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How To Handle A Doll

Chapter One;

Five Members of a Team

Two men stood close peering past the opening in the door to the room beyond. They silently watched the light dance and flicker across the face of the young girl in a high backed chair, her eyes glued to the screen in front of her. The shadows cast on her eyes made for a startlingly mature look. It was obvious she was still in her teens but her dark orbs claimed otherwise. She was a doll, all dressed up as a woman. However unlike a toy, she was no ones play thing.

"She's at it again isn't she?" The second whispered to the first.

"Yes, but then what do you expect. As you said, she always does this around this time." The other man softly replied.

"I know but it's the eighteenth time this week. You would think she would be tired of it by now." A snort was the second man's answer. "Well I would."

"Are Ladyship is not like us. She is never impatient. She seems to find something knew every time she reviews those tapes." The first man curtly scowled at the lack of understanding his partner paid this statement.

Suddenly it dawned on the both of them that their voices appeared a lot louder than before, a second later they realized that it was the product of the video being paused. They gulped, that meant, quite possibly, that their Ladyship had heard them. The sound of a throat clearing was the answer to the unspoken question. They had been caught. As one they stepped forward into the room.

"What can we do for you my Lady?" The first asked.

"Kan, come to face me." The cold, sharp, soft, and oh so horribly, lovely voice beckoned. The first, now recognized as Kan, could do nothing but obey. The second sighed in relief and moved to leave. "Sasoku, I did not give you permission to move. Stand at attention." The second, Sasoku, froze in place before returning to his prior position at her side and maintaining a stance of awareness. Right hand grasping left forearm, legs planted and spread, back straight. The woman continued.

"Kan, my need of you is quite simple really. I need you to provide me with all the information you possibly can on the following people." She lifted her hand to Kan holding out a piece of paper which her servant quickly grasped in his own. "Further more, I want you to organize men to monitor each of them. Use your utter most caution until you know exactly how aware of their surroundings they are. In other words, I don't want my spies getting caught." She waved her hand in dismissal. Kan bowed and left at a swift pace.

"Those were your candidates for this year's tournament, weren't they my Lady?" Sasoku murmured lightly. A smirk painted her lips and she nodded faintly.

Down the hallway, three flights of stairs, four left turns and two rights, Kan opened the piece of paper as the front door slammed behind him. Looking at the crisply folded white sheet he frowned at the first name. Yusuke Urameshi.

Two Months Later

"Yusuke you have a letter." Keiko called from the front door as she brought in the mail. "It looks really old…well…I mean the style is old. Cool though, I've never seen a real parchment letter before, it even has a wax seal." She muttered the rest to herself as she entered the kitchen.

"I'm coming Keiko." Yusuke yelled as he barreled down the staircase. He reached the bottom and promptly snatched the letter from his fiancé. They still weren't married yet but they were getting there. Keiko was gracious enough to let Yusuke participate in the Maikai tournament a few years back as long as she could come, and it was there that he proposed to her, right after he got his ass handed to him by Mukuro.

He flicked the lilac wax up without breaking it and gently pried it off the top part as well before handing it to and ecstatic Keiko who started gushing on about pretty flowers. So that was what was on the seal. He glanced up and sure enough some odd yet beautiful flower was engraved into the purple. He smiled slightly and unfolded the paper, scanning it for information. It read thusly.

Urameshi, Yusuke

You have been invited to this year's Dark Tournament in hopes that you will fight for team Yuusei. This sponsored team is backed by Magirawashii. Its members will be recruited separately and of many different backgrounds, if you except, know now that you will have no say in your teammates.

Recognize that what you have been asked is an honor and that we are eagerly awaiting your reply. To answer no, burn this letter. To answer yes, lightly carve your first initial into the back of the wax seal. We hope you will join us this year, and we congratulate you on your win in the pervious tournament.

Ichiban, Daiichi-

Tournament official

Yusuke took a few moments to think it over. Should he do it? Well he supposed it was up to Keiko. She was looking at him expectantly, as an answer he simply handed her the letter. She took it and he watched her eyes flicker from left to right before she sighed and nodded.

"Alright Yusuke, you can do it. But you have to train hard first, I don't want you dieing on me." He smiled cockily and headed upstairs again. He had to pack; sticking around here wasn't going to help him if he was trying to get stronger.

Five Months Later

As Yusuke entered the clearing he was happy to see that each team had their own sign posted so they could all find their teams in the masses. He scanned the back looking for the name Yuusei on one of the wooden stakes when he didn't find it he turned to look in the row in front of it, and the one in front of that, and the one before that. He was just beginning to believe that someone was standing in front of his sign when he spotted it, at the very front. The wood was obviously alive and the braches curved into a beautiful cursive scrawl forming the six letter name delicately.

He set off for it only to stop dead in his tracks at what he saw on the other side. A figure with its back to the post was dressed in loose fit white cloth, its silvery hair cascading down its back like a river of silk and its proud shoulders rolled back. In the next second he bolted strait for the mass of moon locks and he couldn't stop himself from shouting.

"Youko!" He saw the figure tense before peering over its shoulder. As he caught the golden eyes they widened and the graceful man stood with a mischievous smirk on his face.

"Yusuke, well I'll be damned. It would appear that we are both in this tournament, pity, I really don't want to fight you." He chuckled as he reached the spirit fox.

"Who said anything about fighting me," Yusuke dug into his pocket before pulling out a round piece of lilac wax. "I'm on your team." He handed it to Youko whose smirk melted into an all out grin as he took in the truth with the insignia on the seal.

They sat down and began to talk about all that had happened over the last three years since they had seen each other. One topic in particular seemed to shock Yusuke. "But I'm curious, why have the Dark Tournament when they have the Maikai tournament on their own turf?" Kurama looked surprised for a moment before answering.

"You don't know?" When Yusuke just gave him a blank look he continued. "I had forgotten that you weren't at the speech for the end of the last tournament." Yusuke nodded.

"Yeah Keiko was impatient to leave after I proposed to her so I couldn't stick around. What happened?" Youko smiled in understanding.

"It was rigged. Someone trained a large group of fighters to participate who were all given the same orders on what to do once they won. They were to announce that Mukuro and Yomi would be reinstated with themselves taking Raizen's lands and the tournament be canceled. Forever. The man who won did just that. There is no more tournament." Yusuke sat back in shock.

"Damn, I never saw that coming." Youko nodded.

"It took us all by surprise." The voice came from behind them and they turned to find Hiei staring at the living sign then at a piece of paper in his hands.

"Hiei! No way! Please tell me you're on our team." A smirk and Hiei seating himself next to him was the only answer he received. It was more than enough. "Hey do you suppose this Magirawashii person invited Kuwabara by any chance too?" Hiei snorted out of his pert nose before turning away.

"Not a chance. The sponsor for Yuusei is far too picky to choose a human of his caliber. From what I know of Magirawashii, there's not a chance that anyone else on the team is short of pure bred." Hiei spat the last words. "A slacker human like Kuwabara doesn't have-" Hiei was abruptly cut off by a lighter voice entering the conversation.

"An ice cubes chance in hell." Touya was perched on top of the sign with a whispish smile on his face.

"Oh man, Touya! Now I can only hope Jin shows up!" Touya shook his head slightly in the negative. Yusuke calmed a little at this but was still enthused at the fact that he knew at least three out of his four teammates.

"So how exactly did you merit an invitation?" Hiei questioned.

"Honestly, I don't know. As far as I knew I wasn't even close to your levels. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm good, but I thought you were all still, by far, better. So really I'm as clueless as you." Hiei gave him a piercing stare for a moment, then seemed to take this for the truth.

"Now all we need is the fifth member." Youko intoned.

"I'm here." They all turned to set eyes on the nine and a half foot tall frame of a dark haired male. His violet eyes peeked out from just above the white mask covering his face. Karasu.

"What the hell! I thought you were dead!" He laughed at Yusuke's exclamation but the sound was muffled by his mask.

"Correct, I was. I'm not anymore." Yusuke's eyes were huge.

"How did that happen?" Karasu just shook his head. "Then why are you here?" Yusuke growled.

"Compensating for lack of stature." Everyone paused for a moment then all but Karasu and Hiei started laughing.

"Okay, much as I don't like you, that was a good one." Yusuke exclaimed as he wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.

"Thank you, but we have other things to do." Yusuke gave him a quizzical look.

"Huh?" Touya cleared his throat and everyone turned to him.

"I think he means the boat has arrived." Their eyes went to the dock and sure enough there was the giant ship. After sharing a mutual glance they all set off. One door closes, and another opens. We forget, and we remember. But they were going to get that story from Karasu.

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