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The Wedding Affair


1 – Harry and Ginny


Here, on the eve of her best friend's wedding, Hermione Granger was doing something terrible, or it was a case of had done.

Ten minutes ago, she had awoken with the headache of all headaches. She vaguely reached for her wand to put down the blinds. Managing to do so she let her head fall back onto the bed, instantly regretting her movement as the stabbing pain began somewhere behind her left eye.

Her mouth was parched so Hermione tried to conjure a glass of water. She got a bucket. Hovering the bucket over the bed, she conjured a straw sized hose and stuck it in the bucket, with the other end going into her mouth. She began to swallow the refreshing liquid and after about ten minutes began to feel more like her logical self.

'Need water,' rasped a voice beside her, with a groan.

Without a word, Hermione handed over the hose and mentally slapped herself, able to realise that if she physically hit her forehead, it would hurt.

'Thanks, Mione,' the voice said, between sips.

'No problem,' Hermione replied with a small smile.

Taking stock of the situation Hermione realised that she was lucky to have her wand. She could make out the slinky blue dress she had worn the previous evening hanging on a chair, her stilettos, along with a pair of men's shoes started the trail at the hotel room door. Tracing along their path Hermione found two coats, pants, her stockings, a shirt, but no underwear.

Hermione slowly counted herself in before rolling onto her side with a small groan.

'Are you ok, Mione? Merlin! Hermione!'

Hermione laughed as the red head fell to the floor with a thud.

'Are my knickers down there by any chance?' she asked still laughing.

Two bright blue eyes appeared over the edge of the bed. 'If you are the proud owner of a pair of dark blue lace knickers then, I can confirm, they are down here. Along with my boxers funnily enough.'

'Really?' Hermione smiled, as he lifted himself back up onto the bed.

'Yes, really,' he said with a soft kiss to her lips. 'I am glad Ron's not here.'

'Me too. That would have made things awkward.'

Silence greeted Hermione's statement.

'I must have been pretty drunk last night.'

'I think I was more than you were.'

'Are you sure?'

'I vaguely remember you saying we should go into a room, despite the hallway being tastefully decorated.'

'Merlin that sounds like me doesn't it.'

'You are the super smart one.'

Hermione slapped her hand down on the bare chest in front of her. 'It was you, Charlie Weasley, who convinced me that brains weren't everything.'

'Well, it was the only way that I could make you even look at me, a mere dragon handler.'

'I was looking at you long before you even suggested that.'

'You jest, toying with my affections.'

'It's not true. You took forever to notice me as me, not your little brother's best friend.'

'Who said little brother is half in love with and who is also a regular guest in my childhood home.'


'Don't get all worked up. My head can't handle you being angry yet.'

Hermione pouted.

'Don't look at me like that!' Charlie groaned. 'I am going for a shower.'

Hermione laughed as Charlie Weasley slipped out of bed and made his way to the bathroom perfectly naked, closing the door behind him with a snap.

After entertaining a number of ideas in her mind for a moment, Hermione followed Charlie's path to the bathroom, silently opening and closing the door. Sneaking toward the toilet, she emptied her swollen bladder, before pushing down on the flush button, a grin on her face.

Hermione heard Charlie's yelp and pretended to innocently wash her hands. The shower curtain flung back and Charlie stepped out of the tub a wicked glint in his eye.


'I'll give you 'what' you sexy little minx,' Charlie said picking her up and placing her in the tub.

'Charlie!' Hermione shrieked. 'It's cold!'

'Oh really?'

'You are going down.'

'Really? If this wasn't my hotel room, this little one night stand would be over.'

'No it wouldn't,' Hermione countered.

'Stop being so smart,' Charlie joked, pushing back the shower curtain.

'Get in and warm me up,' Hermione told him, catching her finger on Charlie's silver necklace and tugging on it.

'I said one night stand, didn't I?' he said climbing back under the spray. 'We should at least make it a one day stand, no wedding stuff till dinner tonight. And after that, we will see what happens.'

'What do you think will happen, Mr Weasley?' Hermione asked, flicking the shower curtain closed.

'I am pretty sure I will be lying beside your delectable body again.'




Hermione smiled as she finally emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a fluffy gown, while Charlie had a towel wrapped around his hips. Sitting on the bed, wand in hand, straightening her hair, Hermione admired her lover's physique.

Compared to her best friend, his brother Ron, Charlie was short and stocky, but Hermione decided that phrasing didn't do the older Weasley brother justice. Charlie was just slightly taller than Hermione. She knew that Charlie often dated taller women and their stature never seemed to bother him, just like herself in her stilettos last night. Charlie was toned and muscled all over from hard work, giving him that sex appeal desired by so many women. He was tanned from working in the sun, and his freckles weren't as noticeable as those of his siblings were.

To Hermione, Charlie was a god.


Charlie wandered around his hotel room gathering the assortment of garments strewn across the floor picking them up and casting the appropriate cleaning charms on them before putting his away in the cupboard, along with Hermione's dress. Pulling out an extra pair of his jeans and one of his few collared shirts, Charlie transfigured them to be Hermione's size before placing them on the bed beside her.

Moments later when back in the bathroom, Charlie looked at his reflection in the mirror. He wasn't unfortunate looking, but he didn't deserve someone as beautiful and as intelligent as Hermione.

Moments later Hermione snuck up behind him and took his toothbrush from the cup by the sink. Pretending to be surprised and they angry at her actions Charlie couldn't help but recognise how amazing the petite woman was.

'I will bring my own tonight,' Hermione said, to Charlie's reflection, a cheeky smile fixed to her face.