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Chapter Ten

Ryoma wrapped his arms around himself. Could he truly be selfish? Was it in him to not think of others? Was he really willing to give it all up and fade into the unknown? Too many factors disturbed his thoughts and not to mention Sakuno standing behind him, anticipating a responses from him. He could imagine her tears and screams if he took one step off. Who would have thought that she would be the one to spot him? Ryoma wandered if he would be dead by now if no one stopped him.

Ryoma moved his well balanced foot off the railing only to slip and stumble backwards. Sakuno screamed, and Ryoma felt completely empty. He hadn't meant to do that, but his luck lately was horrible and this was to be expected. He managed to reach out, and his fingers met with the cement of the wall. His body banged against the wall, leaving a horrible sense of dizziness. "Hang on, Ryoma!" Sakuno shouted, using both of her hands to hold onto Ryoma's arm.

"Let go. If I fall I'll take you down with me."

"I can't do that. Just hang on."

"Watch out," a voice said from behind Sakuno. He pushed her out the way and pulled Ryoma up with relatively ease. He dropped the young man on the ground. "Being selfish again. I thought I warned you about that!"

Ryoma shook his head and glanced up at Fuji. "What would you know about how I'm feeling? You don't care!"

Fuji grabbed Ryoma and pulled him to a stand. "Bullshit, Ryoma! If I didn't care would I be out here right now looking for you? I wasn't even close to this place when you ran off so I would have never heard Sakuno shouting for help if I wasn't out looking for you. Do you think of anyone else but yourself lately?"

"Stay away from me! Dad never approved of this anyway." Ryoma took off, running down the street. For once tears didn't plague his eyes. He was too angry to think of anything else nor hear the quiet footsteps following him. All he wanted to do was get back home, back to his room where it was safe. He took his steps two at a time and kicked his shoes off quickly before disappearing upstairs in a flash. His parents didn't know what to say to him on the way in, but Nanjiro did see Fuji and Sakuno standing close outside. He put down his magazine and walked outside.

"What happened?"

"Tezuka is fine. He's going to take a long time to heal, but he's fine. Ryoma on the other hand needs to go get help or something. He tried killing himself."

"Was it because of something you did?"

Fuji sighed and wrapped his arm around Sakuno whom had become awfully quiet. "I believe so. I'll back off for the time being, but keep a careful watch on him. Apparently he was hiding things even from me. His mental state has become worse. Thanks, Mr. Echizen. I'm going to get her home." Fuji turned and walked away, hoping that he didn't mess everything up with his anger. Sure he was angry at Ryoma for how he's been acting, but it was more of a fear of losing him that triggered the anger. He walked Sakuno to her door and gave her a quick hug, ensuring her that Ryoma would be fine. At least that was what he was silently praying.


It had been several days since Ryoma moved out of his room. He only went from his door to the bathroom, and never walked downstairs. Several times his mother tried to get him to come out, but he refused. He even refused to eat, not settling for more than a piece of bread. He felt like a homeless person wrapped up in his blanket and chewing on bread while sipping water. He had long since disconnected his phone and turned the cellphone off. He didn't answer any phone calls and never talked his family more than he had too.

It was his fifth day locked up in his room when he realized how lonely he was feeling. He reached over to his phone and turned it on staring at the empty screen. He wondered how many times did Fuji try calling and didn't get through. That is if Fuji called in the first place. He heard a gentle tap at the window and looked up at a balloon, floating outside holding a small piece of paper.

Ryoma got up and opened the window. Quickly untying the message, he looked at the news article. "Akutsu Yuuki has been found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to fifty years in prison where he awaits trial for several other accounts of violence which could up his years in prison to life." Ryoma smiled and held the paper close to him.

He opened his phone and typed a message to Fuji. "Thank you. You can come up."

Within a matter of seconds Fuji flipped into the window. "I thought you would be happy to hear about that. Tezuka is getting out of the hospital today."

"He's not dead?"

Fuji shook his head. "No. You ran off before Eiji could tell everyone the great news. That's why I went to go find you. I thought it would make you feel better knowing that Tezuka was going to be alright."

Ryoma leaned into Fuji. "I'm sorry."

"I think you should go see that psychiatrist again. Just to make sure everything is straight in your mind."

Ryoma sat there for awhile content with leaning against Fuji. He never thought about going back to his doctor, but perhaps it was it would be for the best. "Alright. Will you come with me?"

"Oh so now you want me part of your life?" Fuji asked with his usual smiling face.

Ryoma laughed softly. "I want to go home. Dad hasn't transferred me, and he seems to approve of our relationship now for some strange reason."

"He realized that I wasn't at fault that's why. I guess he changed when he found out that Akutsu attacked Tezuka."

"So what do we do now?" Ryoma asked.

"Oh I could think of a few things." Fuji smirked evilly and pushed Ryoma against the bed.

Ryoma laughed and tried to push him off. "Nonononono. Not here. Not in my parents house! Are you nuts?"

"Maybe. So let's hurry home. It's been awhile."

Ryoma smirked. "Last one there gets the bottom."

"You're on."

The two boys took off running out the door with Ryoma screaming a quick goodbye to his parents. His parents looked confused out the door, but said nothing once they saw Fuji with their son. "Teenagers," Nanjiro said before picking his magazine back up. He smiled behind it, happy that Ryoma was now smiling and out of his room. He knew that Fuji would help Ryoma recover. Nothing was left to worry about.

The End


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