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Okay, don't expect this to stick to the Stargate storyline at all, this is fluff, pure and simple, in fact, this really doesn't have much of a storyline...it's just fluff :) I know I should be concentrating on HLA, but this fluff bunny as been sitting in my brain for weeks and it wont go away! So, when I sat down to write it, it just kept getting longer and I kept getting more ideas...so eventually decided to break it up into chapters...for both my sanity (what little is left of it anyway) and for the readers sanity.

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"Sam…we need to discuss your test results." Janet chewed her lip apprehensively, she knew Sam wasn't in a relationship, and she had run the test 3 times with the same result every time.

"What is it Janet?" Sam asked, her brow furrowed slightly in confusion.

"Sam…when was the last time you had sex?" She was clearly uncomfortable, her fingers were tapping against the cream manila folder on the desk in front of her, and she could barely keep Sam's gaze for more than a few seconds.

"Umm, years…why?"

"Well, I umm, in the routine pregnancy test it came back positive…3 times."

"What…that's not possible Janet, I haven't had sex in years!"

"I know Sam, I ran the test 3 times, you're about 12 weeks along, and that coincides with your mission to P4J-666."

"Crap…" Sam's eyes had closed, hiding the swell of emotions building in her as her jaw steeled.

"I can't let you go through the gate anymore Sam, you're going to have to tell General Hammond, I'm sorry Sam."

"I understand Janet."

"You're going to have to tell him Sam."

"Janet…just, can we go see General Hammond together, I have to explain my actions to him."

"But what about…"

"Janet, just let me get through this meeting first, then…I'll figure something out." Her voice was resigned, this could be the death knell for her career in the military, heck this could be the death knell for her career!

Janet picked up the manila folder, wincing slightly at the sad look on Sam's face as she turned to the door. Sometimes, she really hated her job, and this was one of those times. Telling your closest friend that she was pregnant, and didn't even remember conception, but clearly knew who the father was, was perhaps the hardest thing she had ever done. She just hoped that General Hammond would understand.

"General Hammond, can we have a moment of your time please?" Janet said, as Sam stood behind her, her back ramrod straight and her face set.

"Of course…what is it?" George immediately knew something was up, the expression on Janet's face, and on Sam's as they entered was of immediate concern.

"General, as of today Major Carter is stood down from gate travel, though she will still be allowed light work, under medical supervision."

"Major?" He was staring at Sam, aghast at what he had just been told, there were only a few things that would prohibit gate travel, and as he looked between the two officers in front of him, one here because it was her duty the other here simply because she had to be here.

"I'm pregnant, sir." Sam mumbled, her head dropped to stare at the floor.

"Oh, congratulations Major Carter, have you told the father yet?" George didn't like prying in the lives of his officers, but he was fairly certain that Major Carter wasn't seeing anyone…at least that's what the rumour mill was saying.

"Umm…actually sir, about that." Sam stuttered out, her gaze firmly fixed on the floor, dreading what she was about to say. "It's…Colonel O'Neill."

"Please tell me I heard that wrong Major?" George could feel one of his infamous SG1 induced headaches coming on, as his hand went up to press against his temple uselessly.

"Colonel O'Neill is the father." Her voice was barely above a whisper, but the chords struck him, he had been dreading this, ever since he had been told of the Za'tarc testing, oh perhaps he never thought it would go this far, but he always expected one or both to show up on his doorstep, but in the 2 years since nothing. He had seen no reason to split the team up, they worked well together, despite their obvious attraction to each other, he knew they were both military through and through and that Jack O'Neill was an honourable man, who would never put the career of Sam Carter at risk.

"Explain." He said simply as Janet shifted in her seat, nudging Sam slightly with her elbow.

"The mission to P4J-666, 3 months. You remember that sir?" Sam said, her voice quivering slightly as she swallowed.

"Refresh my memory Major."

"We gated to P4J-666, and the locals were friendly, no Goa'uld visits in a long time since the planet had long since run out of Naquada, we were invited to join their festivities for the evening, as Daniel explained it was something about Spring, and rebirth and the new harvests and such, anyway, they were serving fruit juice, well we thought it was fruit juice, it was alcoholic sir." Sam shifted as the General nodded, this was not the first time that 'fruit juice' had turned out to be alcoholic, indicating that she should continue, "My memory is pretty hazy after that, the report said that we woke up the next morning and everything was explained to us. That's not entirely the truth sir, we did wake up, but Colonel O'Neill and I were in our own tent…and we didn't have any clothes, sir."

"You were drunk?"

Sam cringed, "Not exactly, the drink was alcoholic but when we bought it back for study it was very weak, it was however an…aphrodisiac, apparently they drink it to celebrate fertility as well, but a common side effect if too much is consumed is a lack of inhibition and memory loss."

"I see."

"General, upon investigating the effects of the drink, I have concluded this to be true, in fact, combined with the Naquada in Sam's blood it should really have knocked her out sir, I'm surprised it didn't, and Colonel O'Neill had enough in his system to well, make an elephant, umm, horny sir." Janet had flushed to a deep red and was staring, not at General Hammond, but at the mug on his desk.

"I see."

"General, I…"

"Major Carter, this is not the first time this has happened to SGC personnel, though this is the first time fraternization has occurred, to the best of my knowledge, and is most definitely the first time that a pregnancy has resulted from the er…incident."

"Sir, I know this is serious, I know the trouble I'm in, I broke the regulations, hell, I all but burnt the rule book, I understand that disciplinary action must be taken against me."

"Sam, I've known you since you were a little girl, I know how much you love the military, I know you would never do anything to compromise that. Taking into account the, errm, events that led up to it, I can mark it down as to you being under the effects of an alien substance and not in control of your actions."


"Major Carter, I know this can't be easy for you, and I know this isn't the best of circumstances, but this is a gift, for both you and Colonel O'Neill, if you want an official reprimand, I'll give it, but I don't think it should come to that Major."

Janet and Sam both spent considerable time looking between them both then back at the General who was calmly staring back at them, with a tiny hint of a grin on his face as realization dawned on them both.

"Thank you sir." Sam said, a grin splaying across her face as Janet gave an excited sort of squeak.

"Major, why don't you take some time off, say a month?" Sam opened her mouth to protest, but was firmly shut down by the General, "You have a lot to think about Major, a lot to deal with, it's not going to be something that is going to resolve itself in a weeks time." His voice was soft, but spoke so much truth as Sam nodded mutely.

"Yes sir, and…thank you again sir."

As Sam and Janet exited his office, General George Hammond leant back against his high backed leather chair and let out a deep breath, that SG-1 headache was here, not quite a full force headache, but a dull throbbing on his temple, sighing, he pulled out some mild headache pills and set about writing up the various forms that he was now required to write up due to his Major's…condition. All the while, a grin was plastered firmly on his face and his heart was lighter than it had been in quite some time, even in a place that saw so much darkness, light could be found.

"You going to tell him?" Janet asked later as they sat on Sam's couch, digging into a tub of Vanilla ice-cream, after already downing an entire pizza.

"I think I might go visit Mark…don't give me that look Janet."

"What look?" she asked with all the innocence of a lamb.

"The one you are giving me now, I know I have to tell him…I just need a little time to get used to the idea. After you know, everything, I didn't think I would ever be able to have kids Janet, and this is…just totally unexpected." Her hand had unconsciously come to rest on her abdomen, and her thumb was absently stroking over the swell, which she had only really noticed after being told of her pregnancy, Sam had til then believed that she was just spending too much time in the lab and not enough time in the gym (which was probably true), it was barely discernable but when she had come home to change into her favorite jeans they had been just a little bit too snug and she had had to wear a pair of loose fitting running pants.

"Sam…he his going to notice."

"I know, I'll only be 3 weeks, I haven't seen the kids in a long time Janet, and…I want my child to know their family, it's time to mend some fences…fences that should have been mended a long time ago." Sam answered, a wry smile on her face as Janet nodded in understanding, she knew about the rift between Mark and Sam, it was healing, Jacob and Selmak had helped to get it started, but it was a long process.

"Sam…I don't like it, but I get it. What do you want me to tell Colonel O'Neill?"

"Personal Leave." Sam answered, without batting an eyelid, "It's the truth anyway, he doesn't need to know exact details yet."

"Okay, look I better go, Cassie needs to be fed, and as much as I love that child, I'm wary of her in the kitchen." Janet gave her a small smile as she leant across the small gap between them and gave Sam a reassuring hug.

"Seeya Janet…and thank you."

"No need to thank me Sam, I'm your friend, just…call me when you're at Marks."

And with that, the small redhead with a heart bigger than the galaxy was gone, leaving Sam to her musings as she continued to rub her stomach, still absorbing the news that she was carrying a child…Jack's child. Picking up the phone she dialed her brother, intent on having her 3 week vacation.

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