Chapter One


Miroku Houshi entered the crowded halls of Mason High School with an extremely exotic-looking boy in tow.

"Inuyasha, I welcome you to your typical American high school." Miroku said with a grand flourish of his hand.

"Keh." Scuffed the unimpressed boy.

His host sighed theatrically and silently made his way to his locker, which he would now be temporarily sharing with his Japanese exchange student. As they passed through the mass of students, teachers, and other staff, everyone couldn't help but stare at the new face.

Exotic was a very good word to describe Inuyasha. He was over six foot with a strong, athletic body; his fine physique barely hidden under his red short sleeved shirt. It wasn't however so much his body that was his only intriguing feature. Inuyasha also had waist length purely silver hair and startling amber colored eyes.

If any of this wasn't any indication of his demon heritage, then the two furry dog ears atop his head were a dead giveaway. He was a type of demon not completely familiar with the people of this southern Californian school.

Inuyasha folded his arms over his chest, mentally and physically bracing himself for the hideous comments he expected to hear about him being a lowly half-demon. However, they didn't come. Instead he blushed when he heard a group of girls whisper excitedly about how handsome he was.

He almost smirked; he was starting to really like the schools in America.

"Here we are, my good man." Miroku said, pointing to his locker. "It's kind of troublesome actually, see to open it you have to push up the black thing here and push in precisely here while jiggling..."

The human boy paused in his demonstration to look over his shoulder to see if Inuyasha was getting all of it. He wasn't. Instead, the half-demon was looking intently down the hall; Miroku followed his line of vision and smiled knowingly.

Coming to stand beside the otherworldly young man; Miroku patted Inuyasha's shoulder. "Gorgeous, aren't they, those two?"

Inuyasha blushed lightly, "Keh!"

"We really have to work on your vocabulary," Miroku said, then smiled slyly. "Of course, you could always ask the smaller of the two girls, the one with the glasses and braid, her name is Kagome, she is my cousin. She has the most brilliant mind I have had the pleasure of encountering."


"It was just a friendly suggestion." Miroku held up his hands in surrender. "But don't be getting any ideas of the other one, Sango, she is my flower." Miroku eyes took a far away look; he was obviously dreaming about the poor girl. "Oh look, here they come now. I'll introduce you to them." Miroku stepped toward the girls. "Ah, my lovely ladies! Good morning to you!"

The one known as Kagome shyly gave her cousin a kiss on the cheek, and the other one, Sango, just rolled her eyes at Miroku as he winked roguishly at her.

"Good morning." Sango answered for both her and Kagome.

"Sango, Kagome, I finally have the pleasure of introducing you to my foreign exchange student, Inuyasha."

The taller, brown haired girl extended her hand. "Pleased to you meet." They shook hands.

"Yeah, hi." Inuyasha greeted lamely; his lack of interest was apparent. He seemed to be more absorbed in the beauty who had yet to say anything.

Miroku sighed again. "Please forgive him, Sango. He hasn't much of a vocabulary. I was actually just mentioning to him earlier that Kagome could help him..."

Kagome immediately blushed a vivid pink color and looked away; she was obviously mortified at the thought of tutoring a complete stranger. Before her cousin could embarrass her further, the morning bell rang, signaling for the students to go to class.

As the other students started to push their way down the hall, Sango said goodbye and lead Kagome away. Inuyasha stared thoughtfully after the one with the glasses.

It wasn't until lunch that Inuyasha saw Sango or Kagome again. Miroku lead the way to their usual spot; it was a wooden lunch table placed conveniently under a large tree, giving them a bit of shade on this blistering Californian day.

At the table, Sango talked softly to Kagome, who nodded from time to time. As Kagome ate she kept pushing her glasses back into place; one of her many nervous habits Inuyasha would later become accustom to.

Miroku leaned over to whisper to Inuyasha. "Don't worry about Kagome, she is a truly an extraordinary woman. Just... a few years back she experienced a great... tragedy. Since then she gets very shy around strangers; even I, her own flesh and blood hardly know her anymore."

Inuyasha tossed a huge handful of chips in his mouth. "Keh. And I should care because?"

Miroku shrugged indifferently. "All I'm saying is don't give her too much trouble; she is a tender person these days." He sighed thoughtfully, "What I wouldn't give to have her the way she was. You would have really enjoyed her. Gosh, Kagome was once one of the most beautiful and popular girls at school. She had everything going for her." Miroku was looking at his cousin sadly, "That damned incident changed her for the worse."

Inuyasha devoured the rest of his chips. "What happened?" He wondered why he had even asked; it just seemed natural to inquire about this odd woman-child.

Miroku shook his head. "The family really doesn't talk about it. Its better that way. You know, its one of those things you just want to forget, but just cant. I just... I just wish I could've been there."

Inuyasha frowned as he tried to imagine what sort of tragedy could change a person so completely. The girl still looked so pure, so innocent. And as much as he didn't want to admit it, she smelled positively amazing.

The noisy sound of the lunch bell distracted him from further speculation and he followed Miroku to class.

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