Here my friends is the sequal to Vampires & Werewolves. Vampires Bite is now here! WOOT!

A few weeks after the incident with Draven's coven everyone was fine except for Katara's broken arm and Toph's broken leg. After Katara had woken up she and Aang were practically attached to the hip. Always together and always loving each other with something some people have yet to experiance.

Aang helped Katara around since her arm was broken and every chance they got to be alone together they took, like the one that could possibly doom the world to a while of darkness...

Aang had woken up early and had gotten breakfast started to help Katara out, only to find that moments later she got up and finished the rest. They were having pancakes and fruit. Aang got three pancakes and a peach and Katara only got two and a couple of grapes. They ate in silence giving each other the occasional side-glance and smile. About half an hour later Toph got up and ate some breakfast.

"So, what do ya wanna do today?" Aang asked Katara who was picking up fallen fruit that Momo had tipped over.

"I don't know, a walk maybe?" Katara suggested. Aang smiled.

"A walk would be nice." Aang said getting up from his laying position on Appa's tail and walking into the woods with Katara. Aang took Katara's hand and smiled, when Katara asked a question she had been wondering since Draven suggested Aang to become a vampire. "Aang, how long would the transformation take to turn into a vampire?" Aang looked at Katara. "About three days, why?" Katara shrugged.

"Just wondering..." Aang nodded. (A/N Since when was Aang such a Vampire EXPERT!?!)

-2 hours later-

Katara and Aang were walking back to camp after the nice walk they had. They had visited the river and put their feet in, talking about the future, and the good memories of the past, like penguin-sledding, and just being a kid. When they heard a terrifying sound. A low growl, too inhuman but definatly not an animals. A vampire, that's what it was, a very hungry, growling vampire. No! Aang thought. Without hesitation Aang picked Katara up, bridle style, and ran at airbender speed.

But airbender speed wasn't good enough.

The vampire had caught up to him and was ready to attack, thinking only about his love, Aang threw Katara in the air and blew her to the campsite, Aang ran toward the river, away from camp. The vampire ran after Aang, to hungry to realize that it left three humans at a campsite not to far away, but all it could see was Aang. Aang ran as fast as he could, hoping he could somehow escape, when the worst possible thing happened. Aang stumbled, he slowed down for five seconds, and the vampire attacked. Biting into Aang's left shoulder the vampire started to feed. Aang screamed, but he couldn't move.

(A/N Remember in the first part of the season 2 finaly when Ty Lee jabbed Katara in the shoulder and Katara fell and couldn't move? That's where the vampire bit Aang.)

When practically a sound from the heaven's was heard, a werewolf howled. The Vampire stopped, and ran. Leaving Aang, bleeding and unmoving, a fire coursing through his veins as the vampire venom flowed threw his body. Aang was screaming his lungs out.

"AH! PUT IT OUT! PUT IT OUT! AAAAHH!" Aang screamed. The fire feeling in his body was to much, put he wouldn't go unconscious. He had to lay there in agony as his heart would slowly stop beating...

-With the rest of the gaang b4 Aang got bit-

Katara landed in the campsite and looked up. Sokka looked up.

"Katara what happened!" Sokka went over to Katara. "A- a vampire, was there and, Aang picked me up, and the running and, he blew me here and.." Katara said quickly.

"Katara calm down! What happened after Aang picked you up, that was all I heard." Katara went into panic mode. "OH MY GOD! Aang! He's in trouble! We have to find him!" Sokka sighed.

"Katara, maybe if you told us what happened, we'd know why we need to help him!"

"After Aang picked me up, he started running towards the campsite, then he blew me over here and ran the other way! That vampire is after him Sokka!" Katara practically yelled. Toph jumped up. "We need to hurry, I found him, he's heading towards the river!" They all started running, knowing how far the river was, and what danger Aang was in. When a human walked up.

"Have you seen any, strange people around here lately? We need to find someone.." Katara interrupted. "A vampire?" The man nodded, slightly confused. "We need to find it, it is a danger to everyone who travels through the forest." Katara sighed sadley. "He went after our friend, toward the river, he's the avatar." The man nodded again and turned into a werewolf and bounded toward's the river, howling all the way. They ran towards the river too, worried about what they would fined. The vampire ran right past them, then the werewolf came shortly after. They heard screaming, and ran faster. When they got to the river Katara gasped, they were too late, Aang was bitten.

You'd think I'd stop there, well I'm not, I want to continue!

"Aang! No!" Katara ran to him and looked at his shoulder. Sure enough there were two teeth marks and blood was pouring out, Aang started screaming yelling to put out the fire, that it hurt so bad. Katara felt horrible. Katara sobbed. Looking at him like this hurt worse than anything else, except when her mother died, infact, he kind of looked the same way as her mother when she died, not in appearances like the blue arrow, put the way the felt, the pain in his face was as clear as her mothers on that horrific day. It only made Katara cry harder. "Oh Aang, why you, why now? I need you Aang!" She was sobbing into his chest hoping it would be like the plays where the tears magically healed the wounds and made it all better, and there would be a happy ending. But life wasn't that way, it it never would be.

"K-Katara?" Aang was heard, Katara looked up immediatly. "Katara, please, help me." Aang said, looking at her with pleading eyes, Katara felt like she was being stabbed in the chest.

"I am so sorry Aang, I can't though, there's nothing I can d-" Aang started screaming again. Katara started crying again. "NO! No! No!No!" Katara yelled, Sokka walked over and put a hand on her shoulder, just barely letting the tears flow. Toph walked over, and try as she might not to, was also crying. Aang was the first person to ever understand her. He was practically her best friend. Then the werewolf came back. Then he said the 6 magic words.

"I know how to help him." All of us looked up and smiled, we could get our Aang back.

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