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"What do you think it could be?" Aido whispered as he brought the sealed package in front of his face, letting the tip of his nose touch the outerwear softly.

"Well there's no specific address. And it's signed by anonymous," Ichijo responded by stating the obvious.

"Do you think it could be…" Ruka gave a questioning look at Ichijo. "from him?"

Aido returned a frown at Ruka, folding his arms in a dominant posture. "Why in the world would you think it'll be from that werecat? He's been gone for two months now and hasn't returned a word since. What makes you think he'll answer now." He looked back at the package. "Or give us anything in this case."

"Maybe it's a late gift for the dorm leader," Kain said. "It is signed to him anyway."

"No kidding," Aido pouted moodily as he lightly shook the package. He heard small clinks of a chain. "I just wanna know what's in it. Think we should open it?"

"I don't think that's a good idea," Ichijo answered. "Kaname doesn't really like his personal belongings being touched by others."

"But I found it first! It was lying at the gates by itself...maybe as his personal right-hand man, I should check to see that it's safe," Aido licked his lips as he reached down to open the package. "Maybe just a small peek."

But Ruka had already grabbed the item from his hands in a swift movement. "If anyone's going to take a sneak peek at Kaname-sama's things, it rather be me."

"No way! It's mine, woman!" Aido yelled as he jumped forward to grab the package for himself. In a split second, Ruka and Aido were fighting with each other over the unknown object, ravaging at the neatly wrapped paper like greedy beasts.

"Calm down, you guys," Ichijo tried to stop them. "Kaname will find out that you're fighting over his things!"

"If he doesn't want his present, can I have it?" Shiki said dully from behind.

Kain sighed as he turned to leave. But he stopped instantly when he saw their dorm president arrive in small silent strides, holding a slightly grim countenance. He walked over to the two vampires and pulled Ruka aside gently from Aido, making her blush in shame and regret. Aido stepped back against the wall, slightly out of fear but also for self-protection. Yet this time, he refused to quiver in his presence, bringing his eyes up to connect to that of the powerful pureblood without hesitation.

He had to be brave. For once he was going to make use of the lessons Almira had taught him. Even if she was not there with him, he could still remember her words. Change for the better, she said, and do something different to gain respect.

"Kaname-sama," He spoke clearly. "How good to see you."

"Aido…may I have it please?" Kaname said as he brought his hand up.

Aido stood before Kaname without breaking his gaze from his eyes. He nodded and handed the package to him. Yet his eyes had reverted for one second, and he noticed that Kaname still stood there, towering over Aido like a domineering presence. He gulped. It was one of those moments when he knew he was going to be punished for his silly actions. Aido quickly braced himself for the hard sting.

But the slap never came. Instead, Kaname gently patted Aido's shoulder with his other hand. "Thank you, Aido." he said before turning around to leave the other vampires stunned in place.

"Did the dorm leader just not hit you?" Kain said in slight disbelief.

"Haha…well that's a first." Ichijo commented as he chuckled to himself.

"What a shame…I would have slapped him if I had to," Ruka pouted annoyingly. Her face was still red from the previous incident.

But Aido remained at his spot, thinking over the past few seconds. Kaname Kuran had expressed a friendly gesture towards him rather than punishing him for his mischievous deed. He had never done that to him before, even when he had done nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, Kaname decided to slip into his reading room and bring the package to his desk. There, he illuminated the room with the brightly lit candlelight and began opening.

Two months had passed, but not too long for Caleb to forget his words. Kaname knew the package was from him from the German golden seal on the far corner of the top surface, an emblem that he could only spot out. Yet Kaname was not anticipated gifts so early. Or anything more than a letter in particular.

Could something have happened?

Kaname slowly unwrapped the last layer of the wrapping paper and showered the inside contents onto his desk. His eyes widened instantly.

There, glimmering under the artificial light with its silver lining and cerulean beads was Almira's necklace. Die Mutter Worte.

He ran his fingers through the sleek and tiny connected segments of the chain, looking down to find something else come with it. Kaname picked up the small laminated card, turning around to the back where a picture filled the flat surface.

It was a photo. And in it stood Almira's father wearing a casual smile while her mother stood next to him, her head placed gently on his shoulder with her wavy lavender hair flowing softly down his front torso. In the front, being held by both her parents, was Almira McDellan, a young and innocent four year old with shoulder-length neatly curved lavender streaks and bright cerulean eyes. Kaname traced his thumb down her face. She looked so different. So naïve. So human.

It didn't take long until Kaname's eyes shifted to the last item inside the package. A letter, sealed with a covert royal stamp. He opened it with one sharp nail, and peered inside. There were only small sentences, elaborately written, and they centered on the middle of the paper, almost like a brief message to the reader.

Kaname Kuran, through my goodwill, I have decided to leave Almira's closest possessions in your care. It is of great importance that you keep them safe and away from the eyes of others. I hope that they serve as beneficial instruments comprised of the memories you had of her.

But Kaname's eyes had already trailed to the sentence afterward, separated by a space from the rest. It stood out like a sour thumb, clear and concise in its message:

And if it may be wise to report: I have finally managed to locate Almira's lost soul amidst a youthful vessel here in the heart of Switzerland. She lies…

A wave of anxiety passed through him.

within the body of my aunt's newborn child. The baby belonging to Catherine McDellan's younger sister.

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