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Sunlight poured through the window flooding the room with it's warm light. A muffled groan escaped a petite body as a tan hand groped around searching for something. The body emitted a low growl as a pillow flopped to the floor. The sunlight seemed to burn brighter as if summoned to wake the sleeping beauty. Blurry blue eyes slit open as a hiss flew from the owner's mouth.

Grumbling the girl toppled off the bed, dragging her feet towards the window.

"Stupid sun and it's stupid light! Who the hell even opened the curtains anyway?!"

"Well I suppose that answers my question, inaminate objects do anger you so." a smooth voice interrupted.

"Itachi?! What are you doing here?" Naru gasped.

"I was asked yet again to wake the Princess, and I figured you'd enjoy waking to a nice, bright, warm room.

"Your a sadistic bastard aren't you?" Naru questioned glaring.

"In my free time."

Naru huffed before walking toward her closet. Pausing when a shadow loomed over her.

"You wouldn't happen to be thinking of wearing the same riding outfit you wore yesterday now were you?" Itachi's eyes gleamed with mischief.

"My father blackmailed you didn't he?"

Itachi rose an eyebrow. "Now why would he need to resort to such a thing?" The Uchiha gracefully pulled a sleek black dress from the wardrobe handing it to the blonde. "I quite enjoy seeing you in a dress."

Naru blushed bright red "That proves it, there's no doubt in my mind your a bastard."

"A pity it only took you two days to realize it." with a playful smirk Itachi left to allow Naru to dress.

A small smile formed on Naru's lips as the door closed.

Naru, laughing as Sasuke turned a pointed glare at her, stepped into the kitchen.

"What?" she questioned innocently. "Blame him." a finger pointed at the elder Uchiha brother.

Itachi shrugged. "I had orders." he answered in his defense. "From a certain blonde haired devil."

Mikoto set down a large dish before raising a questioning eyebrow. "I assume your talking about why Sasuke came home covered in mud and soaked to the bone."

Itachi could feel the burning gaze trying to set him on fire. Naru laughed as Sasuke's glare grew darker.


Itachi watched as the Uzumaki saddled her horse. Mikoto made sure that Naru rode one of their best mares, a gleaming black arabian with a white blaze streaking down her muzzle. The raven smirked as his younger brother forced himself to finish tacking up his horse instead of gaping at the blonde.

Naru, oblivious to the lustful stares, slipped the bridle on the mare. She made sure everything fit snuggly yet comfortably before glancing at the saddle. Lifting her arms flashing a taunting strip of her tanned stomach she attempted jumping into the saddle. Not able to lift her leg high enough she pouted searching for a mounting block. Itachi seeing her delema approached.

"Does the lady need a helping hand?"

"If a brave knight is willing."

"I know of no brave knights though I'd be willing to offer my services."

"hmm." Naru's face grew a calculating expression. "I suppose you'll do."

Itachi bowed low mockingly. "Why thank you kind lady, glad to know you believe me adaquate."

Naru stared into Itachi's red gaze. She knew there was more to Itachi's response than met the eye. 'Is he implying what I think he's implying?'

"Yes your quite more than adaquete." Naru allowed to slip out of her mouth.

Itachi's lips twitched into a smile.

"Naru Itachi we should leave soon." Sasuke broke in, havign watched the exchange. A scowl marred his face as Itachi lifted naru into the saddle, his hands staying a little longer than needed as he pulled them off her hips. With a smirk directed to his brother, Itachi mounted his stallion.

Naru rode up between the two Uchihas. "Lead on brave Lords." she winked at Itachi.

They traveled around the manor, Sasuke pointing out a few things here and there. Soon they found themselves in the cool shade of the surrounding forest.

Naru breathed in deeply, loving the earthly smell of the forest. She could hear Kyuubi in the distance, keeping a protective eye on her. She jumped as a large raven flew past her landing softly on Itachi's shoulder. The Uchiha glanced at the bird, having a silent conversation, before looking back at Naru.

"There's a nice place to stop ahead would you like to? We can have lunch."

"I don't mind."

Itachi let a small smile slip on his face before calling out to Sasuke.

"Sasuke go up ahead and make a fire for lunch in the clearing by the pond. Ookami will go with you."

Sasuke glared at his brother knowing he was simply trying to get rid of him. Ookami was just a precaution to make sure he didn't eavesdrop.

"Fine don't take long." The younger Uchiha snapped before spurring his horse ahead. The large raven flying after him.

"Ookami?" Naru titled her head in curiosity.

"The raven, he's one of my summons, think's he's a wolf hence the name."

Naru giggled quitely before riding in silence. Her thoughts wondering to the young Uchiha comparing him to his brother. She would give them credit they were both beautiful in there own way. Sasuke's spiked black hair seemed to glitter in the light displaying natural blue highlights. His bangs framed his face nicely adding to his prominent cheekbones and straight nose. His onyx eyes had a way of burning into you, cold and demanding. Add that to his slim yet musclular body and she understood the hordes of fangirls.

Itachi was a diffrerent story. His long raven hair flowed behind him, currently restrained in a low ponytail, though she had a strange longing to see it loose. His pale skin seemed to glow as his strong yet smooth hands gripped the reins. His face and body was flawless yet it was his eyes that drew her in. His deep crimson gaze always seemed to suck her in, controlling her completely.

It was amazing how different they were yet so simliar. Sasuke was an ice prince while Itachi was a Fire lord.

A soft amused voice drew her out of her musing. "Are you done drooling yet or should I pose for you?"

Naru flushed in embarasment, "In your dreams."

Itachi lent over whispering near her ear. "And what if you are?"

Naru scowled. "Hentai."

"you'll give into my charms someday, besides i need a date to the ball."

"As much as a narcassis you are I'm sure you'll be happy to go with yourself." Naru pretended to ponder. "Or perhaps I should let let your fangirls know you need a date."

Itachi's smirk dropped. "Sometimes I wonder who the real sadist is."

Naru shrugged innocently. "Blackmail my friend."

Itachi had to bite his tongue to stop from smiling. She really was daring enough to threaten him.

"Allright I'll bite. What do you I need to do to make you forget your threat?"

"Prank Sasuke." Naru deadpanned.

Itachi gazed at her confused. "You have the power to make me do basically anythign you want and you choose that?"

"Would you prefer I have you streak through town?"

The Uchiha's eyes widened. "I think I can devise a plan that will suit your needs, though may I inquire as to why you want my brother to suffer?"

He still thinks I'm not as good as him, so I plan on taking him down a peg. I figured I'd just have Kyuubi pounce him but Arashi would probably kill me... not to mention I'd rather not scar his pretty face."

"Pretty face?"

"What? You have to admit he's goodlooking."

"I choose not to lust after my brother but you have made me curious. If you believe him to be pretty what could be your opinion of myself be?"

Naru smirked. "Nothing worthwhile."

Itachi's eyes glittered amused. "I believe you meant devishly handsome."

The blond smiled. " And I believe you have a prank to pull.

Itachi sighed. "May I borrow Kyuubi for the evening?"

"Ask him yourself." Naru let out a shrill whistle before the gorgeous demon fox appeared through the trees.

Itachi watched bemused as the fox licked Naru's hand before trotting up to him. Itachi dismounted to be level with the Kitsune.

Intellegent blood red eyes flecked with gold stared into Itachi's. The uchiha looked up to Naru for guidance.

She just shook her head, refusing to help.

Itachi cursed under his breath. He knew demon's had certain rules they followed but he knew not which ones applied to fox demon's. He knew demon's respected power so he made sure to use a commanding voice, raising his chakra levels a bit. Showing no weakness his voice grew cold.

"Kyuubi no kitsune I request your assistance for the evening. Your master has given me permission I just require your acceptance."

Itachi watched as the demon approached, his 9 tails flicking behind him. He had to hold back a breath of relief as Kyuubi lowered into a small bow before him.

Unsure but following his instinct he lowered, offering a bow to the fox. Kyuubi's tails wagged as he walked to his side. Itachi scratched behind the furry ears before looking up at Naru. A dazzlign smile met his own small one.

"Well good sir as amazing as it is, Kyuubi seems to have taken a liking to you and your brother is probably getting tired of waiting for us."

Itachi nodded and mounted his horse before glancing down at the fox. "Naru has requested that I torture my little brother and i devised a plan invloving you."

"hey I said prank not torture!"

"Obviosuly you have never been on the receiving end of one of my "pranks"."

"Just don't kill him."

Itachi rolled his eyes

"About time you made it." Sasuke greeted them glaring suspisicously at his brother.

"Such a lovely young brother I have." Itachi mocked though it fell on deaf ears.

A small gasp escaped Naru as she rode into the clearing. The small patch of long grass swayed in the breeze as a few remaining dew drops glistened in to afternoon sun managing to slip past the trees heavy foliage. Birds flew carelssly close alighting the trees with their bright plummage. Naru took a deep breath, smelling the fresh crisp air as she dismounted. She walked toward a large weeping willow, hiding a small pond from clear view. Sliiping off her shoes she dipped her feet into the cool water. A rustle alerted her to a presence.

"We foudn this place a long time ago when i was angry with father. Itachi took me out here riding and we stumbled upon it." Sasuke spoke in a soft tone.

"It's beautiful."

"That it is." Sasuke whispered though he stared at Naru.

"Where's Itachi?" Naru glanced around not spotting the familiar figure.

"He tied up the horses and said somethign about catching us lunch."


They sat in silence for a moment watching the small ripples in the water Naru caused with her swishing feet.

Sasuke's voice cut into the silence. "I'm sorry."

"For?" Naru asked bewildered.

"For believing you weak. Your far from it but my pride like's to speak for me."

Naru smiled brightly. "Thank you somehow I have a feeling you don't apologize much."

"Don't expect it to happen again." Sasuke glanced at the woods before looking back at Naru. "I have something to show you." Standing up he reached out his hand grasping Naru's own. He pulled her up. Before she could take a step he lifted her in his arms bridal style.

Naru blinked in confusion before realizing what happened "Put me down!"

"Sorry Princess it's quicker this way." Sasuke glanced down at her his sharigan out and spinning. Naru felt weightless before falling. She let out a yelp as her butt made contact with the ground. Glancing around her gaze met a pair of black shoes. Following the shoes up a pair of riding pants, a black shirt, a pale neck to meet the amused gaze of one Sasuke Uchiha.

"And here I thought you were graceful." He smirked.

"Where are we?" Naru asked still dazed.

"Not too far from the clearing. I don't want Itachi knowing about this place so I teleported us here and i would appriciate you don't tell him either."

"What is this place?"

"Nothing special it's what's here that makes it mean something." Grasping her hand Sasuke walked toward a small cave entrance. Letting out somethign that sounded like a wolf's howl the Uchiha turned to Naru. "You may want to brace yourself."

Before she could reply a small black animal streaked out of the cave opening launching itself at Sasuke. Naru alarmed jumped into a defense position. Though Sasuke remained completely calm almost letting a smile appear on his face. Naru dropped her defense as she saw 2 more approach. A bark came from the animal as it licked Sasuke's face. Sasuke turned towards Naru's curious gaze.

"Their father was killed and I found their mother on her deathbed, so I decided to raise them."

"How many are there?"

"4 in the litter, this one here is the alpha male, Alzeid, the two there are Razzle and Dazzle both females and the 4th, a male, is probably hiding inside."

"What do you plan to do with wolf pups?"

"Use them as summons once I have them trained... I was actually hoping you could help me, seeing as you train with Kyuubi and all."

"But these aren't even demon wolves." Naru gazed confused at the litter.

"Actually their hayous. Their father was a 5 tailed demon Ookami. Alzeid should be growing a 2nd tail soon."

Naru watched as a 4th head poked it's way out of the cave. With a warm smile Naru lowered to the ground stretching out her hand in a soothing gesture. The lone pup stumbled forward catiously sniffing her hand gingerly. Slowly as not to scare the cub Naru reached her other hand out lightly scratching behind the wolf's ears. The pup let out a low mewl before gaining courage and scrambling into her lap.

"You must be the runt of the family." Naru glanced up at Sasuke, who was gaping in astonishment.


"How?... He hasn't even let me touch him yet..." Sasuke whispered in disbelief.

"Perhaps it's because your always glaring?" Naru laughed as the pup yipped in argrement.

"Would you like to name him?" The Uchiha asked, watching the pup lick her chin.

Naru turned wide blue eyes towards him. "You'd let me?"

Sasuke shrugged. "He likes you and I haven't named him yet I see no reason why not to let you."

Naru stared at the black furry lump snuggling into her neck. "Daisuke."

"Daisuke it is." Sasuke pulled out a small scroll, biting his finger he wrote Daisuke under Alzeid, Razzle and Dazzle with his blood. The words glowed for a minute as Sasuke pumped a small amount of his chakra into the writing.

Naru stared curiosly as Sasuke approached Daisuke. The pup looked at him, a small growl coming out of his mouth as his hand outstretched.

"i'm not going to hurt you little one." Sasuke murmered reasuring.

The pup continued growling, even baring his small fangs as Sasuke's fingers came dangerously close to Naru's arm.

Sasuke smirked. "Ah I see how it is. I'm not going to hurt her you know but since you seem so adament about staying with her why don't you have her be your master instead." With a small sigh Sasuke blurred the previously neatly written Daisuke of the scroll.

Naru glanced down at the pup in her arms, his tail wagging uncontrollably.

"Sasuke are you sure? I mean he's your summon."

Sasuke had to contain a snort. "Hardly I would never have such a disobediant summon, he's yours now you just have to make the bond."

Naru smiled down at the pup. "How old is he?"

Sasuke looked back at her distracted. "I'd say about 3 months."

"Have they been here the entire time?"

"Yes I don't have the time to watch them at the manor and I rather they live out here then be caged.

"Hmm bring them to the clearing."

"What? why?" Sasuke asked baffled.

"How would you feel if Kyuubi raised them for a period of time?"

"Would he though?"

"He's always wanted another kit of his own why not give him a litter."

"I don't mind but shouldn't you bond with Daisuke first."

"I can't." Naru answered simply, petting the silky fur of the wolf.

"What do you mean? Don't you carry Kyuubi's summon scroll with you? you could just add Daisuke to that."

"I can't I require Kyuubi's permission and chakra to do that."

"But summon scrolls only need the master's chakra..." Sasuke said confusion lacing his voice.

"I do not have a summon scroll."

"Then how is Kyuubi connected to you?"

Naru's voice grew serious. "When Kyuubi met me I was only 3 lost in the woods. I had wondered from my father's gaze when he was talking to a neighbor. Next thing I knew i had no idea how to get back. I found a river and accidently slipped into it. At the time I couldn't swim and would have drowned was it not for him. He took me under his wing and allowed me the honor of being his kit. He marked me with his demon mark and we became bonded." Naru pulled up her shirt showing her smooth navel. There she channeled a small amount of chakra intill a large black swirling tatoo appeared. "This is his mark and to add another demon, Daisuke here, I would need his acceptance."

Sasuke stared at the tatoo curiosly. "does it allow you to use any of Kyuubi's chakra?"

Naruto smiled as Daisuke tumbled off her lap scampering over to his sisters. "It allows a mental connection with him and I heal much faster than an ordinary human."

Sasuke hmmed in thought. "I suppose we should head back, will you ask for Kyuubi's acceptence now or later?"

Naruto smirked. "He's on his way."

A burst of sleek red fur bounded out of the foliage stopping right infront of the blonde. Licking Naru's hand before turning to stare at the young litter Kyuubi evaluated the pups. He watched as Alzied growled at a bug before pouncing ontop of it. Razzle and Dazzle lay curled together near Sasuke's feet and Daisuke's intellegant eyes turned and met the fox demons.

With a small yip Kyuubi sat on his honches wagging his tail. Daisuke bounded forward skidding to a stop in front of the elder demon. Rising up a bit he licked Kyuubi's jaw showing his submission. Kyuubi gave a satisfied mewl and picked up the pup by the ruff of his neck. Turning he placed him in front of Naru. Kyuubi's gaze met the intense blue of his kit's.

"I except him. His chakra shall be bond to you as well as me and I shall raise him as my own."

Naru smiled. "And the others?"

"I shall train them if you wish and look after them."

Naru softly stratched Kyuubi's ears before picking Daisuke up. "Hear that little fella your mine now."

Daisuke gave a small yip of acceptance.

Sasuke watched the exchange curisiosly wondering what the Kyuubi had said.

Naru remebering Sasuke couldn't understand Kyuubi informed him of the fox's desicion. "Kyuubi will raise Daisuke as his own and will train and care for the others if you so wish."

"Will you bond with Daisuke then?"

"Yes Kyuubi will talk to him first." Naru place the pup down at the fox demon's feet.

After many yip barks and a growl Kyuubi nuzzled Daisuke toward his new master. Naru smiled and placed a hand on top of the wolf demon's muzzle. She winced a bit as dark blue chakra seeped into her stomache. Looking down at her demon mark a small fang appeared on the swirl.

"Thank you." Naru spoke to Daisuke. "We should be heading back. Itachi probably has lunch ready."

"Alright shall I leave the pups with Kyuubi then?"

Naru looked at the fox. "Shall you begin now?"

"Yes they have had no guidance for 3 months it is time they learned."

Naruto nodded her agreement. "Kyuubi will began their training now, they're in good hands. He will protect them with his life."

Sasuke smiled before grabbing Naru and picking her up once more bridal style. "Where to Princess?"

"Let's go find our loyal Lord and see what he has made us."

Itachi glanced towards the woods as 2 familiar chakra signatures appeared. He gave a once over to Naru making sure nothing was out of place. With a satisfied smirk he met the blonde's smiling gaze.

"And how was your little detour with my brother?" Itachi questioned curiously as Naru approached.

"I made a few new acquantinces and gained a friend." Naru answered vaguely.

Itachi raised an eyebrow but figured he'd be able to question it later. Standing up he pulled a stick out of the fire.

With a mocking bow Itachi handed Naru the stick. "Dinner is served m'lady."

Naru examined the stick smelling the grilled fish at the end. Taking a small bite, she smiled as her mouth was filled with flavor. "It's wonderful m'lord."

Sasuke ,glaring at his brother, grabbed a stick out of the fire convenaintly knocking over the other. "Oh no Itachi I'm sorry it looks like you'll have to go catch another one." Sasuke said with mock apology.

Itachi glanced at his brother before turning to Naru. "It's fine i think Naru will have no problem sharing will she?"

Naru looked up at the Uchiha's. "I don't mind."

With a smirk at his brother, Itachi sat next to Naru. He licked his lips, drawing Naru's attention. Leaning forward he took a small bite out of the tasty morsel, all the while staring into the Uzumaki's eyes.

Naru swallowed ,struggling to break free from his captivating gaze. Itachi's eyes, alight with emotions the blonde couldn't figure out, caught the nervous gesture. With a smirk plastered on his face he leaned forward breathing along her neck. His lips brushed lightly across the lobe of her ear.

"Kyuubi has agreed to my plan, before this trip is over i shall be blackmail free." The smirk still on his face Itachi pulled away.

Naru watched breathless as the elder Uchiha brother walked over to the horse's grazing peacefully nearby. Sifting around in the saddlebag, Itachi turned towards Sasuke.

"Could you go get..." He paused midsentence as multiple chakra signaturs appeared.

Naru mid bite slowly set her dinner down callign for Kyuubi in her mind.

"Kyuubi do you sense that?"

"Yes Kit I'm on my way I've instructed the pups to stay near their den."

"Allright I'll hold them off for now."

Sasuke glanced up sensing them a second later than his brother. Quickly he moved to block Naru from the danger. A kunai went whistling past him nicking his cheek. Sasuke spun around not understanding how the weapon came from that direction.

Naru stood their in all her glory, hands on her hips, glaring daggers at him. "How many times do I have to say I do not need protection! I am quite capable of handling this myself!"

Sasuke opened his mouth to object then noticed the gleaming kunai at the ready in the nimble blonde's hands.

"I will handle this ALONE! and prove i'm not some little princess waiting to be rescued!" Naru glared harshly at Sasuke before giving a pointed glance to Itachi. "Do you both understand?"

Two nods was all she recieved and needed for comfirmation before a burauge of people came out of the trees.

With a smile on her face Naru stared at the leader of the group. "Hi my name is Naru Uzumaki and you have just made the biggest mistake of your life."

"O and why is that?" The masked man answered in a cocky tone.

"Because I'm your best dream turned worst nightmare." With a sugary sweet smile the blue eyes turned cold. With a flash she dissapeared from site.

The Uchiha's eyes spun wildly following the swift powerful movements of the blonde.

The masked man looked around bewildered before shrugging assuming she was all talk and took a step forward. He froze as breathing appeared on his neck. "You really didn't think i would run now did you?"

The man turned to punch the girl only to have his fist caught in a small hand. The next moment he was flung across the clearing with little effort.

"You might want to work on that right hook a little more."

Standing straight, Naru watched as 5 bandits flew towards her. With a smirk on her face, she slammed her foot on the ground. The bandits stopped confused as nothing happened.

"Hn you really shouldn't believe what you see." The blonde spoke before earth flew up, rumble and dust distorting the air.

Clashes were heard as a lithe shadow flew through the debri the sound of bodies falling filled the silence.

Naru smiled as she approached the last standing attacker.

"Kit" Kyuubi called worry filling his tone.

"What is it Kyuubi I'm just finishing up the last one."

"Be careful I sense a very sinister power nearby."

"Your imagining things Kyuubi there's nothing to worry about."

"Just watch you back I'll be there soon."

Naru sighed but jabbed the last one in the neck watchign as he slumped forward.

Itachi and Sasuke stood watching closely as the dust cleared, Naru standing alone amongst the group of unconcious bandits.

"Psht a bunch of lousy bandits and Kyuubi was worried."

Just as she uttered that she was suddenly thrown to the ground a body covering her own. She turned to yell at Sasuke only to find worried red eyes.

"What in the hell Itachi?" Naru yelled.

Itachi just grimaced before staring at something behind her. Adjusting her position Naru was able to follow Itachi's gaze. There stood a large demon raccoon locked in battle with Kyuubi.

"What is that?"

"That" a pointed glance to the 2 demons combating, "is what Kyuubi was worried about. Did you not notice the gaint chakra signature?"

"No I still can't sense it." Naru answered confused at her lack of skill.

"Someone must be concealing it from you." Itachi got up slowly from atop Naru picking her up along with him. Sasuke appeared next to them as soon as they were standing.

"There's another signature near the edge of the woods. I think he's controlling the demon." Sasuke informed them breathing labored from running to scout.

Naru stared hard at the racoon fighting Kyuubi. A sudden flashback of a memory of when she was small came to mind. "Kyuubi! Is that Gaara's summon?"

"Sure as hell fights like him. Gaara is getting closer prepare yourself. I'll take care of this one."

Kyuubi yelped as a trail of sand caught his ankle. With a flash of fire the sand turned to glass and a vicious bite to the gleaming material broke him free.

"I take that back he's here."

Naru sighed as she appeared next to the two Uchihas. "This is Gaara of the Sand. Gaara is obsessed with you could say dominating me to show he's a worthy mate no matter how much i regect him. He's a tough guy and will more than likely kill you if given the opportunity. Please don't give him the chance you won't like the consquences cause i am not saving your asses."

Sasuke and Itachi glanced at each other nodding their heads.

"Naru this is not one of those safety precautions we're we think less of you but it would be very helpful if you would allow us to be your knights in shining armor for this battle." Itachi demanded as softly as possible.

Naru looked into Itachi's eyes seeing the honesty there. "Allright but as soon as I see either of you struggling I will come in."

Itachi graced her with a smile and nod before looking to his brother. "Shall we?" He smirked giving Sasuke a gesture to go first. Sasuke let his eyes bleed red as he stared at the redhead standing in front of them. "It'd be my pleasure."

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