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How To Handle A Doll

Chapter Two;

The Doll That Was A Woman


"I think he means the boat has arrived." Their eyes went to the dock and sure enough there was the giant ship. After sharing a mutual glance they all set off. One door closes, and another opens. We forget, and we remember. But they were going to get that story from Karasu.


"Well this is a bit of a relief for you two." Yusuke stated as they took their positions on deck. Hiei and Youko gave him an odd look, well, Youko did, Hiei just kind of stared at him. "The last time we were on the boat headed to the site of the Dark Tournament you two had to fight every demon on board just to have us dock."

Youko just chuckled and shook his head like they were reminiscing on an old and fond memory. Touya quirked an eyebrow before nodding, "I had heard a rumor about that. So then it's true?"

"Hn, yes the detective was out cold, Kurama and I had to clean up the mess almost single handedly," Was Hiei's cold reply.

"Watch it Hiei, that's ex-detective now, and good riddance. That job was hell, even if I did meet a few decent people." Hiei nodded slightly and let the matter drop.

"Alright Karasu, so what's your story?" Touya spoke after a long silence had been held.

"…Have any of you met Magirawashii-Sama?" As each in turn shook their heads he asked another question. "As I'm assuming that you didn't walk into this completely blind, what do you four know about our sponsor, the team, and the committee or how it works?"

"I admit I did look around a little however I don't have the informants the rest do, about all I know for the first two is that Magirawashii means business and team Yuusei is his pride and joy. I know a little more about the committee but again, not much. The committee is like a hierarchy, it's run by power, and by power I mean money. Who ever has the most money holds the most sway." Touya nodded.

"But its more than that, a lot of the members are hidden in dense shadows and don't generally participate in each others affairs like the Black Black club did. From what I've heard, Magirawashii is one of those people, what's more many people have speculated that he is and apparition himself. Records of Magirawashii's influence in the Dark Tournament date back over three hundred years." Yusuke's eyes bulged at this information before he was fright trained again by Hiei's addition.

"Magirawashii is half man, half legend. I got my hands on some archives and as far as teams officially backed by him, they have never lost. Somehow He can form a team that will win every time, and most of the time there is little to no balance in its unity. Even further, Magirawashii backed Genki's team when she and Toguro competed."

"That's not the half of it," Kurama continued where Hiei left off. "Magirawashii is known so wide spread through the Maikai that I can remember hearing about him long before I became trapped in a human body. Magirawashii is said to be a collector of rare objects, demon objects. I have heard of the incredible lengths he has went to in order to get one of these treasures. But these things he collects aren't always inanimate, no in fact he is also well known for his apparitions. Body guards, servants, overseers, slaves, attendants, all of which never live past their service."

"This guy sounds like a creep." Yusuke supplied.

"Indeed, I have met Magirawashii." All eyes shot to Karasu in surprise. "It was a deal, I was bought from Enma, and yes I mean Enma king of Spirit world. Magirawashii's men petitioned him to give my life into the hands of themselves to relay to their master in return for something Enma couldn't refuse." Karasu paused for a moment. "I'm not positive but I believe it was a special potion that would reset Koenma's life line once he came to his time of passing. As only a demigod Koenma will die, if that was what Magirawashii offered him then Koenma's life span would be doubled."

"With my life Magirawashii bribed me into fighting." Karasu finished.

"What did he purpose to give you, excuse me if you don't seem the type to be easily swayed?" Yusuke asked.

"My life…," Was the soft reply.

"That's not a bribe!" Yusuke barked.

"That is not all, my life…and…my mortality. If I fight then I will have the choice of when I live or die, it's…appealing to say the least. Magirawashii is the kind to pull through when something is promised." The group accepted this, that seemed more like it.

The five hour trip was over and the hotel was a glimmering crystal mass in the distance from the shore. The trek with the demons took an interesting turn as the teams parted ways. There were small hotels lining the pathway and they had no idea which one to choose. As they kept moving the hotels got nicer and larger finally leading into a clearing that had hotels on three of the four sides with the crystal palace directly ahead of them. They branched off as one to one of the side buildings when somebody snorted to their right. They turned and Yusuke was again knocked off guard by the sight that met him. It was Rando.

"You won't be staying there." He said aloofly.

"Oh and why is that?" Yusuke questioned.

"Team Yuusei always stays with its sponsor and Magirawashii is staying there." Rando pointed behind himself at the crystal palace.

Yusuke nodded and they started for the giant hotel. Rando lead them through the main doors and into an elevator. "So what are you doing here?" Yusuke asked.

"I belong to Magirawashii-Sama, as for your other questions they will be answered personally by Magirawashii-Sama shortly." Yusuke shut up and waited as the elevator took them to their floor, the small box made it to the top floor and the doors opened. Yusuke made to walk out but felt a hand grab the back of his shirt before pulling him back into the little car.

Rando released him then walked over to the control paneling, he inserted a long claw into the key opening for the over rite back up system and suddenly they were moving backward. This went on for about three minutes before Rando removed his claw and the doors opened to a stone wall. "What the fuck!?!" Yusuke exclaimed.

"Hiei-Sama if you would please," Rando moved away from the stone and motioned Hiei forward. "All you must do is let your flame consume your hand and then place it on the wall." Hiei did as directed and the wall melted away. The hallway beyond was made of the same stone.

At the end of the hallway to the left was a corridor filled with plants of the man eating variety. Kurama didn't even need to be told; he moved first calming the plants to allow the others to pass. The door had a massive lock on it and Karasu proceeded as instructed to place a finger into the key hole, the lock blew within seconds.

In the chamber beyond a roomful of bombs were lit by the opening of the door and Touya put them out with minimal effort. "So is it my turn next?" Rando shook his head.

"No above all you were monitored the most by far over the wait before the tournament so no you will not be tried." Yusuke huffed as they moved into the room on the other side of the far door.

In the room was a man sitting on what appeared to be a thrown on the far side of the room to their right and right in the middle was a plush chair that was inhabited by a small person, female they would guess who was watching TV. On the TV was…them standing in the doorway.

They turned to the man whose blank eyes were on them. "Magirawashii I presume." Touya said.

"You should never presume, it could get you killed." A soft voice to their left said and they looked to see the small creature had risen from the chair and stood in plane sight for them to see.

She had Plum colored hair that hung thickly at her knees and complimented her startling silver eyes. Her lips were lilac and pointedly heart shaped. She was short, no more then five foot one inch tall with short arms and long legs. Her hands were graceful and her nails long but they hand been filed into sharp points. She was robed in a black corset with a long skirt that slit on both sides up to her waist line and fell to the floor. She wore black silk slippers but the most captivating thing about her was her skin. It was an ivory porcelain and completed her appearance. She was a doll.

"That is good advice." Kurama stated charmingly.

She nodded lightly. "Rando," Her voice was sharper as she addressed the red headed apparition and without a word Rando approached the man. Her placed his hands under the mans arms and removed him from the throne. He moved to the other side of the room past the group and pulled a rope which made the floor drop out and he dropped the man into the hole in the floor.

"What the hell is going on here!?!" Yusuke screamed.

"I told you not to assume." Was the girls reply. "Rando,"

The Apparition was quite suddenly in front of her on his hands and knees panting harshly. "I have displeased you Lady Magirawashii."

"Wow, wait a second, your telling me that this little girl is Magirawashii?" Yusuke's voice ran across the previously silent room.

"She did warn us not to assume Yusuke." Kurama said evenly though it was obvious he had been caught off guard for once.

The girl nodded. "You didn't do as I told you Rando, I gave you explicit instructions and they were not carried out to their fullest." Rando shook violently and it gave Touya a sick taste in his mouth. This is what is what Rando meant when he said he 'belonged' to Magirawashii. Touya thought.

She moved pulling at Rando's chin so he had to face her. "I forgive you," His entire body relaxed and his face nuzzled into her small hand. She smiled softly before turning to address them. "I suppose I should explain now, at least…some things. But first…what would you like to know?"

Hiei spoke up first. "When do I get my 'prize'?"

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