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I know I have a bit of a twisted mind. I couldn't help wondering about the werewolves' clothes – or lack of them -- since they are always bursting out of them. I've been promised that the answer will be in Eclipse, so I figured I better hurry and write this before my hopes for naked wolf-boys are dashed.

Thanks to Bronzehairedgirl, who was as eager to beta this story as I was to write it.

Naked Wolf-Boys of La Push

Part I

by silly bella

There had been no sign of the red-headed leech today, which made sense. We'd run her pretty far last night. It had taken us a while to get back home, too. Morning light, such as it was, peeped through the cloud cover. We should be tired, but the run was more invigorating than exhausting. I wanted to get back to Bella, but right now, I'd be pacing the floor to work off excess energy, which probably wouldn't help her any. She was nervous enough as it was.

Sam sensed we were all restless. Why don't we run by the beach?

Without even answering, we turned as one and loped in that direction. The wind ruffled through my fur and blew in my face carrying the salty taste of the ocean. As we came closer, Sam sniffed the air. Just checking. We'd have to turn back if there were kids from Forks on the beach. Or tourists.

I snorted, wondering what kind of tales people might take back from vacation if they ran into a pack of werewolves on First Beach.

It's the folks from around here that I'm more worried about. Sam lunged ahead, running as we neared the water, plunging into the powerful surf and riding it back in. I did the same, battling the sheer force of the waves with my own superhuman strength. The ocean. There was a real challenge. Unpredictable and alive in some strange way. Not like some pathetic leech.

Paul sneered. Only you would compare the ocean to a bloodsucker.

He still didn't care much for Bella, even after all the information she'd given us. He would protect her from the cold ones because she was human, but he couldn't understand how I could care so much about someone who loved one of them.

And I never will.

All the same, he was my pack brother. We shared a bond that few would ever understand. Stronger, in some ways, than real siblings, but like them, we didn't have to like each other all the time.

Paul growled, a mix of play and irritation, as he leaped toward me. I sensed him coming and rolled him over on the wet sand just before a wave rolled in to submerge him. He rose as the water slid away from the shore, shaking his body to spatter us all with saltwater. It was like a chain reaction as Embry and Jared joined him.

I ran against the waves and rode them in, just as Sam had, one minute fighting the force, the next, letting it carry me along. When I reached the sand, Paul, Embry and Jared jumped me, pushing me back into the water. I shook my body violently, throwing them all away from me into the spray. Next to Sam, I was the biggest. They should have known better.

Don't get too full of yourself. I could almost hear Sam laughing in his head. None of you. Never underestimate a foe. Even in play.

Play. The word made me think of recess. Swings and see-saws on the lot beside the elementary school. Monkey bars where I'd hung upside down for what seemed like eternity. Where I'd played tag, running as fast as I could, never once dreaming of how fast I would run one day.

You just wanted to impress the girls even then, Jacob. You and Quil. It was Embry. Just like now. It must run in the family.

It was hard to scowl as a wolf, but I tried.

You think this would impress her? Sam was on top of me even as his thoughts rang in my head. His weight knocked me breathless. I sputtered, shaking water out of my fur as Paul had earlier.

Paul was satisfied, even if it wasn't him who laid me flat on the sand. Way to go, Sam.

Jared bumped his front shoulder against Paul in a motion that had become our version of pounding fists or high fives. Somebody had to do it.

Wish it had been me. Paul knocked him back as the water splashed on them.

I was never going to live that down. At least, not if Paul had anything to do with it.

Sam looked at the sky. We should be getting back for breakfast. Emily will be worried if we're too late.

One last ride along the rising waves and we all returned to the beach. The wind was whipping up, blowing at an angle directly toward La Push. It would probably storm before noon. That would be good for tracking the leech. It would wash away the old trails, leaving only fresh ones to show when she returned.

Come on, Jacob. Hurry up. I'm hungry. Jared was always hungry.

We should phase back to human. It will be easier to dry off. Sam was ever practical.

We gathered on the beach, the sound of the ocean driving out every other noise except for the thoughts of the pack as we began to change.