Truthful illusions

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Love? Yes, once when she was a young girl...he was the corporate executive officer of one of those companies that make millions a day. They never exchanged words- well, if you don't count the time when Bakura was in a dire need of medical help- but she would have been more than happy if he had only acknowledged her presence.

She knew from facts that her brother and his friends encountered him more than once after Battle City. All of them but her!

She had to leave, that was the last time she saw him in person. Anyways, she couldn't afford to drown into a pool of false illusions, illusions are always false. And destructive as the blow appeared at the time, she went through it and built herself a life day after day.

What brought this up? She was going to meet him again; 'see' would be the appropriate term because and as far as he was concerned, she doubted that he would even waste a glance on her.

She had managed through the years to make some important connections with highly ranked people. And as a matter of fact, she got wind from a reliable source that Seto Kaiba will be this evening at the "Belle Vue" restaurant to discuss some important business matters with some associates. So, she dressed beautifully; a simple yet appealing attire. Serenity wanted to look her best.

To counter any hypothetical problem, she made a reservation three months ago. But, don't get any idea, she wasn't planning anything. All she wanted was to sit at some table in the corner and watch him for what should be the last time.

This moment is going to be hers and hers only. And she wasn't going to share, not even with the object of her affection. After that, she will move on, heart-broken again but serene because nothing will never ever happen between them. She wanted a life, a real one with a loving husband and many kids. Tea and Mai were already at their third Childs; yeah real bunnies those two!

Security was tight at the place, but the guards were accustomed to the attention their boss generates whenever he made a public appearance. Serenity was escorted to her table unaware of the admiring glances she got from men or the envious stares women showered her with.

When she got a glimpse of him, she felt like crying. She was so happy to see him yet unbearably sad. She remained like that for a couple of minutes then, suddenly, it hit her! Was she a fool, a stalker? What was she doing? She needed some fresh air; she wanted to be somewhere else, somewhere where she could cry freely to get rid of that lump in her throat. It was so suffocating that she gasped audibly for air and brought her hand as to cover her throat. She grabbed her purse and rose slowly –like a defeated person-from the chair despite the dizziness she felt.

"Leaving so soon?" a voice that she yearned to hear and dread all the same time spoke behind her.

It was him, it was useless to turn around and look at him. Her knees couldn't support her any longer, and she slowly seated herself again.