Chapter 1

Bella woke up in a hurry.

Her "stupid alarm didn't go off".

If she didn't leave in the next ten minutes, she was going to be late. Bella threw on a pair of jeans and a grey t-shirt, pulled her hair back into a ponytail and she walked into the cluttered kitchen. Renee had Phil over for dinner last night, and she didn't clean up. "I will have to do that when I get back from school," Bella thought to herself.

She looked in the fridge and picked out a crisp apple. then rushed out the door, apple in mouth, backpack slung across her shoulder, and a notebook in hand.

She turned on her car, and drove as fast as the speed limit would allow, to the school. The day went by in a blur.

Eating a dull sandwich for lunch, listening to her group of friends gossip about who was dating who, and what the theme for the last day of school dance. Bella drifted in and out of reality, as she thought about the trip her history teacher, Mr. Simkons, was going to chaperone. A trip to Italy, to tour around the beautiful country, and maybe have a summer romance with a hot Italian boy…

She snapped back into reality when the bell rang, notifying her that it was time to go back to class.

When Bella returned home, she rushed up to her room and pulled out her black suitcase. She then rummaged around her closet and went through all her drawers, and realized that she had no Italy worthy clothing.

She rolled her eyes to herself.

She didn't really like the concept of shopping, but, she told herself that it was necessary if she wanted to snag one of the locals.

So Bella took a trip to the mall, getting anything that looked like it would blend in with the culture, even though she knew her pale skin would stick out like a sore thumb.

"Maybe I should get a tan," she thought to herself, as she was browsing a rack of dark green jackets, "I live in Arizona. I should have a tan with out going to a salon. It wouldn't make me tan, I would probably just turn red. Like always," she told herself grimacing at the idea of being tomato red the entire trip.

The next three weeks went by so slowly, Bella thought that time was purposely being slowed down, just to make her miserable. But finally, the last day of school came and went, and she even got to miss the last day of school dance because she had to be at the airport several hours early. She was secretly marveling at the wonderful idea of having people come early to an airport.

She met up with Mr. Simkons, his wife, Jenny, and his daughter Marie when she arrived at the airport, and had kissed Renee goodbye.

Marie was a few years younger than Bella, but that didn't stop the young girl from taking complete interest in her, asking what her favorite color was, why she was wearing Crocs, why her hair was so soft looking, etc. etc.

Bella didn't know who else was going on this trip, so it surprised her to see some of her school mates arrive hauling the seven separate matching suitcases, containing their entire wardrobes.

Bella laughed to herself, glancing at her small, plain black, roller suitcase.

Once everyone had checked in their bags, they walked to Terminal C, to board their flight to Washington DC.

Finally, after several mechanical checks, the plane had lifted off from Phoenix, and was on its way to DC.

They immediately boarded their non-stop flight to Rome, Italy.

Bella was so nervous.

Her heart was in her head, she could hear it in her ears. But, it was constant enough to make her fall asleep.

She awoke to Marie shaking her shoulder, and whispering loudly, "Bella! Bella! Bell-a! Wake up! We…Are…HERE…!"

Bella was suddenly awake, and ready to get off the close quarters plane. Her butt was numb from not moving at all in that uncomfortable seat the entire flight. But, she sucked it up, and walked swiftly off the plane.

Once everyone had their luggage, they found their tour bus.

It was an extremely large green bus that shouted out "These people are tourists!". But, Bella was antsy to get going on this once and a lifetime trip, so she didn't mind.

She was the first on the bus, and found a seat.

Everyone from Arizona was loaded, and the bus just stayed there.

Bella heard Marie ask her dad, "Daddy? Why aren't we moving?"

Mr. Simkons replied to her, "Well, there is another group joining us, and they are all in the process of getting their luggage. They should be here shortly."

Bella wanted to know more, but she decided that she could wait to ask one of the new ones herself.

She waited several minutes, but then got bored, so she decided to start reading her favorite play, Romeo and Juliet, again. Bella was so focused on the book that she didn't notice that the other group was now getting on the bus.

She did hear some quiet squeals come from one of the girls who brought two hundred and seventy eight matching Gucci bags, but she didn't bother to look up to see the reason.

She then heard someone clearing their throat, and looked up to see who.

She was stunned.

Standing in front of her was a Greek god.

She could feel her mouth hanging open, but couldn't find the brain power to close it.

The Greek god smiled a blindingly brilliant smile, and said, "Hi, I'm Edward. Is anyone sitting there?"

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