A/N: This is a poem I wrote about a year and a half ago, inspired by the movie. I'm no poet by any means, but I felt that this wasn't too awful to put on here. Hope at least someone likes it!


Amidst the blurry sea of faces she spots him

Leaning casually against the wall,

His black trench coat swirling about his legs.

A cigarette dangles precariously from his lips,

And she wavers, seduced

By eyes as deep black as translucent, glassy obsidian,

Glinting with easily flaunted power.

His whisper invades her ears, feathered and alluring.

Words laced with treacherous charm extinguish her resolve,

And her glare falters as memories permeate.

Their instantaneous attraction had taken off on swift wings.

She was swept up in a deadly romance,

The heedless victim of heated moments, unable to discern

The turning and creaking cogs of his private mind.

Entranced and graced with a detached smile, she floats away.

He sneers at his prey's retreating back,

Smoke billowing from his flared nostrils,

Smooth wisps of ashen marble curling into the air.

It was all too easy.