I do not own Kim Possible, although I do have quite a bit of merchandise that I have bought from Disney who does own Kim Possible, Shego and the other characters in this story. This is fan fiction for mature audiences. There is sex, a little violence and well, people cuss. This story is PURE KiGo so if you're not down with the whole Kim and Shego lesbian lovers' thing don't waste your time reading this story. Also, it helps if you have actually seen an episode or two of Kim Possible since this story is tied in and around events that actually happened in canon! I would suggest watching the following:

Go Team Go
Emotion Sickness
So The Drama (Kim Possible Movie)
Mad Dogs & Aliens
Cap'n Drakken
Stop Team Go
D.E.B.S. (The Full Length Movie)

Chapter 1: After The Gherkin

Set after Stop Team Go

Shego stormed away from Dr. Drakken still fuming over the absurdity of her employer's last venture muttering, "Operation Gherkin… he NEEDS me, my ass!" Pickles? I came back to open a jar of freakin' pickles! I was supposed to go roller-skating tonight! Gritting her teeth in fury and looking down at her now glowing green hands her anger instantly flashed to fear as the pale green villain saw a small singed piece of paper on the floor. Shit, she mentally cursed as she bent down to pick up the partially burned photo of an embracing Miss Go and Kim Possible. She quickly hid her previously discarded reminder in her glove and proceeded to stomp off to her room.

Drakken's lair was a dark red stone and steel labyrinth of science labs, training rooms and torture chambers. There was always the hum of electricity from all of the high tech experiments mixed with the faint yet steady sound of henchmen marching. Tonight though, Shego felt oddly alone even as she passed half a dozen guards and stopped at the retinal scanner in front of her room. The scanner read her emerald green eyes and the heavy steel door parted to let the super villainess into her only sanctuary. The door quickly slid shut behind her with a hiss leaving her truly alone at last. She let out a deep sigh, after the events of the last few days she needed some "She" time.

The former superhero-turned-super-villain's room was a stark contrast to the rest of the sprawling lair. It was like stepping into any successful single women's Go City or Upperton flat. She had spared no expense in upgrading her quarters. She had warm faux finished drywall, hardwood floors and soft recessed lighting instead of the usual dark cave slash dentist office combo with florescent gymnasium style floodlights prevalent throughout the rest of the seaside complex. Shego looked around her cozy living room filled with an assortment of priceless art pieces and antique furniture. Keepsakes from both her life of crime and crime fighting lined several bookcases. She walked over to one of the bookshelves and stared down frowning at the items on the shelf just below eye level. There was an old black leather mask, a golf ball-size glowing rainbow rock, a shiny plaque, and lastly, a picture frame turned backwards.

The thief exhaled deeply and took out the charred snapshot from her glove. She picked up the picture frame and turned it around to reveal a photo of her brothers. She looked at them wistfully for a moment then frowned. She quickly flipped the frame over and took the back off. The criminal allowed herself to steal another glance at the burned photo before shaking her head and closing up the back of the frame securely hiding her Kimmie behind the protective quartet of her superhero brothers. This time she put the picture frame on the shelf with the photo facing out. Her frown hardened into her usual scowl upon seeing her brothers grinning at her and she snarled out loud to the picture, "What're you all laughing at?" As she turned to go we close up on the plaque:

Shego: Global Justice Hero Of The Year 1999

The slightly green skinned villain moved to the back of her flat where her bed and bathroom were located. She started to remove her signature black and lime green jumpsuit. This particular article of clothing was one of the few items from her Team Go days she still used. She liked to believe that she kept wearing the suit for practical reasons such as it withstood her comet powers and it made her look intimidating not to mention damn sexy but it also was part of her identity both as a hero and as a villain. Today she had worn it as a hero battling her temporarily evil bothers alongside Kim Possible. For just a moment she smiled at the thought and then shook her head frowning. What's gotten into me? I'm just overflowing with sentimentality today. I've gotta pull myself together. She sat on the edge of the bed, unzipped her boots and kicked them into the corner. A long hot shower's just what I need to wash away the day and forget any of this ever happened, she conceded as she forcibly pulled off the lower half of her skintight suit and stood up.

The thief's pale green body was in magnificent form. She was no thin cheerleading teenager but a curvaceous and toned woman! IF not for her unusual skin color she could have easily been a centerfold in Play Ferret magazine. The thought of her in Play Ferret made her giggle aloud. Who says I won't be anyway, she mused to herself as she admired her nude body in the dresser mirror. She let out a sigh as she saw the distant picture frame in the reflection from the other room.

"I can't believe I almost told her. What the hell was I thinking?!" the villainess scolded herself gnashing her teeth in disgusted anger, "I'm so stupid!" It's Kim Possible. Kim fucking Possible! Of all the people on earth! She smacked her forehead with her hand and flung open the top drawer of the dresser. She pulled out a lime green crop top and a pair of black satin boxers with a green 'G' monogrammed onto it.

She stepped into the bathroom and turned on the water to the shower. Her mind was still retracing the events of the last few days. She dearly wished she could think of something else besides her irritating Miss Go experience and her redheaded nemesis. She had hoped that the modified attitudinator had conveniently been equipped with an amnesia effect so she wouldn't have to remember anything. Why is it mind control devices come with full self awareness? That just seems back-asswards! Shego shook her head at the stupidity of villains and their flawed technology. Maybe I AM on the wrong side?


Kim Possible sat in her room getting ready for the second to last Friday of school. Technically it WAS going to be Senior Skip Day but because of her latest world saving adventures she had three tests to make up tomorrow. Senior Skip Half Day will have to do, the young hero thought just as her cell phone rang.

"Hey Ron," she answered knowing the ring tone belonging to her boyfriend.

"Hey KP! Whatcha doin'?" Ron Stoppable's chipper voice boomed back.

"You don't have to yell, I can hear you just fine," Kim replied instantly annoyed at the boy's needlessly loud voice in her ear. "And I'm about to go to bed," she continued getting up from the computer and flopping down on her bed, "I was just finishing up studying for the Latin final."

"Oh, that test isn't until…"

"It was supposed to be today Ron, TODAY! But we were a little busy with Electronique and Team Go to make it to sixth period," she interrupted.

"Ugh, Kay Pee!" whined Ron, "but tomorrow is Senior Skip Day!"

Kim could swear she heard Rufus in the background, "uh-hunh," in agreement.

"I KNOW!" the hero snapped. Believe me I know. I wish I HAD the day off, she mentally quipped.

"We're seniors we should be SKIPPING!"

"We should also be graduating and we can't do that without PASSING!" she spat back into the receiver clutching the tiny phone so tightly her knuckles were turning white. She was getting increasingly more agitated that she was the only one thinking ahead. "I've three tests I've gotta make up tomorrow and YOU should too!"

"Yeah," muttered Ron, thanks to Shego. "You're right KP," he sadly complied with a deep sigh. He had been looking forward to getting a day alone with Kim after having to share her all week with a flipped good Shego. "But I'm gonna take the first half of the day off. I wanna sleep in and actually get to enjoy a weekday meal at Bueno Nacho BEFORE the lunch rush for a change."

"Make it 11:15 and I'll meet you there," she replied with all sweetness. Having won her argument she let her anger towards her boyfriend fade.

"Oh okay fine," her boyfriend conceded. He was a little disappointed about not getting to completely miss the lunch rush but at least he'd have some alone time with Kim.

"It's a date then," cooed Kim, "Goodnight sweetie."

"Sweetie?" Ron questioned his girlfriend's new use of a pet name then he remembered where the named originated. "Oh," he muttered with a little fake laughter, "like Shego." The boy paused for a moment as the mention of the villain's name made both parties on the phone exhale deeply then he continued, "Hey, whatcha think she was gonna tell you before she changed back to evil today?"

Before YOU changed her back to evil! Kim seethed angrily but she held her tongue not allowing the thought to be vocalized. It was no use arguing with him over this and then her mind focused on Shego's last words as the rest of her existence slowly started to melt away. "Beats me," the teenage crime fighter paused as her voice trailed off, her mind now racing through possibilities. She had been pondering or trying not to ponder that very question all evening. "No… clue… good… night…"

"Goo-" click Ron's voice cut out as Kim absent-mindedly closed the cell phone and plugged it back into the charger.

She had been trying to fill her head with everything non-Shego all night. Now with her studying over and the reminder from Ron, the super villain was all she could think about. She packed away her books and slipped into her purple PJ's with the heart tank top. It wasn't so much Shego's last words that had her so wrapped up in thought. It was the way she had said them. The tone, Shego's usual drawl, and the pause even before the ray of the attitudinator hit her. It was reminiscent of all the started sentences that her archenemy had tried to say to her that week. Shego would either stop herself or have another thought and forget to finish what she was saying. It was as if the villainess wanted to tell her something but she just couldn't. What would Shego wanna tell me that even good she couldn't bring herself to say?

Just then Mrs. Dr. Possible called from the staircase below breaking Kim from her contemplation. She got up and peered over the edge of her room's floor entrance to see a designer black and green suitcase in her mother's hand. Kim smiled at the bag and hopped down the stairs to where her mother was waiting. The young hero hadn't even gone into the guestroom to check and see if Shego had come back for her stuff. She just assumed the thief had.

"What should we do with Shego's things Kimmie?" Anne Possible asked apprehensively. She was hoping her only daughter had some way of returning the bag to her arch-foe that wouldn't involve dodging plasma bolts or deathtraps.

The hero caught the note of worry in her mother's voice and offered her a confident smile. "No big, I'll make sure Shego gets her stuff!" Kim assured her mother, taking the suitcase with a rather nefarious idea forming in her head. And I'll get my answers, she thought.

"Goodnight Kimmie-kins," her mom said stepping up to kiss the younger Possible on the forehead.

It is now! "G' night," the teen replied giving the older redhead a hug and smiling at the green bag in her hand behind her mother's back. Well Miss Go it looks like we'll be seeing each other again real soon.


The warm water felt so purifying raining down onto Shego and sticking her sleek black hair to her light green body. She hated to have to get out of the shower. "Hated," the villainess laughed to herself leaning into the steady flow of the water and putting her hands against the wall. She closed her eyes and tilted her head up into the steady stream feeling pleased that she could feel a raw emotion like that again. The attitudinator had changed her attitude from evil to pure good. One of the improved adjustments was the lack of being able to feel anything carnal or devious. Only happy squishy thoughts like... Kimmie. The thought of her nemesis Kim Possible returned to her mind. No! She put her head down and then slowly knelt down in the shower as another raw emotion flooded her senses. It was the one emotion she had been avoiding. Ignoring… pretending that it either didn't exist or that it was something else. IT was the ONE emotion that had remained when she was Miss Go. But it had been cleaned up by the attitudinator to be filtered into its basic form. LOVE. Shego felt it. She had been feeling it. She opened her eyes to stare at the escaping water circling the drain. No, it's not that! Her mouth opened slightly and her breathing became heavier. Without the attitudinator she could allow herself of feel the other emotion that she closely associated with Kim Possible. Hate. Sweet, pure, uncomplicated HATE! Water rained onto her whole body and dripped from her lips as she unconsciously mouthed the two warring emotions. LOVE and HATE. Lust and loathing. NO! "I - DO - HATE - HER!" she uttered aloud as if to convince herself. With the mix of emotions fueling her newly restored fury, she ignited her fists and steam rose from her glowing hands and filled the stall. I must HATE her!


Kim returned to her bedroom and placed the bag on her bed. Shego had left it slightly open and the hero noticed the satin black sleep shirt with a green 'S' monogrammed on the left breast pocket that the ex-hero had worn to bed the night before. She reached in and pulled it out. Instinctively she held the shirt to her face and smelled it. It was the unmistakable scent of Shego; a light, tropical, exotic musk so familiar to the teenager from all of her close battles with the older fallen heroine. That scent always made her heart beat faster, the smell triggering the usual rush of fear and excitement through her body. It readied her for battle and turned her on. She could sense the fight coming; she could feel Shego's touch in the form of a barely deflected kick or a well placed punch to her gut. She let out a soft moan as the muscles in her stomach tensed instinctively with the imagined blow.

How can a scent make you so focused and so confused at the same time, she wondered as she shook herself out of her dream fight. The cheerleader knew all too well how those feelings manifested, she wasn't sure WHY but she definitely knew how. She smiled softly, zipped up the bag and set it by the entrance next to her backpack. She turned off the lights and settled into bed.

Tonight was the first night that Miss Go wasn't asleep in the guestroom downstairs. Kim had found it strangely comforting having her archenemy so close to her and the sudden departure of Shego made the hero oddly sad. It's not like she would've stayed here forever, she reminded herself. It had been obvious to Kim that both of them had done everything they could to stall rescuing the former heroine's brothers. Kim knew why she had wanted to spend more time with the safe, good Miss Go but she had no idea what Shego's reasons were. The one thing she did know for sure was Miss Go had changed her total perception of Shego. I just need to see her again as her old evil self and I'll be over this. She took another whiff of the shirt she was clutching tightly next to her pillow. She sighed as she drifted off to sleep.