Title: Here Comes a Cold

Author: T (For adult themes and language)

Summary: Sam goes out into a blizzard to get food after Dean and him have a fight. After Sam meets a group of guys who want to do more to him than beat him up he realizes his nightmare is only beginning. Really an excuse for hurt, confused, frozen and scared Sammy with plenty of protective Dean. Beware- adult themes.

Disclaimer: I do not own ANYTHING that has to do with supernatural!

A/N: Alright I've had this idea in the back of my head for a while now and I finally managed to put it out and actually write it. Please review and let me know what you all think

- - - - - - -

"Sam stop complaining."

That was probably the fifth time Dean had said those three words in the duration of the day.

Sam, stop complaining.

"Well Dean, come on." Sam said trying to reason with his older brother.

A firm hand slammed down on the table they were sitting at and Dean shouted, "Come on, what? "

Sam rolled his eyes, "This town. This room." Sam's eyes were wide and he shook his head waiting for Dean to agree.

Dean just shrugged, "What about them?"

Sam shook his head, "It's like these people keep track of everyone who comes in and out."

"Suck it up Sammy."

Sam laughed, "Suck it up? A five year old tripped me and told me to get the hell out of her face!"

Dean chuckled, "Well maybe next time you should watch where those big foot feet are going. It's a small town that's been through a lot, what do you expect?"

Sam and Dean were in this small town taking care of a spirit that had already killed two people. The spirit was haunting an old alleyway, and when young female brunets walked through it, they were murdered. Or that was the theory.

Sam looked out the window, "Yeah maybe, but Dean. This room is ridiculous." Sam turned around and threw his hands in the direction of the single bed in the middle of the room to the room.

"Would you rather sleep in the car? It's all we could afford!" Dean yelled getting up and pacing the room, "I already told you, we go where the job takes us and if it takes us to a crappy motel room, that's where we go!"

"But Dean come one, we could have gotten a better ro-"

Dean threw his hands in the air and dug his hand into his pocket, "Yeah? Why don't you go get us a better room? Take it!" he yelled throwing a five dollar bill at Sam's chest, "That's all I have, show me your goddamn money!"

Sam bent over and picked the five dollars up from the floor, "Sorry."

"Show me your money!" Dean yelled walking up to Sam's face. He reached down in to Sam's pocket and he swatted him away. Dean reached again and pulled out Sam's wallet. The younger brother look down ashamed as Dean opened the wallet to reveal 0 dollars, "That's right you don't have any money either. I just spent my last 35 dollars getting us this room for one night. The money I fucking earned. Show me the money you earned."

Sam said nothing just continued to stare at the ground.

"That's right. So much for a fucking college education. I may not have gone to collage but I do the best I can. And if the best I can do is this motel room, you better appreciate it or get something better." Dean yelled into Sam's face.

Dean walked away from Sam and knew he wasn't going to dare say anything back. Dean was close to hitting him, close to loosing his patience with his ungrateful brother.

"Just take that and go get us something to eat, I saw a McDonald's a few blocks down past that park…" Dean whispered sitting back down at the table.

Sam nodded and said, "Where are the keys."

Dean laughed, "No you don't get to use my car. I want you to see where you'd be without me."

Sam looked out the window. It was a cold January night and the last report Sam had seen on TV was that there was supposed to be a blizzard. That's how this whole fight had started. First with the weather being too bad to do this hunt. Then with the town the hunt was in. Then with the room they managed to get. And here they were, two days later and they were still where they started.

The snow right now was nowhere near the scale of a blizzard, but it was getting there.

Sam couldn't help but shake his head at Dean's last comment, "I'd be back in Stanford, that's where I'd be." He whispered under his breath.

"What's that?" Dean said loudly.

"Nothing." With that Sam threw open the door and slammed it behind him.

He made his way down two flights of stairs and looked out the window of the door before stepping out. Maybe he should have asked Dean for the keys again.

When Sam opened the door a gust of icy wind blew in, nearly knocking him off his feet. It was too cold to be walking around outside with only a long sleeve shirt and coat on. Sam stepped out slowly and took note that the snow was already about ten inches deep. Maybe the blizzard was closer than Sam thought.

Sam shivered under his clothes and took a few regrettable steps forward. This was going to be a long walk to get a few things from the dollar menu.

After walking a few blocks Sam started to feel the cold getting the better of him. His legs felt numb and it was a miracle he was still able to move one foot in front of the other. Sam was across the street from the park Dean had mentioned and through the snow filled air he spotted a bench.

Once Sam was across the street he quickly got over to the bench and sat down for a second. Normally he would brush the snow from the seat, but he was so covered in snow it didn't even matter anymore.

Once he was settled into the bench and relaxed he realized that this was a waste of time.

"Two more minutes and I'll keep going." He said to himself and let his eyes close a little.

"Hey! Who's this guy?" Sam heard someone shout. His eyes shot open and grew wide. He was surrounded by six guys. Six guys who looked like they could eat him.

But Sam had learned from experience half the people who looked like that were only good for one punch. Sam could only hope that was the case this time.

"Look, I w-was j-just-" Sam began but was cut off by a strong punch in the stomach.

All the guys around laughed at Sam's expense. He didn't mean to stutter, but he was so cold that's just the way his voice came out.

Sam held his stomach protectively and quickly fought back sending a punch to the man's jaw.

The other five immediately reacted and came running towards Sam fists flying. He tried his best to defend himself but his body was stiff from the cold that he was not used to. The punches rained down on him and for the most part there was nothing he could do. He felt himself crumbling to the ground and once he was on the floor completely he felt the kicks coming to his stomach. He gagged and tried to keep the contents of his stomach where it was meant to be, but he felt his break coming.


All the punches and kicks stopped even though the pain did not and Sam looked up to see another guy approaching who seems to carry himself as the leader.

Sam spat out a combination of blood and bile on the snow and coughed a few times. He twisted himself out of the fetal position he was in, in an attempt to protect himself and laid flat on his stomach. He made a futile attempt to push himself up from the floor but just fell right back down.

A few people laughed at his attempt and Sam felt his hatred for these people growing by the second. Were they going to kill him?

"What's your name?" the leader yelled down at Sam.

Sam pressed himself farther into the floor, "W-what's yours?"

The leader pretended to laugh before sending a kick into Sam's ribs. He felt one break and moaned rolling into himself.

"I said what's your name, punk!"

Sam smiled and was not going to answer but he felt himself being lifted up by his hair and quickly said, "S-Sam." With a wince.

The guy dropped Sam to the floor and said, "Alright, Sam. I'm Mike. Now tell me what the hell you're doing in our town."

Sam rolled his eyes and coughed out, "I'm w-with my brother, on b-business…"

"I bet you are. Now Sam listen to me. You're gonna get your brother and get the hell out of town. We're sick of outsiders coming in here and killing people. Understood?"

They were about to walk away and Sam couldn't help himself and whispered, "Go fuck yourself."

All the guys turned around and stared at the pile of blood and bruises on the floor, also known as Sam.

"Oh yeah?" Mike said taking a few steps closer to Sam, "Let's teach this smartass a lesson. All of you go look for any one else in town who's not supposed to be here…" he said glaring at Sam threateningly, "But Tim stay here with me."

Tim nodded and the other four guys left quickly not even bothering to look back at the person they were sure would be dead in less than a half an hour.

"W-what are you g-gonna d-do, hu-huh?" Sam stuttered out.

"You don't want to know." Mike whispered through the snow that was still falling.

Sam felt himself being lifted from the floor by two people. Mike had one arm and Tim had the other. He was thrown down into the snow. He felt himself being checked for anything he had on him. His wallet, cell phone and the five-dollar bill were pulled out.

"Five dollars, that's it? Not like any business man I've ever seen." Tim remarked.

Mike picked of the cell phone and dropped it to the floor before slamming his boot on top of it. Sam heard the crack and let his head fall into the snow. He'd given up on trying to see what they were doing.

"Tim go keep watch, I got it from here." Mike said. Tim nodded and left the two of them alone.

Sam wondered what exactly this guy wasn't going to him but the reality came crashing down around him when he felt his pant button being un-buttoned.

"Ew p-perv. W-what the fuck are y-you d-doing?" Sam asked trying to squirm away.

"I think you know, know shut your goddamn mouth." Mike said quickly.

Sam closed his eyes and tried to hold back tears when he felt his zipper open and his pants pulled down a little. He sent a few fists in his direction but they were pointless. He missed Mike completely and he was too weak and cold to hurt him any way.

Mike held Sam's wrists down and laughed when he saw the tears in the edges of his eyes. He stood up and kicked Sam in the side again and pulled down his pants. Sam tried to move away but there was nothing he could do he was trapped.

"P-please…" Sam whispered desperately.

"I said to shut the fuck up!" Mike responded.

Just when Sam's worst nightmare was about to come true the heard the wind howl and felt the snow coming down stronger now.

"Pplease… don't d-do this…" Sam begged.

Sam felt his jacket being unzipped and when Mike loosened it around his shoulders and began to lift Sam's shirt a little, he felt him self shake violently from the cold. 1 pair of lips kissed Sam's stomach and he let out a sob, knowing what was coming soon.

"No, don't cry." Mike whispered tauntingly while brushing some hair from Sam's eyes. Sam only stared at the crazy man in horror.

When Sam realized there was a hand creeping up his leg he quickly gave his last energy to try and push him off, this only annoyed Mike more who quickly grabbed Sam in the place he had been dreading.

This was Sam's breaking point. He let out sobs and shook his head in disbelief that this was happening to him.

"P-please… J-just st-stop…"

Mike continued with a smirk, enjoying Sam's pain. He laughed at how Sam was paying for coming into town and was about hurt Sam even more when he heard a distant call.


Sam saw Mike roll his eyes but not respond.

"Mike! It's getting bad out here I think we should go!" Tim yelled from across the park.

Mike groaned and looked over in that direction, "Gimme a fucking minute!"


Mike slammed his fist into Sam's chest and Sam coughed. Mike got off of Sam and whispered, "Fine." The weather was starting to worry him as well. He zipped up his pants and at that sound a wave of relief washed over Sam.

"Get out of town and stay out. That is, if you even survive this." Mike yelled at Sam before sending his foot flat onto the hunter's stomach.


"I'm coming goddammit!" Mike yelled back before glancing at Sam once before running over to Tim.

Sam was in a world of shock and pain. Everything had happened so quickly he was surprised he still had some of his sanity and sense. That was the only thing that could help him right now. He reached out and his hand connected with the destroyed phone. He took one look at it and knew it was done. There was no way to call Dean.

He wondered if Dean would even answer the phone if he did call.

He couldn't cry right now. He needed to find a way to help himself since there was no one there to help him. He reached down and pulled his shirt down and zipped up his jacket. He wanted to pull up his pants but that would involve lifting his body in a way that was too painful right now.

The cold and snow was bitter sweat at this point. It was good because the cold was numbing him and making the pain feel much less than it really was. But he also knew that if he stayed out in this much longer he could get hypothermia or freeze to death.

He knew he had to get himself up because in not much longer he would be covered in snow. There was a tree about two feet away from him and he figured maybe he could drag himself over there and lean up against it.

That job proved to be much harder then it sounded. Sam was weak and cold and with every inch he dragged himself he felt something in his body move the way it wasn't supposed too. Plus his pants were still undone and snow was getting inside his clothes, making him even colder.

When the tree was in reach, Sam took hold on the truck and used it to pull himself up. He winced and let out a groan as he painfully pulled himself up. Once he was sitting he took a breath and then turned a little so he could lean up against the tree.

When he was settled he opened his eyes and looked around hopelessly. His only chance is that Dean would come looking for him or that someone would pass by and see him. The second was unlikely first of all because there was a blizzard and also because almost every person in town he had encountered hated him or in this case, tried to kill him.

Sam closed his eyes as he let out one last sob. He reached up a shaky hand to wipe away the tears that were turning to ice and stinging his face. There was no much else to do but wait so he let himself loose consciousness.

His only hope was Dean. The only person that could save him now was his brother.