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Mikoto smiled as the maid handed her the morning mail. Sorting through the fanmail for her boys, she threw the envelopes proclaiming love for Sasuke and Itachi into the burn pile. Her hand was flying through the large stack with practiced ease when she noticed something off. A plain white letter with a familiar emblem printed on it. With a genuine smile she opened the letter.

To the Uchiha royal family,

Look my father, Lord Uzumaki Arashi is forcing me to ask for a date from the 'handsome' Uchiha brothers. So now that I have would you be so kind as to burn this letter and pretend you never saw it.

Thanks, Naru Uzumaki

Mikoto giggled vaguely remembering meeting the mischevious daughter of their family friend. Glancing at the clock she walked toward the kitchen. As the servants placed the last dish on the dining table her two sons appeared. Her husband had informed her he would be dining in his room this morning, finishing a bit of his work. She smiled wickidly as the boys took their proper seats.

"Good morning Kaa-san (is that right for mother?)." Itachi and Sasuke greeted as they began to fill their plates.

"Good morning boys!" she chirped in an eerily happy voice.

Itachi raised an eyebrow but chose to ignore the strange behavior.

"You've received your morning mail." Mikoto snickered as the boys lips turned down. "Interestly enough they're was one you might be interested in."

Sasuke snorted as Itachi 'hn'ed' Neither deeming that an important enough statement to recieve an actual answer.

Mikoto glared at the two. They slowly looked up as shivers raked their bodies. No one messed with their mother for good reason. Itachi seeing his only escape immediatly stood up excusing himself. Sasuke followed soon after bt before either could make it out of the room a soft voice calld out to them. The sickly sweet voice with an undercurrent of danger called the boys names.

"Itachi darling do be a good boy and stay right where you are. Sasuke you to."

The ravens froze not daring to ignore their mothers command. Mikoto strolled casually up to her sons grabbing their collars and dragging them up to the stack of badly perfumed fanmail awaiting its appointment with the incinerator.. or Itachi's target practice.

"What is it that you need of us kaa-san?" Itachi dared to ask.

Mikoto smiled snatching a white envelope of the pile of mail. handing it to the boys she watched their expression as they read. Both Sasuke and Itachi's eyes widened a bit when the letter showed no undying love for them. 'Well this is a first.'

'She sounds interesting." Sasuke said while glaring at the stack of pink fanmail behind his mother.

Itachi 'hn-ed' but Mikoto could see the interest in his eyes.

"Allright then it's settled Miss Uzumaki will be recieving an invitation to the royal ball next week!" Mikoto clapped her hands together excited for the blond's arrival.

Mikoto came running down the bottom of the stairs shooing the two raven men down to the parlor.

"Smile darlings smile."

The brothers gave her a pointed glance. With a heavy sigh Mikoto conceeded. "Atleast smirk!"

Itachi did just that smirk as the younger of the two continued scowling.

Lady Uchiha stood beautifully in a dark midnight blue dress, her long black hair falling down her back in elegant curls. Her sharp eyes glanced over the heirs to the Uchiha name one last time, scrutionizing their outfits. Itachi stood proudly in black silk pants, a crimson blouse bringing out his blood red eyes. His long raven locks hung loosly over his shoulders, catching stray streams of light. A small glint of metal was visible from the onyx necklace displaying the Uchiha emblem hanging around Itachi's neck. Sasuke dressed simliar wore grey silk pants, a casual black blouse unbuttoned at the top allowing a teasing view of the youngest Uchiha's pale chest. The Uchiha fan displayed proudly on the back of the shirt.

Mikoto nodded her approval eagerly awaiting their guests arrival. Soon after they heard a surprised shout followed by multiple rushed apologies. Bursting through the doors a scowling blond came into view.

The Uchiha family caught their breath as the angry girl came into view. They had to admit she was beautiful. Wearing a slim riding jacket and breeches, her long blonde hair flowed around her. Her bright azure eyes glared at the 2 raven haired boys. She marched up to them stomping angrily.

"I said burn the request not invite me here!" she screamed.

"Oh dear it was my idea don't blame the boys." Mikoto jumped in saving the dumbstuck boys. No girl had ever talked to them like that.

The blond bombshell turned toward her. "You do realize that father is forcing me into one of those horrible gowns for this stupid thing!"

"Now Now Naru no need to be voilent." A chuckling blond male walked in.

"Ah why hello Mikoto your looking as good as ever." Arashi winked at her before looking around." Now where is the lovely bastard?"

"Arashi I see you haven't changed at all." A deep male voice answered.

"Fugaku long time no see. Seems your sons take after you. Stoic as ever. Shame they didn't get their mothers personality."

A loud crash broke them out of their conversation. Arashi simply sighed as he heard an embarrased laugh. "Naru what did you do?"

"Um well father not quite what I did but what Kyuubi did."

Arashi's eyes widened. "You didn't."

"And if I did?"

"Remind me to kill you later." Arashi whispered before staring at the door. He turned towards Fugaku. "You may want to duck."

Fugaku raised an eyebrow but pulled Mikoto behind him.

Another loud crash was heard before a scream from a guard was silenced. The doors burst open to reveal a red streak running straight towards Naru. Itachi and Sasuke eyes widened before running toward her. They managed to make it just intime unsheathing their swords to face the threat. The blur skidded to a stop revealing a fox the size of a large wolf with nine tails glaring down at them. A faint clapping was heard behind them as the bewildered Uchiha's stared at the blond.

"Your the first to beat Kyuubi to me." Naru explained then walked over to the large fox. Kyuubi leaned down and nuzzled Naru, a soft purring rumbling from his chest . She smiled a breathtaking smile before turning to Mikoto. "I apologize for anything he broke. I'll pay for it. He tends to be a bit overprotective of me. Oh let me introduce you."

"Kyuubi this is Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha." She pointed to the 2 standing in front of her. Kyuubi walked up to them his flame colored fur gleaming in the light as his nine white dipped tails wagged slightly. He sniffed each of them before licking their face. Sasuke glared disgusted but Itachi remained impassive while wiping his face off with his sleeve. "Be grateful he likes you." Naru replied smirking.

"Why would I care if a fox likes me or not." Sasuke grumbled still removing slobber from his face.

"Becasue if he didn't you would have been disembowled then most likely eaten." Naru replied with a straight face.

Then Kyuubi noticed a flash of blond hair hiding behind a vase. Before anyone could react the fox was bounding towards the blond. The next second Arashi was laying on the ground a smiling fox on top of him licking his face. "Get him off Naru!!!!" the other blond was sent into a fit of laughter.

"Allright Kyuubi come here."

The playful fox looked up with pleading eyes. Naru was sent into another fit of giggles before ushering the large kitsune over to her.

"So that's why they call you the kitsune princess." Itachi spoke surprising everyone.

Naru beamed. "Yup though I'm not really sure I deserve it. I just sit back and watch as Kyuubi does the work."

"Work?" Fugaku questioned raising an eyebrow.

"Kyuubi and me work in our village Konoha as guards."

"They allow you to guard their gates?" Sasuke asked skeptically. Sure the girl was beautiful but strong? He doubted it.

Slowly a mischevious grin formed on Naru's face. "Is that a challenge Teme?"

"Hn Dobe as if you could beat me."

"Oh boy." Arashi whined walking over to the elder Uchihas. "He had to get her started."

Before Sasuke could react Naru turned into a yellow flash appearing behind Sasuke and striking him with a hard hit to his shoulder.

"Care to stop underestimating me?" Naru asked with a smirk.

Sasuke smirked. "My pleasure just don't complain when you loose." Closing his onyx eyes Sasuke reopened them to reveal blazing crimson.

"Awww!" Naru whined. "If you get to use Sharingan I get to partner up with Kyuubi."

"Fine with me." Sasuke shrugged crouching slightly in a defensive position.

A sharp whistle and Kyuubi was immediatly standing tall at the blond's side. Growling deep in his throat the crimson kitsune clashed with the Uchiha's sharp blocks. Claws slashed as Sasuke managed to dodge the harsh attacks. Distracted from his actual oppenant he barely managed to evade Naru's kick. Landing with a light tap Naru immediatly spun around jumping to attack Sasuke once again. This time prepared for it the youngest Uchiha managed to latch onto Naru's ankle sending her crashing to the ground. Getting up shakily Naru stared at the raven. Thinking of a plan she charged straight toward him giving Kyuubi small signals along the way. Right when Sasuke was prepared to block the blond's punch she flipped over him landing securely on the kitsune's back. Kyuubi spun around knocking Sasuke off his feet with a swing of a tail. Naruto jumped off the fox to land heavily on the Uchiha, knocking the air out of him.

"Give Teme."

"This is but a warm up Dobe."

Mikoto hearing this and fearing for her home's safety walked up to the two bickering teens. Naruto sensing the murderous aura coming their way began sneaking back toward Arashi. Mikoto stared at her once glistening parlor.

"Uchiha Sasuke you are in soooo much trouble! and where do you think your going young lady?" Lady Uchiha demanded before going into full lecture mode.

-----I know you all read this story just for your favorite part! the line break!------

Itachi replayed the young Uzumaki's fight in his mind. The passion and determination behind each attack. The cunning intellegence flashing in those brilliant blue eyes. 'Naru i will make you mine.' With a final glance at the blond he walked back to his room, excusing himself to make sure all of Naru's things were delivered properly.

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