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It was late. The sun had began it's descent over the peaceful village of Konoha. The Fifth Hokage stared off in a daze, from a window, at the quiet streets below her, the work she had set out to accomplish that day stacked neglected on a table nearby. She smiled as she thought of how all was at peace for her now.

Tsunade gave a sigh before walking slowly back to her desk. She lifted the first in the sizeable stack of papers as she sat down in her chair but swiftly replaced it, opting to lean her head forward and continue daydreaming instead.

A polite knock sounded on the door of Tsunade's office and following that the door had opened. Shizune was silent as she entered; her expression was serious as she quickly took her place at Tsunade's side. The Hokage didn't even look up.

A hard nudge came at Tsunade's shoulder. Surely Shizune was going to scold her for neglecting her duties. Reluctantly she lifted her head, tilting it to face the other woman with a guilty smile, prepared for whatever lecture her assistant was sure to give.

Tsunade was quite surprised to instead find the younger woman had bent forward to kiss her. Tsunade offered a hand to caress Shizune's cheek as the younger let her tongue squirm into her mouth. Twelve years had passed since they had opened their hearts to one another, yet at this moment Shizune had all the same passion as the first time.

The kiss broke, Tsunade felt her eyes find focus in Shizune's and a healthy grin spread across her face. Playfully, she said, "Nice to see you as well, Shizune. What's the occasion?"

"What do I need a reason to kiss you now?" Shizune replied indignantly, a scowl forming on her face.

"Gee, you seem touchy today. You mad at me or something?" Tsunade asked, oddly amused.

"No. Not at all." Shizune said in a stern tone that held resonant anger.

"Oh come on, I can tell something's bugging you." Tsunade gave a short laugh. She took a glance a the pile of paper on her desk, before saying in a sigh, "I know, I'm not doing my work, and thus I'm neglecting my sworn duty as the Hokage."

"Well yeah, that's true, but that's not what I'm upset about." Shizune nodded as she spoke in a serious way.

"Oh, so you are upset about something?" Tsunade gave a delightful smirk as she spoke in an inquisitive tone.

"What?! No, I-I, I'm not!" Shizune blushed as she succeeded in only further piquing the other's interests.

"Is that so?" Tsunade asked in obvious disbelief.

"Yes. There is absolutely noting upsetting me at the moment." Shizune returned to her agitated stammer making it rather obvious she was lying.

"Let's see…" Tsunade started as she began to ponder what could possibly be leaving her lover so distraught. Reaching a viable conclusion she said in an accusatory with a small grin, "You're upset that we returned. You always clamed you hated roaming around with me, but now that it's done you're upset that you no longer have me to yourself."

"That's not it at all. I couldn't be happier that you finally came to your senses." Shizune shot back a reply accompanied by a slight disheartened laugh.

Tsunade nodded and then went back to thought. Arriving at her next conclusion, Tsunade spoke in a more subdued gentle voice, "It's about Naruto then. You feel bad that all this time you've failed to get me to completely get over myself, and some kid I didn't even know did it just like that."

"Of course not. That doesn't matter. I'm grateful that he was able to help you." Shizune said defensively.

"In that case, what could be bothering my cute little Shizune." Tsunade said flashing a sexy smile. When she saw the other maintain the most serious of expressions she went back to thought, this time a more somber conclusion occurred to her. Tsunade's face took a look of melancholy as she said," You thought I was going to take his deal. You thought I might abandon you in hopes of being with Dan again."

Shizune gave a faint smile as she said in a subdued voice, "I did think that at the time. That's why I fought so hard against it. But that's all in the past now. We got through it together."

"I'm sorry Shizune. I shouldn't have ever let myself even consider trusting that man." Tsunade said with a harshness to her words.

"It's alright. It's not your fault. Even if it would have made things complicated, I would have liked a chance to see my uncle again as well." Shizune took a comforting voice this time.

After a few moments of silence Tsunade returned once more to her prior objective, resuming a lighter tone as she asked, "So then what is it? Tell me what's up, Shizune."

Shizune sighed at the others insistence. Reluctantly, shyly she spoke, "It's really nothing. It's just we're hardly together anymore."

Tsunade gave a soft laugh at her apprentice's devotion to her as she explained things in a bored sigh, "Well, you're the one who was so insistent on us keeping it secret, Shizune. You said that the people of Konoha wouldn't want a Hokage who was engaged in a long-term relationship with someone of her own gender. I'm sorry if you're lonely, but we really can't be too close in public."

"I know. I wasn't talking about being together in public." Shizune gave a blush as she added this bit.

"Oh!" Tsunade exclaimed. She gave a sexy smirk as she spoke, "So you think we haven't had enough time to sleep together since I became the Hokage."

"While, I mean we, this whole week. Only twice…" Shizune stuttered meekly.

"I see. But I am a busy girl. I mean, there always seems to be meetings, and decisions, and people who need my healing, not to mention all these papers I have to sign. It's a lot of work, and it's my responsibility as Hokage to do it all. Right, Shizune?" Tsunade had a teasing tone to her voice as she said this, effectively mocking the younger woman.

"I think you have another responsibility as well! I mean, you do still love me, right?" Shizune said in a pout.

Tsunade smiled as she found her way to her feet. She reached for the tie on Shizune's robe, a simple thing she typically wore to bed, and eagerly untied it. As usual Shizune wore nothing underneath the garment, her naked flesh revealed as the robe split down the center.

The Hokage tucked her hands inside the other woman's robe, and gently began to line the soft curves of Shizune's body with her hands as she motioned her head forward allowing her gaze to meet the other, who looked on with lips parted and a wanting look on her face.

"Maybe we should stop, Shizune. I mean, shouldn't I be trying to finish my work." Tsunade teased in a sexual tone, making it obvious she wasn't about to stop regardless.

"I think, this once, we could let that wait till the morning." Shizune said in an almost moan as she felt her lover's breath upon her lips. In seconds they were once more kissing.

The kiss was deep and loving, yet raw and sexual. The two women were ravaging one another's mouth as Tsunade let her hand travel upward to knead Shizune's breasts. Their tongue's clashed hotly as Tsunade disposed of some of her own robes and felt as Shizune's hand slipped through her shirt and began to return the favor.

The papers that had been on Tsunade's desk fell to the floor scattered as the Hokage found herself pinned to the desk by the other. Her shirt was pushed up so as to free her great breasts while their mouths continued to lustfully clash with passion.

Then the door opened. The man who stood in the doorway stopped dead at the sight before him, an expression formed upon his face as if he had just seen his personal heaven.

Noticing the sudden intrusion, Tsunade forced Shziune off of her and quickly pulled down her shirt. In a voice of pure scorn, the Hokage near shouted, "Is there something I can help you with, Jiraiya?!"

The perverted sanin was drooling and his eyes were widened, he had on his face an expression of utter shock. Stumblingly he struggled to explain his presence, "No, I was just, I thought I might, I thought I'd see if you… I never meant to interrupt this..."

Shizune had gotten to her feet and ran across the room to the man. Frantically she begged, a look of shear horror about her, "Please, master Jiraiya, you cannot tell anyone about this. For the sake of Konoha, you can't say anything about me and Tsunade's relationship. Please!"

When Jiraiya didn't respond to her, the medical ninja became aware of his stares. The male sanin was focusing on Shizune's naked body, visible though the open front of her robe, an excited look ingrained in his face. With a slight shriek Shizune pulled the robe close.

Tsunade had rushed to her lover's side. Furiously, she threatened while putting one arm around Shizune and raising the other as a fist, "You'd better get the hell outta here if you don't want me to kill your ass."

"Uhh, Okay…" Jiraiya backed down, clearly not wanting to endure the pain he knew firsthand his fellow sanin was capable of and clearly wishing to dish out. In seconds he had fled a great distance.

Tsunade turned back to her assistant as she closed the door. She offered a sigh, "Well, that wasn't good…"

"You don't think he'll tell everyone." Shizune still looked completely horrified about everything that had happened.

"No, he's not the type to do something like that." Tsunade said in confidence.

"Then why isn't it good?" The younger asked in curiosity.

"Now that he knows he isn't going to waste a chance to catch us together and watch." Tsunade sighed.

"Your right, that is a little disconcerting. But I guess it's just something else I'll just have to put up with for your love." Shizune said in a reluctant fashion.

"Really? I'm surprised to see that kind of attitude from you, Shizune." Tsunade said with a slight laugh.

Shizune just smiled back for awhile before saying in a halfway seductive voice, "Why don't we go back to your bedroom and continue what we were doing before, Tsunade?"

"Hmm, okay. Sounds like fun." Tsunade said lovingly. After a moment of silence she added a new question ina somewhat accusatory manner, "Do you really have to put up with a lot to be with me?"

"Maybe. Then again I'd put up with anything to be the lover of the wonderful and beautiful Fifth Hokage." Shizune laughed cutely before speaking in a dreamlike tone.

"You like the new title?" Tsunade gave her own laugh.

"Oh yes. Even though I know I can't tell anyone, it makes me really proud, that the one I love is actually making something of herself now, instead of just being a drifter." Shizune replied in a teasing manner.

"That's nice." Tsunade's smile was beaming. Lovingly she concluded, "I'm sure I'd do anything to keep the love of someone as amazing as you as well, Shizune."

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