Jenn: Hey everyone! This is just a quick one-shot I needed to write, the plot bunnies attacked me. XDXD I hope you like it!!

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"The Moon"
By: xBakura's Lovex aka Jenn

He pulled out a tissue, holding it to his bleeding nose, watching the most beautiful girl in this world walking away from him, he let out a shaky breath, still soaking up the blood with his tissue, but as Brainy watched Helga walk away, his lips curved into a smile.

To him, Helga was like the moon, shining brightly at the sky, alluring, beautiful, mysterious, she was the one thing he could always admire, but never reach. No matter how much he tried, no matter what he did, he would never be able to reach the moon.

And Brainy knew that. He was no fool. He knew, without a doubt...That the moon would always belong to the sun...

Jenn: I hope you liked it! I've always felt bad for Brainy, he loves Helga just as much as she loves Arnold. Anyway, if you liked it please review! Btw, if you don't get it, the sun, is Arnold.