Wicked Game


The Reward


One year. One whole miraculous and painful year had passed since he had taken the life of Voldemort. Tomorrow would be he anniversary of the first law legalizing Dark Magic. Harry himself had written it but there was something noticeably absent.

Harry himself had vetoed the Unforgivables. Even amongst the Dark side those were the curses that separated the Dark arts from the Black. Harry had now cast all three.

It had taken him months to get back to his normal attitude. Even then, his soul felt empty. He had done the unthinkable and it had torn him up inside.

Severus had saved him once again. If it hadn't been for his older lover Harry would have sunk into a depression so deep he would not have woken up from it. With the Potion's Masters gentle loving touch it brought back the old Harry bit by bit.

He was doing a lot better now. He had even managed to make it through his NEWTs and graduate Hogwarts with top marks. His friends assured him they knew it would happened but Harry was the most surprised out of any of them when his marks came back as good as they were.

Harry had a whole new world of opportunity knocking on his door. He didn't want it. he just wanted to stay curled up with Severus in their bedroom and tell the annoying knocking to go away.

When he shared this hope with his lover he was surprised to find them in their own little house in the middle of nowhere only a month after telling him. They spent two blissful years in domestic paradise. Just loving each other and healing from the war. Working together to make their tomorrow better than their yesterday.

When they did decide to rejoin the wizarding world Harry found quiet work at a desk far back in the honeycomb that most people called the Ministry of Magic while Severus spent his days making potions requested of him from both Pomfrey and St. Mungos. Neither of them could be happier with their simple quiet life. They allowed the adventures from their school days to fade into the background.

Harry did keep in touch with his old friends. They all scattered into the world ready to do big things in important places. Harry just watched them happily from the sidelines occasionally lending a helping hand but mainly staying out of it.

Harry was forced to rein in both Dumbledore and the minister on several occasions, and he proved he could do it from any distance at any time. Those two soon learned he was not joking around about his power.

The most amazing thing about Harry and Severus' life was, after Harry graduated they never stepped foot in Hogwarts again and neither wizard could ever be happier.