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Chapter 14

Edward slipped his hand to the nape of Bella's neck, pulling her closer to him, their mouths crushing one another. She moaned into his mouth, sending shivers of ecstasy down his spine.

His hands ventured from her neck to the small of her back, pulling her hips into his, so she could feel him against her, letting her know exactly what he was thinking.

His hands then slid down to her perfect butt, which he squeezed, pulling her even closer, lifting her feet off of the ground.

A ding sounded.

The elevator doors opened.

They quickly separated just in case any of the chaperones, or god forbid, Mike.

Bella slid her hand into Edward's, their fingers intertwining.

He pulled her out of the elevator and down the hallway towards his room. He put a finger to his lips and opened his door, peeking in to see if Mike was there.

Fortunately, the room was empty.

Edward flashed a smile to Bella that made her melt from the inside out and she couldn't wait to go to his room and lock the door.

Edward pulled her into the room, which was still dark and shut the door urgently, pressing Bella against it, taking his jacket off.

She put her hands on his strong chest, spreading her fingers out so she could feel every strand of muscle in his pecs.

She smiled seductively as she slowly unbuttoned his first button, he braced his hands over her shoulders on the door behind her, breathing deeply.

As she undid the buttons with tortuous sensuality, Edward leaned in and kissed her forehead, her temples, her nose, her cheeks, her chin.

He felt his shirt fluttering to the ground, and he suddenly needed to feel her bare skin against his own.

He took both of her wrists in one hand and pulled them over her head.

With his free hand, he pulled her shirt over her head and then her arms, leaving her standing there in her plain black bra.


Edward groaned, and hit the snooze button, laying face down in his bed.

Wow. What a dream, he had almost gotten Bella half naked. He had been having this same, reoccurring dream for the past few days, ever since he first kissed her, and each time, they got further and further. Just last night, they had only gotten to his dark hotel room. No clothes had come off.

Edward sat up groggily, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, and made his way to the bathroom for his morning routine.

He took a shower and got dressed, checking the mirror twice for any imperfections, wanting to look his best for Bella.

Mike walked in the door, sweaty and dressed in running clothes. He glared at Edward as he slammed the bathroom door and Edward heard the shower start.

He rolled his eyes as he grabbed his room key and went downstairs for breakfast.

When he walked into the dining room, he scanned it, looking for only one person, but not spotting her.

He frowned to himself and found a table for three, expecting Alice would be with Bella when they came down and he went to the buffet bar, grabbing a plate, filling it with the American Continental Breakfast that was being served – eggs, bacon, waffles, the works. He took his plate to the table and went back for a drink. He started filling a cup when he heard Alice's voice come into the room. He turned and looked and saw Alice, dressed as her normal self, in a dress and heels, and Bella, the most beautiful thing that had graced this world.

She was wearing old, worn out jeans that fit her curves perfectly, and a light black shirt with gold beading on the neckline. Her hair was parted to the side, and her face was just glowing.

Edward felt his hand get wet and looked back to his overflowing cup, embarrassed that he had been mesmerized so easily, but at the same time, proud of it.

He went back to the table as Bella was making her way to the buffet bar, and he touched the small of her back, whispering "You look beautiful, as always."

She blushed, for several reasons. The first was, she wasn't used to being called beautiful, second, his voice was like silk, and third, the combination of the touch of his hand on her back and the light wisp of his breath on her neck was heaven.

He made his way back to the table and she and Alice joined him.

Mr. Simkons walked into the room, and cleared his throat, "Good Morning Guys! Guess what today is? Our last day in Italy!" A groan echoed through the room, "Guess what that means?" Mr. Simkons continued, ignoring the groan, "We are going to have a party tonight, well, I guess we are technically going to a party, with locals and such, but plan to dress up just like you were going to a dance at school! Then we will get on the bus tomorrow morning and head to the airport."

Alice turned to Bella and Edward, "A party!? Yes! Bella I have the perfect outfit for you! Oh I am so so so excited!"

Bella rolled her eyes, "I'm not much into the party scene…"

Alice ignored her, continuing about how she was going to do Bella's hair and makeup and what shoes she was going to wear etc. etc.

Edward looked at Bella and gave her a sympathetic look, brushing his leg with hers under the table, reassuring her.

She smiled and looked at her plate, picked up her fork, and took a big bite of eggs.

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