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Minerva consoled herself as she got out of bed with the thought that at the very least, even though it would not in all likelihood be pleasant, this Valentine's Day would not be disappointingly uneventful like the countless ones before it. The question was what attire would be appropriate for the festivities latter that day. Something waterproof perhaps.


Breakfast that morning was marked by an unusual amount of energy in the students who usually were most quiet at the early meal. The questionnaires had been distributed and hundreds of quills scratched away. Nervous glances to see if anyone was peaking gave away the students who were considering using the Secret Admirer Service as well.

At the head table, Minerva went on eating her porridge. Her blank questionnaire lay under her bowl. The other professors were filling out theirs with varying levels of seriousness. Dumbledore had put of filling his out as well, but seemingly only because his strawberry waffles had distracted him. With some remnants of his meal still on his beard, he perused the paper through his spectacles. A quill appeared in his hand and he began marking his paper. Minerva had observed all this as inconspicuously as possible. She did not look at her paper however until a certain Astronomy professor began to fill out hers. Just as she went to pull her from under her breakfast, another hand reached across the table and grabbed it.

"Finished professor?"

With an adamancy that startled the first year whom had been assigned to collect the forms, Minerva replied in the negative. There was no way that she would let the arithmancy calculator pair Albus with Sinistra. The paper was now before her as she considered the first question:

Which do you prefer, the fall or the spring?

Professor McGonagall was a fan of autumn foliage.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

That one was easy.

What is more important, honesty or good works?

The ends justify the means she supposed.

The questions turned to how she viewed herself, and then, the to the qualities she looked for in a romantic partner. At last, one optional question remained:

What fellow student do you have a crush on? (They will only be informed if they also enter your name.)

Underneath student was written colleague. She had not intended to fill it out, but some impulse made her change her mind. So quickly she almost knocked over her orange juice, she wrote "Albus Dumbledore". The parchment was folded a moment latter and in the hands of the first year soon after. As she watch the rest of the table's occupants hand in their forms, a wave of dread washed over her. She had entrusted a deeply guarded secret with a bunch of students. Sure they said that there were privacy spell in place, but she had taught them, and her confidence in their ability to create an unbreakable ward was low.

"You will all receive the results after dessert this evening" Gwendolyn announced to the assembled students before they were dismissed.

Minerva did not have much time to dwell on her decision because her classes awaited, and after that, was the festivities planned for after dinner. The thought of the last minute addition to the fundraising campaign that she had unwittingly volunteered for was almost enough to drive away her thoughts about the matchmaker situation. When dinnertime came, however, Minerva could not focus at all on her food, because her mind kept concentrating on what was to be delivered after dessert. Her pudding tasted like gruel in her mouth. Dumbledore looked slightly strained as well, and his pudding dish was unusually full.

Swiftly after the dessert disappeared from the tables, the hall was filled with hundreds of pink butterflies, which on closer inspection proved to be folded paper. While most of the origami insects were a pastel colour, a few shocking pink butterflies stood out. It soon was discovered by the students that those who had received the brighter butterflies had an admirer who returned their feelings. At the staff table, the headmaster and his deputy simultaneously realized the significance of their neon pink paper without opening them. Instead, they quickly stowed their results in their robes before the rest of the faculty caught on. They still were not meeting each other's eyes, but for an entirely different reason. Remembering that the evening was not over, Dumbledore stepped forward and attempted to gain the attention of the distracted students.

"As promised this morning, we will now begin the second fundraiser for the St. Mungo's charity. Professors Spurtle, Kettleburn, McGonagall, and Dwight will each take a turn at all the different stations. Remember, it is ten sickles for the pies, but five for the dunking tank. The transfiguration professor was admirably stoic as she watched her students attempt to drench her and then to hit her with pies. She gave a bit of a yelp the first time she was dunked, but onlookers wondered at her ability to take it all in, almost as if she were somewhere else entirely.

When it was all over, she used a cleaning spell to reverse the damage as best she could as she made her way back to her chambers. She never arrived there. Instead she met the headmaster on her way.

"Ah, Minerva could you see me in my office for a moment?"

"Yes certainly."

As soon as the door shut behind them, Dumbledore took a deep breath and faced his deputy.

"I believe we should, ah…discuss this matter, and I owe you an explanation."

"Go on."

"Minerva, I have always acted in what I though was your best interest. Although I would have loved to have told you that I returned your feelings that time in Germany…I thought that you would soon regret ever becoming involved that way with me. I was too old, and too weary for you. The second time, I felt horrible because I realized that you had given me your heart for all those years despite my efforts to dissuade you. But still I could not accept because it would have been too dangerous. I can't undo the past, but now I want to make the right choice. Minerva, I love you. Will you forgive me and give us a chance?"

Minerva closed her eyes and was silent. Albus started to speak but she stopped him.

"Before I answer you, can you tell me what's been going on between you and Sinistra."

Albus blinked. "She evidently set on being Slytherin head next year when Dwight leaves, but she worries I might select Severus instead."


"Is that all?"

"Not quite." Minerva reached into her robes and pulled out something, which she hid behind her back. She took her wand in her other hand and cast an enlarging spell. She had shrunk a pie and saved it. She smiled sweetly and stepped towards Albus, who looked slightly puzzled but could not help a grin beginning to appear. He closed his eyes and leaned in for what he thought was a kiss.


The bewildered wizard touched his lemon meringue coated face and began to chuckle.

"Now you are forgiven."

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