleaded, but it was to late. Raven had already teleported them to her room.

"I'm going to opn it." Raven said calmly. She walked over to Starfires closet door. " No! Friend Raven wait!" Starfire screamed. "Opening it!" "Raven!" Star shrieked. " Opening it!" "Raven Please!" pleaded Starfire. Ravens hand was on the closet doors handle. " OMG I'M GOING TO OPEN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Raven bellowed. She threw open the door and the next thing she knew she was stepping, more like running, back next to Starfire. What she saw was a huge skeletal creature all in black with what looked liked leather wings, blood red piercing eyes, claws, sharp teeth, long horns, and a tail. " O.k….. So maybe your right." Raven confessed.