A Polite Chat

Part Three out of the Chat series... I guess.

There was silence. Fingers were tapping. The drink fizzed.


A raised eyebrow.


"Go ahead, speak."

"Why am I here?"

"Ootori, you are here to keep Ore-sama company."

"But... I have this date... as in meeting... with Shishido-san." The silver haired boy said.

Atobe look annoyed. How dare he not be honored to talk to Atobe Keigo himself!

"I'm sorry!" Choutaro cried.

"Ore-sama forgives you this time."

Choutaro took a sip from his water. He didn't say anything because he was that polite.

"Since you are Ore-sama's company, he will talk." Atobe said.

Choutaro nodded and smiled. On noes! It's the "smile and nod" technique! It means he might not be listening!

Atobe started to rant something that was similar to the time he talked to Oshitari. You know, "rude red head, Jiroh, Rikkaidai... etc. etc."

Choutaro only smiled and nodded. Sometimes he took a sip from his water.

"--so Ore-sama is very mad that Jiroh decided to pick that Marui-boy. Who goes out with a boy named, "Ball of fat"? Seriously!... Ootori, are you listening?"

Choutaro looked around. "Huh? Yes, I'm listening, Atobe-san. Why wouldn't I?" He gave a nervous chuckle.

Atobe gave Choutaro the "I'm keeping my eye on you" look.

A half hour later Atobe was still ranting.

Choutaro raised his hand. Atobe stopped. "What is it, Ootori?"

"Can I get more water?" Choutaro asked.

Atobe looked annoyed but let him get his own water.

While Choutaro was in the kitchen. He also accidentally grabbed his things with him. He noticed it when he dropped it.

"Uh-oh, I brought my things with me..." Choutaro said to himself. He looked around. No one was there.

He got his water and quickly finished it. He was about to walk away before he saw another door way leading the way OUT. He was going to cry, he didn't know who opened it, but he was going to pray that the person lives through Atobe's rant (torture).

"The door..." He whispered. Then he thought of something. "But if I don't go back Atobe-san would be mad... he might throw me out of the team! If he did that Shishido-san wouldn't have a partner! If Shishido-san doesn't have a partner, he would get kicked out and it would be all my fault!!!" He started to panic, meaning he was running around the rather, spacious kitchen.


"What is taking Ootori so long?" Atobe asked; he was getting very, very annoyed.

Back to Ootori...

"What do I do?" He cried as he continued running around the room. It was his 7th lap!

Suddenly his cell phone rang. We all don't know why he has Koori No Emperor on his phone... we all just... don't.

"Hello? Shishido-san?" Choutaro answered. "I'm at Atobe-san's house... um... mansion. No, I didn't want to be there... he just... dragged me out off the street into his limo when I was walking to your house.

Choutaro stopped running.

"There is an open door... but I'm afraid-- yes, yes, afraid because of that... It would be all my fault!... don't worry about it? But Shishido-san!... Ok... I'll meet you there in an hour." He hung up and sighed. "I guess I'll have to run for it..."

"Ore-sama is tired of waiting Ootori." Atobe said. His voice was getting closer.

Choutaro panicked even more. "Ready or not here I go!!" He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Since he also played tennis, he was pretty fast!

He was also chanting, "I'm sorry Atobe-san." very quickly.

Shishido was waiting.

"Shishido-san! I'm sorry I'm late!" Choutaro cried.

"It's ok Choutaro." Shishido said. "Did you get rid of Atobe?"

"I ran all the way here." Choutaro said. He was panting very hard.

Shishido ushered Choutaro to follow him. "Let's go."

Choutaro smiled. "Ok." He rather listen to Shishido any day.


All the while Atobe was still waiting for Choutaro...