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Chapter One

The rain pounded down on the black haired teen. His shoes splashed with every puddle as he continued to run. He dodged cars and ducked into the shadows in-between two buildings. His chest rose and fell rapidly as his golden eyes scanned the surrounding area. Thunder rolled across the sky, but it neither scared nor bothered the young man. He strained his hearing for the sounds of advancing footsteps. With the rain falling, barely a soul was out except for him and the group he was running from.

"Which way did he go?" a deep voice asked right in front of the alleyway that Ryoma was hiding in.

"I think down that way. The boss will kill us if we just come back with the older one," said another man.

Ryoma froze. He knew the group of men attacked him and his lover in the park, but he was sure Fuji would have escaped. Fuji could out run him. How could they possibly capture him? Ryoma debated on allowing them to find him in order to be with Fuji, but he wasn't one hundred percent sure that they had him.

The two dark clothed figures run off down the street, leaving Ryoma to his nightmares. He had no idea who these men were and who their boss was. It was too early for Akutsu to be released from jail; two years too soon. Ryoma ran through the alleyway and down to the park. He thought if Fuji was there than they could go home together, but no such luck. Fuji wasn't anywhere at the park.

Ryoma took off down the street to the apartment that him and Fuji now shared. Nanjiro didn't approve of their relationship, resulting in Ryoma being thrown out. The teen had nowhere to turn and Fuji welcomed him with open arms. The thought of being without Fuji scared him. Besides Fuji, the Seigaku Regulars were the only ones that didn't mind their relationship and still treated him like normal.

As Ryoma turned the corner to their apartment building, he saw two men dressed all in black. These were different men than the one's chasing him. "Did you find him?" one of the men asked, talking into his cellphone. "Right. Well the older one should be suffice. Let's go."

The two left the building, allowing Ryoma to enter in. He didn't want to believe that they had Fuji. He hoped that when he opened the door to his apartment, Fuji would be standing there with open arms. He walked up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Once he entered the apartment, there was pure silence. No signs of struggle or Fuji for that matter. Ryoma glanced at the scattered paper on the floor for when Ryoma jumped on Fuji this morning. The kitchen light was still on. Nothing had changed since they left their house.

Ryoma sat down on the couch with his legs pulled up against his chest. He prayed to every god known to man that Fuji would walk through that door. But, unfortunately, the door never opened. Fuji never returned. In fact, Ryoma fell asleep on the couch only to wake the next morning to silence. He feared the worse. Ryoma grabbed his cellphone and tried Fuji's number. After a few seconds, he heard the familiar ring tone and realized that Fuji left his phone at home like he did. They were only going for a small walk around the park so neither one of them thought it was necessary to bring a phone.

Ryoma sighed and dialed Tezuka's number. His fingers fumbled with the numbers as he waited for the annoying ringing and Tezuka's soft voice. "Ryoma, you're suppose to be at practice by now. What are you doing calling me? I thought I told you I would approve of your relationship as long as you two didn't miss practice. Now are you and Fuji on your way?"

"Tezuka! You got to help! Someone took Fuji. They chased us out of the park, and we got separated. I thought he would return home, but he hasn't been home. I have no idea who they are, but it can't be Akutsu's crew because he should still be in jail. He has two more years," Ryoma rambled on endlessly.

"Ryoma!" Tezuka shouted, attempting to get him to stop his ramble. "I'll be right there. Lock the door and don't answer it until you hear my voice."

"A-alright." Ryoma ran to the door, realizing that he already locked it last night. He moved rapidly through the house, checking all the windows to make sure they were all locked.

The wait was excruciatingly long. He paced back and forth and checked the windows hundreds of times as the wall clock clicked every second. Five minutes went by, but it was like several years passed. Ryoma walked around the house, picking up their clutter along the way. He needed to do things to ease his nerves, but nothing seemed to help. He sat down on the bed and picked at the lint on his shirt.

He heard someone pounding on the door. Jerking from his seat, he ran into the hallway, but remembered what Tezuka said about waiting to hear his voice. The voice never came. In fact, Ryoma heard a crash of glass splattering to pieces from the bedroom. He backed away from the bedroom door and the front door feeling completely trapped.

Two hands grabbed his wrists and slammed him up against the wall. "Should have figured you would come back home," a voice sneered.

"Where's Fuji?" was the only thing Ryoma could think of saying.

"Safe as long as you come with us quietly." Ryoma whimpered to the man tightening his grasp. Pain shot up and down his arm, clouding his judgment.

The door was kicked open and it crashed with the wall. "Ryoma?!" Tezuka shouted.

"Lucky today, but not for long." The man broke open the living room window and climbed out of it using a rope that was obviously placed there prior to him entering the building.

Ryoma slid down to the floor, tears streaming down his face. Tezuka approached him. "Are you okay?"

"They have Fuji. What do we do? They are going to hurt him if I don't give myself up." Tezuka didn't know what to say but let the young man cry his pain out. He didn't know who these people were, but he was determined to find out. No one hurt any one of his teammates without dealing with the others. But first comes first. He had to get Ryoma out of that house and somewhere else safe. He knew that his parent's house was out of the question. But where to put him that Ryoma would never go so he could hide easier?


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