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Chapter 10: Loving a Snake

Severus felt his blood run cold at the close proximity of the dark lord. He took a deep breath to keep himself from showing any emotion.

"My lord, I am no traitor. I'm one of your most trusted servants, how could you even think that I would betray you my lord." Snape said keeping his voice calm.

Lowering his gaze Severus bowed his head and hoped that Voldemort was angry with someone else and would forgive him.

What is happening, he knows some how he knows… I cannot fail with my orders even if it means my death. I will not let the dark lord get his hands on Harry… I mean Potter. Snape thought, he quickly used Occlumency incase the dark lord tried to use Legilimency against him and find what he was really thinking.

"My dear Severus, you have been a good servant but I have learned some interesting information that you have been informing on me to Dumbledore. That you are truly working against me to bring me down once again!" Voldemort roared pulling his wand out and pointed it at Snape.

The Death Eaters that had been standing by the stage were now spreading out into the crowd looking for Harry Potter. The silence in the Great Hall was so heavy that everyone was watching the stage to see what was happening as if it were a show being performed.

Voldemort gave a cold smile that meant death for many who crossed him. "Crucio!" he yelled as Snape fell to the ground in pain.

The former Death Eater turned spy didn't give the dark lord the joy in hearing him scream. Voldemort continued to curse Snape with the Crutciatus curse till he pulled a strangled cry of pain from the man curled on the floor at his feet.

Lifting the curse for a moment Snape was able to catch his breath. "I'll think about forgiving you if you turn Potter over to me right now" the dark lord said standing above the potion master.

Snape raises his head and took a few deep breaths before speaking. His head was spinning with pain, his whole life had flashed in his mind's eye as he was being tortured before.

Just as he was about to speak the memory of that morning surfaced, the softness of Harry's hair and the thought that he never had been shown compassion. Severus knew it was not the time for thinking about that morning when his life was on the line.

"No, I won't give you anything…I, Severus Tobias Snape have made an unbreakable vow to Sirius Black godfather of Harry James Potter that I would die to protect him. So you'll have to kill me" Snape spat as he unsteadily got to his feet his body pulsing with pain from the Crutciatus curse.

His hair was mussed and out of place, slowly controlling his breathing Snape made a move for his wand in his pocket.

Knowing that it was pure suicide to draw a wand on the dark lord Severus was ready to die. Since he first joined Dumbledore's side he had always known that he would die somehow before his time.


Harry threw his invisibility cloak on and quickly before a Death Eater walked by. He looked up at the stage and felt his chest tighten slightly at what Snape had said. Standing close to Ron and Hermione, Harry pulled out his wand and held it tightly.

"You two stay here; I have a plan… when the diversion goes off make sure to get out of here." Harry whispered before slipping past the Death Eater and making his way over to Fred and George who were standing across the room with their bag of fireworks still.

I'll have to thank Peeves for giving me the idea, if he could clear the potion classroom with an arm full of those fireworks think what a bag full will do. Harry thought as he stood before Fred and George. "I need your help to cause a distraction" he whispered so he didn't freak the twins out.

"We'll be glad to help Harry, what do you need?" Fred whispered out of the corner of his mouth so he didn't tip anyone off to what was going on other than making Fred look like a complete nutter for talking to himself.

Harry smirked for a moment "remember when Peeves wrecked Snape's classroom last month with the fireworks he got his hands on. We're going to do the same thing hopefully to clear the Great Hall of the students in the confusion" Harry responded whispering the rest of the idea to the twins.

Fred swung the bag next to him and launched it the air, as the fireworks spilled out they were lit by the floating candles.

Soon the Great Hall was filled with small fireworks going off spreading chaos.

Older students took advantage of the mess and sent Death Eaters sprawling on the ground as the prefects from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff ushered the younger students out the destroyed doors of the Great Hall.

Ron and Hermione stood their ground as the younger students moved past them to escape the soon to start battle.

"We have always helped Harry we can't just run away" Hermione said pulling out her wand just in case a Death Eater tried to attack them. Ron nodded his head and pulled his wand out as well.

Teachers that had heard the noise from the teacher's lounge were ushering all the young students out to the grounds where Hagrid was waiting on the edge of the forbidden forest with a lantern.

Leading the students into the forest he came up to a large strangely placed bolder, knocking on it a door opened up revealing a hidden hideout. The young students packed in, the hideout was magically bigger on the inside to the same size of the Great Hall.

Draco and the rest of the Slytherins stood their ground and watch the head of their house receive his punishment for betraying the dark lord while the other students ran around like chickens. Out of the corner of his eye Draco saw something move. Looking over his shoulder there was nothing there.

The young man knew that his eyes were not playing tricks on him, something had run right by him but he just couldn't figure out what it was, returning his eyes to the stage he took in a deep breath.

Draco didn't want to watch his godfather be killed, it was hard to grasp that the man that had been like a second father to him had really been working for the muggle loving Dumbledore. The young Slytherin was torn between yelling out and earning a spot next to his godfather or staying silent and watching Severus die in a flash of light.

Severus caught his breath as stared down the dark lord before him. For the first time in years since he was a child Snape felt fear run through him.

Raising his wand again Voldemort used Crucio again as he walked to the edge of the stage and looked at the Slytherins looking up at him.

"All of you are devout followers; as such you are witnessing here what will happen to you try to betray me. My reward for disloyalty is death. Let this be a lesson to all of my followers" Voldemort said.

Turning back to Severus the dark lord removed the Crutciatus curse; he raised his wand again to perform the killing curse and show that no one lived after crossing him.

Before he could stop himself Draco's mouth opened and he yelled. "Don't kill him" Draco cried out, quickly covering his mouth the young Malfoy's eyes were wide in shock that he would cry out like that.

Voldemort looked down at the blonde. "I know it's hard to accept, but it must be done young Draco he did betray us all" the dark lord said with a smirk. Draco uncovered his mouth.

"No I meant why not let someone else do it since it is a special day my lord" Draco said calmly, he took in a deep breath trying to keep himself calm. Ever since he was a child Draco always felt nervous talking directly to anyone in power even his own father.

Voldemort's smirk grew wider "Ah yes… I almost forgot what today was, you are quite right my dear boy. Today is very special to many of us and a bad memory for others. I was defeated on this day thirteen years ago and someone special was born also." the dark lord remarked looking over at Circe giving a genuine smile.

"Come up here my dear and do the honor, it is your birthday. You may think of this as my gift, too bad it wasn't Potter standing here." He said stepping back and allowing the girl to stand before Snape.

Circe reached into her pocket and pulled out her wand. "We trusted you, now everyone will learn that when you cross the dark lord that they will pay with their life." She said pushing some of her long black hair back over her shoulder.

"Good bye, you won't be missed now, Avada Ke…" A loud bang filled the air. Circe looked at her wand "chicken?" she said quizzically, without her knowledge during the chaos Fred and George and switched her wand with a fake wand prototype they had created.

Snape let the breath he had been holding out; mentally he thanked whoever had switched Circe's wand.

Knowing that soon his death almost came from a thirteen year old child the potion master could laugh if he was the type of person to laugh.


Another loud bang quickly filled the air as the doors to the entrance hall burst open revealing someone that made Harry feel like things were going to get better very soon.

Albus Dumbledore stood in the archway of the entrance hall doors his wand drawn. Behind him stood Professors Lupin and McGonagall, Sirius, Hagrid and his pink umbrella, and many people that Harry had never seen before in his life.

Death Eaters soon swarmed on the new arrivals quickly wands blazing. Students ducked under tables for protection as spells started flying around the room bouncing off the giant pumpkins that sat on tables smiling with crookedly cut smiles.

Dumbledore laughed as he stunned and jinxed Death Eaters, Hagrid pointed his umbrella at a trio of Death Eaters that seemed to think they could take him.

With a smaller bang they were thrown across the room and against the wall where they fell to the ground in a heap.

Harry used this moment of confusion to make his way to the stage and try to help the one professor that made his life so hard.

Just as he got close enough he walked into someone. Feeling his stomach drop Harry looked up at Lucius Malfoy just as his invisibility cloak was ripped off and thrown aside. "It seems you finally decided to join the party Potter." Lucius said as his hand shot forward and wrapped around Harry's throat.

His grey eyes seemed like ice as they locked with Harry's. Even with orders to bring Potter alive to the dark lord Lucius wanted to take the advantage and squeeze the life out of the boy who lived. He knew it wouldn't take much force with such a scrawny boy, a quick twist and he could be done with even if it was as low as acting like a muggle to kill Harry.

Grabbing onto the arm in front of him, Harry tried to fight as he slowly passed out from lack of oxygen.

"We can't have you passing out yet Potter. There are strict orders that you are to be kept alive, even though I wish to kill you now and be done with you." the elder Malfoy remarked as he threw Harry back against the base of the stage.

Closing his eyes Harry felt his head split in pain when he felt someone pull him to his feet, he knew it had to be only one person. Slowly opening his eyes he fought to look through the blinding pain.

"Well I'm glad you showed up Potter, I was hoping to prove myself tonight to my family. To think I get to finish you off." A voice said as Harry felt someone grab the other end of his wand and try to take it from him.

With a strained laugh Harry forced his eyes to focus, slowly two figures came into view before him Voldemort standing behind Circe who was trying to de-wand him. "Why do you want to impress him so badly?" Harry asked ignoring the pain trying to split his head in half.

Circe smirked as she finally pulled the wand out of Harry's hand. "I'm sure your mudblood friend would have figured it out by now, I'm not trying to impress anyone tonight. It's my birthright to be standing here before you. Think very hard Potter you may surprise yourself when you finally figure it out." Circe said as she looked Harry's wand over carefully.

"Mr. Potter, now I can finally be rid of you… but I have decided that I will pass on the honor of your death to my heir... my sweet, darling daughter Circe Persephone Riddle Malfoy" Voldemort said placing his hand on Circe's shoulder.

Harry opened and closed his mouth a few times, all the evidence flashed through his mind. He knew that what Voldemort said was true.

The snakes, when the snakes came to protect her I should have figured it out then, but her being in Slytherin, wanting to kill me everything… Harry thought. "So you were the one who poisoned my drink that day I almost died?" he asked hotly.

Circe smirked and twirled Harry's wand around her fingers "guilty, I'm also the one informed on that traitor up there." She said looking at Harry making sure to lock eyes with him. "Luck may have saved dear old Snape but you're the famous Harry Potter you're the one that saves the magical world from my father… there is no one who will save you."

Snape stood rooted to the spot on the stage as he looked down at Harry on the floor. Pulling his wand out he looked up at the bats as they flew around the ceiling in large black clouds. "Oppugno" he roared as the large cloud of bats swarmed down and attacked Voldemort and Circe.

Harry closed his eyes as he felt something grab him and pull him under the curtain that lined the base of the stage behind him. In the dim wand light Harry could just make out Ron, Hermione and a large dog in the shadows.

Thanking whatever lucky stars were watching over him Harry gave a small sigh.

"You have no idea how glad I am to see you three. We can't stay here though we have to leave before someone looks for me." Harry said leading his friends through the darkness to the back of the stage area where it was safe. Spells were flying everywhere; many Death Eaters had fled when Dumbledore arrived.

Hermione moved over to Harry and gave him a quick hug "Ron and I got scared when we saw what was happening, if it wasn't for professor Snape, Harry you would be dead right now." The busy haired girl said in near hysterics. The boy who lived sat quietly for a moment wrapping his mind around what his friend said.

Sirius moved over and nuzzled against Harry and whimpered sadly. Harry looked over at his god father with worry. "What's going on? Ron cleared his throat "You see Harry, Professor Lupin got grabbed by a couple Death Eaters and they made off with him before anyone could stop them." The red head said as the four sat hidden from the world in the shadows.

Looking over at his god father again Harry sighed softly" don't worry Sirius we'll get him back, I promise" he said reassuringly. The large black dog let out a small howl of pain before lying down on the stone floor.

---------Dumbledore stood in the open area between him and Voldemort "I won't fight you Tom, but I do ask that you leave this school right now and take your horrid followers with you, I would also like to have my Defense against the Dark Arts teacher back as well."

Voldemort smirked "You will only get two out of your three requests" he said as the Death Eaters around the Great Hall disaperated, Lucius Malfoy have been given the task of bring Snape along as well Voldemort cleared the hall as he disaperated to his hideout for now.

Soon the Great Hall was back to somewhat normalcy. Teaches made sure to help the older students who were injured to the hospital wing.

Circe stood alone in front of Dumbledore where her father had left her behind "Are you going to send me to Azkaban for trying to kill the boy who lived?" she asked. Dumbledore gave a soft smile and shook his head

"Oh no my dear, Azkaban is a horrible place, I'm going to do something that will cause more of an impact and show you the error in your ways." Dumbledore said calmly walking over to Circe and placing his hand on her shoulder.


After restoring order to the school Dumbledore had the students sit at the replaced house tables while he spoke to them.

"As you have seen tonight, Voldemort has returned to power and even returned to Hogwarts tonight. I have gotten owls saying that in many dangerous times that Hogwarts should close, but that is not the case here. I have been asked to keep the school open and create safer barriers. Students who would like to go home I am declaring a small break, for the next two weeks any student that goes home and does not wish to return is allowed to do so, though I urge you to come back so that everyone here may one day make a difference so that the past does not repeat itself." The headmaster said standing before the students before him.

Harry sat quietly replaying in his mind Snape actually saving his life again. Next to him Sirius sat his large furry head resting on the table, his eyes seeming to have dulled to nothing. Harry knew that the next two weeks were going to be the most dangerous of his life. In his head he had all ready started on a plan to find and rescue professors Lupin and Snape.

Ron and Hermione looked over at Harry "I hope you're not planning to go alone?" Hermione asked as she moved a bit closer to her friend so they wouldn't be over heard.

Nodding his head Harry stood up as the rest of the school was dismissed to their respected common rooms.

Going up the marble staircase Harry knew that he had to first locate where Snape and Lupin were before he would go off to find them.

"Don't worry Sirius… I won't leave you behind. We'll find professor Lupin together." He remarked entering the Gryffindor common room and making his way up the stairs to the boy's dorm his god father in tow.

Looking out the window at the night sky a passing thought crossed Harry's mind as he wondered where Snape was at that very moment and even if he would be able to find him in time to save his life. Closing his eyes Harry tried to remember the feeling he had when he heard Snape say that he would die then give him up to the dark lord.

Once again the tight feeling in his chest happened at the thought of Snape actually caring enough about him to die.

Oh my god I think I might have a crush on Snape, Harry thought opening his eyes and sitting up in shock.


Severus slowly opened his eyes and allowed them to readjust to the dim lighting around him, looking to his right he could see Lupin lying on the floor next to him breathing softly under the effects of a sleeping drought it seemed.

From the looks of this room no one has lived here for quite some time, or no one has bothered to keep house around here even. Snape thought getting to his feet slowly; he knew right away that his wand was gone, escape would have been too easy if he still had his wand.

Slowly making his way over to the window Severus felt his muscles scream in pain from the Crutciatus curse that had been performed on him. With his body barely able to move with his normal grace Snape looked pathetic, he was glad that no one could see him so weak at the moment.

"I was wondering when you were going to wake Severus" a voice said from the darkness that made the potion master stiffen.

Lucius walked out of the shadows, his eyes were livid as he stood before his old friend. "I never would have suspected you to betray the dark lord, and to think I trusted you enough to be my son's godfather." The elder Malfoy said his wand gripped tightly in his hand. "What sort have lies have you been filling his head with?" he asked moving closer to Snape.

Standing his ground the potion master held his head up "you have nothing to fear Lucius, I never filled with his head with anything other my potion lessons and the occasional talk about what he wants to do as a career after school." Severus said truthfully.

Lucius stood there sizing up what Severus had said to him. "Well then is it true that you have feelings for Potter? Now why is that, because he has the same eyes as his mudblood mother or that unruly hair of his father or maybe both?" the blonde said smirking. "No matter I'm sure he will come to save you from the dark lord, and then you can watch him die slowly and painfully, the dark lord wants him to suffer, he says the killing curse is just too quick of a death for Dumbledore's golden boy."

Snape stood stock still and kept tight lipped; he wasn't going to give Lucius the joy of getting a reaction out of him.

Do not even think of trying to rescue me Potter…coming here is suicide, and for your information Lucius it isn't his eyes or hair… It is for just being himself and not looking like anyone else. Snape thought to himself knowing that his thoughts were safe from his old friend.

Finally tearing his gaze away Snape looked out the window at the dark sky over the grounds of Malfoy manor.


In the Slytherin common room Draco leaned against the cool stone wall as the rest of his house was busy continuing his cousin's birthday party. He was in deep thought about his god father; Draco knew that he was going to be in trouble if his father found out what he was thinking. Moving from his spot the young Malfoy slipped out of the common room and made his way up through the school to the stone gargoyle that blocked the entrance to the headmaster's office. Sighing softly Draco turned away from the statue "What am I thinking?" he asked himself softly.

"Is there something you wanted to talk about Draco?" Dumbledore asked calmly looking at the boy with kindness. "I'm sure that you would like to speak in private, why don't you come up to my office" the headmaster said not taking no for an answer as he led Draco to the staircase and into his office where the soft whirring of objects filled their ears.

Moving away from the headmaster Draco walked over to Fawkes and looked at him closely; letting out a sigh Draco reached forward and stroked the bird's head for a moment before he spoke. "I want to help in getting my god father back, he is a good man and I understand what he was trying to do; you must understand that if you accept my help and my family finds out that I have helped you I will be disowned." Draco said calmly.

Dumbledore nodded his head "I know that you are risking everything to come here and say that you would throw your whole life away. Draco you may not see it but you have matured into a young man, choosing for yourself and not following what your father wants you to do. I am very proud of you and I'm sure that in time you will appreciate what your decision will do for the future." The headmaster said with a smile.

Draco looked over at the headmaster and nodded "I understand that all ready, but if Potter asks you better not tell him the truth. I would like to keep some dignity before everyone in Slytherin finds out I sold the dark lord out to you. I would like others to think I was coerced into helping you" Draco said coolly as he walked over to the oak doors. "I assume that during this scheduled break is when you plan on going?" he asked not bothering to look at Dumbledore.

"Yes…I'm sure you figured it out that Harry and a few others will be joining us in our quest. I hope that you and Harry can put aside your rivalry till we return to school grounds" he remarked.

With a small laugh Draco opened the door "I'll try, but you know how Potter can be" he said leaving the office and making his way back to his common room.