We are born into this world for many reasons. We are born because of love, because of hatred, because of fate. We are born into this world with so many intentions and hopes. So many in fact no one would be able to keep track. Such a wondrous thing life is. To be able to be born into such a place is amazing. So why is it that so many people have trouble seeing that?

We begin our story in a village hidden within the leaves. The villagers had been battling a fearsome beast. One with eyes filled with malice and deadly chakra intent on bloodshed. For years this war had been raging. The once powerful shinobi of the village began to lose hope. Never the less they continued to wage war with the demon. On a night like this a child was born. He had striking blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. A beautiful child to behold. The leader of the village, the fourth Hokage, was running out of strength and needed to save the people of his village. As all the villagers watched in awe and horror the Hokage took the newborn under his arm and ran towards the monster. It's nine tails lashed out at the man as he swerved and ducked under them. He could not harm the child. As he came closer to the beast its fox-like appearance became clearer under the light of the moon. Villagers screamed and pleaded for him to come back for the demon would surely kill them both. But he stood his ground and pulled out a giant scroll from his back. As he opened it he summoned a creature so powerful the villagers were silenced in its presence. A giant katana was grasped within its mighty jaws between its frightening teeth. It was a shinigami the Hokage had summoned. The boss of all shinigami, a god. The creature lashed its giant sword at the fox and slashes it in two. The Hokage knew it would not be enough to kill it so he sealed the demons spirit within the child he held. When the villagers saw that the demon was gone they cried out with joy at the survival of their village. They embraced one another and congratulations were spread amongst themselves until a saddening cry was heard. They quickly turned to see what had happened. The Hokage lay dead on the floor in front of the beast he had summoned. The villagers began to run and cry at the loss of their leader. The ancient shinigami then spoke. "Why do run humans? Are you afraid of death? You fools." The villagers immediately stopped and turned to face the death god as it began to speak once more. "Your leader knew as well as I that this jutsu would kill him and yet you run? He pushed away his fear of death so you could live and now you want to abandon him?" The people of the village were awe struck at what the creature had said. "Here lays the child in which saved your village. The Hokage's son! He even gave up his own son for you!" Then one of the villagers yelled out. "Wait the child is still breathing!" The creature then turned to face the woman whom had shouted. "It is true the child is alive." Said the mighty beast. "But he shall forever be shunned by your kind." The villagers stared at the boy as the shinigami said this. "How is that possible?" questioned the woman who had shouted once before. "He has the demon sealed within his body. He has become one with the demon!" the god replied. Shudders and glances were passed throughout the crowed. "Can you truly trust this boy?" A small child then spoke. "But, he isn't the fox itself. It isn't his fault that he's like that." The shinigami smirked at the boys remark to his speech. "You would all do well to listen to this boy. You might learn something from him" And the shinigami disappeared in a cloud of white, not to be seen again for what would be almost a decade.