Summary:Harry, Ron and Hermione are back for their third year. Not only is there danger but feelings start to grow between two unlikely people. AUish, more Sirius Black and Voldemort then the third book. Please Review as well

Rating: T

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Chapter 1: The Failed Attempt

The crackling and hissing sounds emitted from the slightly damp wood that sat in the gate as the flames licked and heated the wood. The fire was the only source of light in the room, two figures stood with their backs to the door.

"My lord… no matter how many times we try it always seems to end badly" a voice said as it backed away from the other figure next to him, a loud crunching beneath his feet filled the silence.

"Numerous attempts have been made… each one has shown me where I have made my mistakes, I just need to keep trying." Hissed the voice of the other man who kept to the very edge of the fire's light.

Silence once again filled the room; the stone hearth of the fireplace gave way to the dancing light that moved over it. Movement behind the men, a soft cooing that sounded as if it were a hiss came from the darkest corner of the room.

The taller of the two men turned around and made his way over to the corner of the room, his black robes sweeping behind him.

"So close this time…Now that I have gotten to this point there is no reason to turn back and just give up when we have come so far." The tall man said as he moved close to the source of the source of noise in the room.

The light of the fire seemed like a distant memory by the sheer size of the room. Large half moon and broken shards of what littered the floor seemed to grow larger.

"Master… I-" The smaller man started to speak but was silenced when his master raised his hand. His other hand dug within the black robes that covered his tall figure. When he withdrew his pale hand each finger was gently wrapped around a thin piece of wood.

Raising the thin strip of wood over his head he as he looked down upon something wrapped in an old weather beaten robe. Before he could form any words a loud crack filled the room. Another figure had entered the room; standing before the fire they blocked what little light made it to the back of the room.

"My lord, forgive me for intruding, I have an alternative that may help you" the cloaked figure said bowing before the man with the wand. Long billowing blonde hair fell from under the hood of the cloak.

Silence soon resumed in the room while the man with the want thought of how to punish his follower for intruding.

"As one of my more determined followers I will allow you to explain yourself before I decide if I should kill you or not."

Bowing lower till the rim of the hood brushed the feet of the man the voice spoke again. "My lord, I have news that will allow you to continue with your plans. My wife and I are your most humble servants…we will insure that your legacy will continue if anything should happen. You have my word as a wizard, a servant and a pure blood that you may trust us my lord." The blond man said calmly keeping his head down.

"You never cease to amaze me Lucius; I will allow this intrusion… I have your word that you will take great care that my legacy of wizarding control will continue. Now rise and return to your wife, she has already received her orders. I am sure that you know that if you fail me Lucius that you will not only have to fear me but so will your family, Now that you have been warned I suggest you run along now."

Lucius Malfoy stood up and walked past his lord, a man who looked more snake then man, whose name was feared to be spoken by many only called his name by those who do not fear him. Walking into the darker shadow cast by his lord, Lucius walked over to a clear spot where something lay wrapped in an old torn and tattered cloak.

"A name, give it a name once you are home, I will send Wormtail to make sure that everything is how I have ordered." hissed the tall snake man.

Lucius looked up holding the small bundle of robes close to his body. "A name my lord?" he asked. "I am sure that we will be able to think of one so fitting my lord." Lucius said as he disaperated before his lord.

"Wormtail, you are to wait until I call on you once again. You are dismissed, you are to wait and never speak of this meeting" Voldemort said waving his servant off.

When he was alone Voldemort walked back over to the fire and looked into the orange flames before looking at the snake laying before the fire to keep warm.

Voldemort disaperated and arrived at Godric's Hallow. Walking to a small cottage he looked through the picture window at a family of three.

Entering the home he finished off James Potter in a flash of green light. Making his way up the stairs he turned his wand on Lilly Potter and did away with her as well. Finally turning his wand on the small infant that looked at him he raised his wand.

"Avada Kedava…" he roared, another flash of green light filled the room and was rebounded off the infant and was sent back to its caster. The small cottage was obliterated in the attack.

Harry Potter laid there a small lightning shaped scar just below his hair line, at that very moment he would be famous for destroying the man who caused so much fear in the wizarding world.