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I know I have a bit of a twisted mind. I couldn't help wondering about the werewolves' clothes – or lack of them -- since they are always bursting out of them. I've been promised that the answer will be in Eclipse, so I figured I better hurry and write this before my hopes for naked wolf-boys are dashed.

Thanks to Bronzehairedgirl, who was as eager to beta this story as I was to write it.

Naked Wolf-Boys of La Push

Part II

by silly bella

Emily said they hadn't come back last night. I could tell she wanted to be alone with her worry. I doubted that my being there would help, anyway. After all, I was the reason this particular vampire was killing people in the area. If not for me, Jacob and the rest of the pack would be safe at home.

I decided a walk on the beach might calm my nerves. The sound of the water pounding against the sand and rocks lulled my frantic heartbeat into the same slow rhythm. The wind whipped my hair away from my face and cut through the weave of my jacket. I wrapped my arms tightly around myself, hoping for some warmth.

The beach itself looked pristine as the water rolled in to cover more and more of the shore. Even the footprints I left behind me had almost completely disappeared. I passed some driftwood and brushed my hand against the surface, smooth and hard from the beating of the water and wind. I moved on.

Soon, I hoped, Jacob would run down to the beach to find me while the other boys began breakfast. Soon. I tried to keep my thoughts away from other possibilities. Stopping for a moment, I drew designs in the sand with the toe of my shoe. The designs turned into letters. JACOB. I hoped desperately that he and the others were safe.

I passed a large pile of driftwood and stopped, shocked. My mouth opened, but no sound came out. I felt the heat of my blush burning furiously and closed my eyes. Still, I couldn't un-see what I'd seen. All of them! Naked!

Paul taunted Jacob, "Look at that. She took one look at you without clothes and had to close her eyes."

"Get your shorts on, guys," Sam said. It sounded like an order.

Jacob stepped beside me, his body warm as he wrapped me in his arms. "It's OK, Bella. Really."

My head still lowered, I opened my eyes. WRONG! I'd never been so bothered by the height difference between us. My eyes wide, I tilted my head up to look at Jacob's face. "I didn't realize…" I stammered.

"Don't worry about it," he assured me. "We're pretty comfortable in our skins by now. You're probably more embarrassed than any of us. Really."

"All of you." I stopped, realizing the double entendre in my words. "I'll never be able to look any of you in the face again."

"Why not?" Jared asked, grinning. "Are the other parts too interesting?"

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly turn any redder.

The wind carried Sam's low voice in my direction. "Come on, Embry. She's not looking. You can change back to human form and get dressed." Embry was the only one of them who seemed embarrassed at all. Apparently, when he'd realized what was happening, he'd gone back to wolf form.

Sam joined us and frowned. "Jacob! Clothes!"

Jacob quirked an eyebrow, then turned and walked silently to where his cut-off sweatpants hung on a branch of driftwood. I tried to close my eyes. I really did. Instead, I just felt the burning in my cheeks hotter and hotter as I watched Jacob bend and step into his shorts. I couldn't move my eyes away.

Behind me, Sam chuckled and murmured under his breath, "Show-off."

"Stare much?" Embry, more confident now that he was dressed, teased.

"What I want to know is how she managed to sneak up on us," Paul complained. He waited expectantly for Sam's answer.

With a glance into the wind, Sam shook his head. "Downwind." He shrugged. "We'll have to be more careful about that." He seemed more concerned about that than me spotting them all… naked.

Jacob returned to my side and wrapped his arm around me as we all began to walk back to Emily and Sam's house where breakfast waited.

"Are you going to be OK, Bella?" Jacob asked. "It doesn't matter. None of us really care. We're kind of getting used to being naked a lot."

"Some of us care," Embry grumbled on my other side. "At least she didn't watch me get dressed. She couldn't take her eyes off you."

Jacob looked down at me and smiled. "Really?" he asked, his grin spreading across his face. I turned several more shades of red. "So, did you like what you saw?"