The Wedding Affair


Charlie and Hermione


Charlie stood in the back yard of Hermione and his Oxford home with Bill at his side and the wedding guests patiently waiting for the bride to arrive.

It was early summer and the flowers were out causing a riot of smells and colours. He was standing under the arch he and Hermione had agreed to get married under a fortnight previously waiting for her to make her trip up the aisle. Fidgeting with his tie Charlie felt a hand on the back of his shoulder.

'She will be here soon. Just keep still,' Bill whispered.

'Easier said than done,' Charlie replied.

Looking out into the crowd Charlie looked over his entire immediate family and a handful of selected friends that sat on the chairs he, Bill, Harry and Ron had conjured upon arrival. The garden and gauzy silk was the decoration for this wedding and everything had been kept very simple in the morning light.

Finally, Charlie saw Bridgette making her way down the aisle but Charlie wasn't watching her. His eyes were focused on the space between the chairs where Hermione was going to appear.

Then she did.

Her hair was tamed in soft golden brown ringlets half pulled up. She looked natural and had a happy glow which was all Charlie could have ever wanted. Her gown was soft pink silk that moulded to the contours of her mid pregnancy body beautifully wrapped in a Grecian style that Charlie guessed left her back bare. As she arrived at his side Charlie smiled and took her smooth hand in his calloused.

Stepping forward they both stood in front of the arch before Nymphadora Tonks who was going to marry them. Unable to wait, Charlie leaned back and looked at the back of Hermione's dress which was left backless as he had guessed. His action caused Hermione and most of the guests to laugh.

'You mind is on the wrong thing, Charlie Weasley. You have to get married first,' Tonks said smirking as she drew out her wand.

'You mind would be in the wrong place all the time too if you were marrying her,' Charlie told Tonks as Hermione simultaneously said, 'He has and can continued looking whenever he wants as this is a mere formality.'

'What do you mean by that?' Tonks asked Hermione.

'She means that we consider ourselves to be already committed to each other. This ceremony is only formalising what we already know to please everyone else,' Charlie replied.

'Damn straight,' Hermione nodded. 'Now get on with it. My back is killing me and the little tyke is kicking.'


flash back

From where Hermione stood in the window she could see Charlie fidgeting as he waited and Bill having to say some calming words. Looking her soon to be formal husband up and down she noticed his lack of shoes and silently made a mental note to kiss the man thanks at a later point.

Sitting down, Hermione slipped off her heals and threw them towards her bed.

'What are you doing?' Bridgette asked from where she was doing her make up in the bathroom.

'You will see,' Hermione said rubbing her growing belly with soothing strokes in the hope of calming her baby. Humming lightly she sat in the armchair wearing a goofy smile.

'Get your shoes on!' Bridgette said coming out of the bathroom. 'You are about to get married.'

'Look at Charlie,' Hermione said gesturing towards the window.

'Now why can't all Weasley men be that considerate?'

'Because I snagged the best one.'

'Let's go get you married,' Bridgette said heading for the stairs.

Following her friend down Hermione waited around the corner of her house wiggling her toes in the grass as she waited for her cue to walk down the aisle.

Receiving her sign Hermione walked around the corner of her home and down the aisle towards Charlie. She now saw clearly this loose grey tie and white shirt covered by the grey morning suit he was wearing. Glancing at his feet she saw that his shoes and socks were indeed off and the hems of his pants were rolled up. Smiling into his eyes Hermione looked down and made a step that revealed her bare feet from under her gown. She looked up and saw Charlie's smile widen.

She felt Charlie take her hand and Hermione handed her bouquet to Bridgette as she stepped forward under the arch. She felt Charlie lean to look at the back of her dress and in that moment Hermione was sure that she would be beside the man forever.


The late morning ceremony was short and sweet and went off without a problem. All the guests than pitched in and set up dining tables and a small dance floor. The food was brought out and everyone soon began to eat and laugh in their company.

The sun trailed its path across the sky and as it was beginning to loose its warmth the bride and groom began to dance.

'Mrs Weasley.'

'Which one are you talking to?'

'The newest one. The most intelligent one. The most beautiful one.'

'Lucky they are one in the same.'


'Then you best go find her.'

'Why would I do that when she is here in my arms?'

'I am not the most beautiful and my intelligence is sometimes debatable.'

'Take a compliment, Hermione, because to me you are all those things and more.'



'I love you.'

'I love you too.'

'Then will you please tell your child to stop moving around,' Hermione huffed.

Charlie laughed. 'He's going to be a great quidditch player.'


'She's going to be a great quidditch player.'

'You drive me nuts sometimes,' Hermione said shaking her head.

'That's why you keep me around.'

The pair continued to dance while other couples joined them on the floor.

'We never decided how many children we were going to have.'

'As many as we can. Hogwarts needs more Weasley's.'

'I am sure the Sorting Hat will disagree.'

'Well we will just have to have a lot of girls so that next generation they won't be Weasley's'

'And so we can start our own school.'

'That is a good idea, Mrs Weasley.'

'That was sarcasm, Charlie.'

'Six girls and one boy.'

'Oh! Is that all?'

'A dog or two would be nice and a nip of fire whiskey as I relax in front of the fire after a hard day's work,' Charlie whispered into Hermione's ear making them both laugh for a moment.

'Promise me something.'


'Be mine forever.'

'Till eternity, Hermione, if you promise the same.'