You're So Beautiful

By Cirrus

Disclaimer: I don't own Jet Set Radio Future or any of their characters. Not even Yo-yo and Beat!

A/N: A short vignette of an imagined event I thought up between Yo-yo and Beat. Can you find the reference I made to it in my other fic?


And the cat is mewling so long and hard like it longs for its mother's tit and warmth and touch of flesh to flesh smothers the flame of logic in our heads, giving over to our definition of pure bliss, where you find this is raw tears and raw throats when you try and plunge your tongue into that mess and smother that flame something else in him, it makes him grab at me like he wants to pull me close and far, like he's grabbing me now, like he wants to pull me close , but there's the curses from his lips nipping at me, telling me stop, but my arm is aching with the weight of the kitten, his kitten which is mewling so long and hard as I hold it over the edge of the world, giving it a taste of the freedom that I need, he keeps it from me when I'm holding in my bed, he struggles against something he doesn't understand yet, but I want to make it easy for him, something he can wrap his head around, like my arms wrap around his hips when he's fallen asleep, he won't see me at my weakest, when I'm broken in those rare hours.

Then there's that wave of anger that swells up from my stomach and swirls in my blood, and wracks my body, and I give it my mouth as its exit to scream out what I've told him before, but he never listens, and it drives me to this moment it strikes the wind and is ripped to shreds. My fingers tingle with the light fur, and then there's just the breeze against my finger nails and palms and wrist, and it's the lightest weightlessness I've felt, so open and demanding of something new, it brings me to smile to laugh, but I hear the screaming and wailing behind me as Yo-yo dives past me for the thing I just freed him from, to know that he would chose me, to know he would follow me, here to this fun-land of gold and ancient Nile gods and the like. I smile to know he's stopped at the edge of the world, still afraid enough to stay with me. And the cat's mewling is just a whisper in the wind.


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