Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

Alls Well that Ends Well

Harry awoke in his bed and lay there for a moment, staring at the weathered ceiling. He rose from it and put on his clothes, stumbling down the stairs in early more lethargy. The work from the previous day and the long night beneath the tree left him lacking in sleep, but there was a part of him that was buoyant and ready for the day.

The kitchen was full when he entered, the entire Weasley family sitting and readying for breakfast.

"Morning, Harry." Mr. Weasley said, nodding to him.

Ron gave him a nod, but added in a smile. George gave him another too. Percy glanced at him and continued ready the newspaper before him. He noted Ginny, Luna, and Hermione absent from the table.

"Went out for a bit of girl talk." George said.

"That Luna girl. She's a character." Mr. Weasley said, imitating Percy and returning to his newspaper.

"Aye, you should ask her out, Ron." George teased.

Ron gave him a baleful glare.

"Eat up, boys. We got a long day ahead of us." Mrs. Weasley set the food upon the table and Harry heartily joined in.

"What are you up to for the day?" Harry asked.

"Why rebuilding Luna's home." Mr. Weasley said.


"We heard what you and Ginny did for her yesterday, I suspect we can't be good guests and neighbors without lending a hand." Mrs. Weasley added. "Its only right."

"Aye, Ron's scared he's gonna ruin his soft hands." George grinned.

Ron gave him another baleful glare.

Breakfast was eaten and the table and dishes cleared before they, as a family, headed out to the Lovegood residence.

Hermione was there, waiting with Ginny and Luna when they got there. Harry looked at her and she gave him a smile, a look of relief radiating her face. Harry glanced at Ginny who gave a small smile and headed off with Luna to look over the house once more.

Harry crossed the distance to where Hermione stood, watching as the Weasley family descended upon the ruins of the Lovegood house. Harry stood beside her, slipping his hand into hers. She gripped his back and looked up at him with a smile.

"She's hurt, but she'll heal. She's angry, but she doesn't want to be." Hermione said.

"I'm glad." Harry smiled as they watched the others breaking off into small groups to ease the work.

"I'm glad also." She said.

The stood there for a moment.

"What next?" Hermione asked.

"I'm don't know." Harry responded.

George began yelling at them to lend a hand, waving exuberantly at them.

Harry smiled.

"I don't know what happens next, but I'm willing to find out." Harry said.

"Me too."

Hand in hand they walked down toward the others, the sun shone brightly that day and the skies were clear. Harry felt happy and Hermione held his hand.

The End.