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Chapter 22: All's That Oh Well

The dull thud of the morning paper hitting the doorstep of Middleton's resident hero awoke the villain sleeping inside. Shego took great care to separate herself from the blissfully sleeping girl and turned towards the window.

The last twinkling of stars winked back at her signaling that there were still a few precious minutes of darkness before the predawn light obscured them from view in a blanket of blue. If she wanted to make her escape, now was the time.

She looked away from the inviting window and the freedom of the world to the heavenly hero slumbering beside her. Shego sighed. She knew she wasn't going anywhere. The currently unemployed villain gently stood up and removed the harness. She took the ball gag from the nightstand and paused looking at Kimmie's choice of toys. She smiled and shook her head. That girl's one hell of a lover! She took another look at the sleeping hero and walked over to the closet to put the toys away.

Hidden under Kim's formalwear in the back corner was a large black trunk with an open lock hanging from it. The thief assumed that's where Mr. Pale Green went and she crept over to the chest to stow him and his little silencer safely inside. She opened the lid and again found herself in a state of shock. Folded neatly inside there was one of her jumpsuits along with restraints and a few other interesting items. All of which had the same green and black theme as the harness.

"Oh Kimmie, you've got it as bad as I do," she said out loud placing the items inside and locking up the case. She grasped the key in her hand. This she was going to keep. A little incentive for her too, she decided. She walked back to into the bedroom.

The young hero had awakened feeling her body rapidly cooling in the absence of her super powered cuddle buddy. Her initial reaction of seeing an empty bed was that of absolute abandonment then she heard the muffled voice of her lover from her closet.

"Good morning!" she called as Shego appeared.

"Morning Pumpkin," Shego drawled lazily leaning against the doorway as she loved to do. She just took in the sight of her breathtakingly beautiful girlfriend stretching her hands to heaven exposing her ever perky breasts and flexing the tight muscles of her stomach hiding just underneath her creamy peach skin. Her hair was everywhere and she wore the mark of a certain fallen hero's lips burned over her heart.

To the on looking green woman the hero looked like the most beautiful mess… her mess. "I'm keeping the key to your little pleasure chest and you've gotta promise to write me and tell me all about your little green and black fetish," she sneered.

Kim wordlessly nodded. She would have normally died from embarrassment or shame if anyone had managed to look inside that box. Even just a few days ago she would have been mortified if the person in the doorway twirling the key over her fingers had seen inside it. But now things were so different. Now her dark obsession had been brought into the light. Her hidden desire had found it was shared by the object of that longing. Now the two women that had always been equals and opponents had, in the time it took God to create the heavens and the earth, closed the infinite divide that separated them. They had blurred good and evil, right and wrong, love and hate into some unimaginable utopia. Who knew heaven and hell were only one open door away.

This morning was the last day of their old lives and the first day of the rest of their lives. This is what it feels like to be reborn, Kim thought. She slipped out of bed and walked towards her waiting lover. The room was growing lighter and she knew soon the very realness of Shego with her would be just a memory. They embraced drinking each other up.

"No tears today. This isn't a sad day!" Shego barked trying to sound tough as she felt the girl start to shake in her arms, "Suck it up Possible! My super sexy girlfriend is NOT a sniveling little weenie ARE YOU?"

"SHEGO!" Kim whined as he punched the villain in the arm and returned to crying into the woman's shoulder.

Shego lifted the young hero's chin up forcing Kim to look at her. The tears on her lover's face broke her heart but she was prepared to not turn their last few minutes together into some big slobber fest.

"I'm gonna kiss away these tears and I don't wanna see anymore, okay?"

Kim nodded and sniffled. The pale green woman's dark lips kissed the hero's soft pink cheeks removing each tear shed.

"I love you," Kim sighed leaning back into Shego, "How weird is that?" The thief shrugged. It was weird to her too. "I really love you," she empathized.

"I know you do," Shego replied, "Be tough for me today like you've always been." She kissed her head smelling the sweet scent of the teen's red hair. "Okay Princess, let's get dressed and get this over with." The two women dressed in the uniforms that had divided, defined and now united them. Hand in hand they walked down the stairs.


Will Du and Betty Director were awakened to the sound of combat boots running down the hall towards them. Both the seasoned director and the young agent feared the worst as they jumped to their feet in synchronization to meet the breathless guard that ran into the room.

"Director the thermal scans show that Kim Possible and Shego are now downstairs," the agent informed them. Betty took a long breath; usually she liked being the good guy. Today however, she felt like she was the bad guy.

"Call Agent Toiez to send the transport," she sighed heavily and looked at her watch, "9:00 AM should work."

"Will we have Shego in custody and Kim under contract by then?" Du asked.

"Yes Will, I think this should happen as quickly as possible," Dr. Director replied frowning, "Let's get this over with."


"Pancakes okay Kimmie?" her mother asked as the two women entered the kitchen. Kim nodded. "Would you like something to eat as well Sheridan?" Anne inquired of her daughter's girlfriend.

"Sheridan?" Kim questioned under her breath to Shego who just shrugged and smiled softly.

"Yes, that would be nice Anne," Shego replied sitting down at the kitchen table. A befuddled Kim sat down next to her lover. The green woman leaned over and gave her redheaded princess a kiss on the forehead. Mrs. Dr. Possible caught the display of affection out of the corner of her eye and smiled.

Kim caught the look and then looked at Shego with a big question mark on her face. Anne?

"Long story," Shego whispered to her. The villain's smile was quickly replaced with her usual scowl as a groggy Ron Stoppable stumbled into the kitchen from the living room.

"Ron, you're here too?" Kim questioned wondering if the whole world was keeping vigil in and around the Possible residence.

"We couldn't get him to leave!" Shego grumbled.

"Hey KP, how ya feelin'?" he asked.

"Better," she replied touching her head and then the realization that she never told him about Shego slammed into her thoughts. "We need to talk," she added gravely as she looked up at her best friend.

"It's okay Kim, we can talk later," he offered her a forced smile and let out a sigh, "You should spend the time you have left with…" He crossed his arms furrowing his brow. "Shego," he muttered.

Kim looked at Shego who mouthed "long story" to her and she turned back to Ron. "Thanks Ron," the cheerleader replied with a little uncertainty in her voice as her mother brought the food to the table.

"Boys… Honey!" Mrs. Dr. Possible called up to the rest of the Possible family to come down to breakfast.

"We're coming!" the Tweebs yelled stomping down the stairs. They ran into the kitchen like two little tornadoes and squeezed into the breakfast nook next to Shego. The sight of the two boys reminded her of her own twin brothers and she sucked her teeth and reluctantly made room for them even though she wasn't irritated by their presence. She was just being her usual cranky self.

"Tweebs!" Kim yelled. "Give us some space," she ordered pushing up against Shego's hips to try and chain-push her brothers off of the booth.

"Mom!" all three siblings whined at her.

"Boys, here are your plates. You can eat in the living room today. Give the girl's some space," Anne instructed her twins.

"Aw Mom!" they replied slowly getting up from the table, "We wanted to see them kiss!"

"Tim! Jim! Out NOW!" Mrs. Dr. P. commanded handing the boys their plates and shoving them out of the room.

"Honey, breakfast!" she called up to her husband again.

"I'm not hungry!" Mr. Dr. Possible roared angrily back down to her.

"He's still a little upset about the whole thing dear," she explained to her daughter, "He'll come around." She sat down next to Shego and started to eat her breakfast. "Ronald, how are you sweetie?" she asked the unusually quiet blonde.

"Okay, I guess," he muttered mopping his pancakes with a slowly melting square of butter while Rufus merrily ate the untouched breakfast his owner didn't have the stomach for. Ron was really suffering from the realization that his best friend had left him to be with the least likely or likeable person on the planet. His hurt was painfully obvious to everyone at the table.

Shego didn't want the buffoon to ruin her last precious minutes with Kimmie. "Ron?" she prompted and the boy looked up at the green villain with a scowl on his face. "I know you don't like me… AND I know I haven't been the nicest person to you but I love Kimmie," Shego paused. Just the mention of the word love and Kimmie in the same sentence made Ron's eyes glaze over.

He's really in love with her, the villainess concluded by his heated stare. Ron's gaze hardened on her as she began to speak again but it was Kim who spoke first.

"Ron," she spoke softly putting her hand on the boy's hand. A tear rolled down his cheek. "Oh Ron, I didn't want to hurt you but you've gotta know this. I was in love with Shego since before we started dating."

That statement did not make him feel any better and caught everyone at the table by surprise. He lowered his head to avoid the shame he felt for crying in front of them.

Kim suddenly didn't feel like eating either. She continued to apologize, "I didn't mean to cause you any pain or lead you on. You're my best friend and I love you."

Ron wiped his tears and looked up to the ceiling to try to keep more from falling. "If you love me why are you with her? Why her? She IS Shego? SHE-GO!" he empathized finally looking at his ex-girlfriend as two more tears trickled down his face.

"Ron, it's not the same kind of love. I thought it was. I wanted it to be. Do you think I wanted to fall in love with Shego? Do you really think that if I could have chosen I would have chosen anyone else on earth besides you?" She looked into Ron's brown eyes. "Do you think Shego wants to be going to prison? Do you think she wanted this?"

Ron looked at Shego who actually looked hurt not by what Kim was saying so much as the truth behind all of it. She hadn't planned to ever fall in love again, least of all with Kim Possible. She also had figured Hell would freeze and the US would adopt communism before she surrendered uninjured to Global Justice.

Kim took her other hand and held Shego's hand. "I love her Ron and she loves me," Kim stated, squeezing the hands of the two dearest people on earth to her.

"I know she does. I saw her last night. So desperate, willing to give up everything just to be able to go upstairs to see you one last time," he admitted finally wiping his tears away and looking now at the villain who smiled softly. "I, I'm just not ready to handle all of this right now. It… It's all too awkward for me." He got up and Rufus jumped into his pocket. "Sorry Kim, I've gotta go."

The doorbell rang and Ron went to answer it on his way out.

"It's Dr. Director," Shego informed him knowing Betty would waste no time showing up to take her away.

Ron leveled is eyes at Shego and a barely noticeable burst of wind swept across the breakfast nook. "If you ever so much as think about hurting her I'll redefine the word HURT with you!" Ron threatened bitterly as he opened the door.

Normally Shego would have laughed at a threat coming from Ron Stoppable but she knew he was deadly serious and she had already had a taste of what he could do when he was mad. She didn't need a second helping.

"Oh Mr. Stoppable so nice to see you, please stay, we would like you here," Dr. Betty Director pleasantly ordered the upset teen. She and agent Will Du entered the kitchen and sat down in front of Kim and Shego. Ron muttered and closed the door leaning against it.

"Kimberly, I assume you and Miss Go have had a chance to discuss the terms of her surrender," Agent Du asked. Kim nodded and whimpered slightly, sliding her hand to her stomach suddenly feeling very sick. Shego put her hand over Kim's held it tightly.

Ron just looked over at the two women. He saw the look of sadness in the two set's of green eyes. He was emotionally torn between smiling at the fact that Shego was about to suffer and feeling sorry for Kim who too was about to suffer.

"And do you both agree to the terms?" the director pressed taking out two rather long contracts. She slid one in front of Shego and the other she handed to Kim. "Since you became an emancipated adult in 2005 you do not need a cosigner Miss Possible."

Kim looked down at the paper and started to read it. It was her contract for employment detailing a four year, two and a half million dollar position as Junior Assistant Director of Global Justice. It outlined her agent training, which would take three months, plus her time for her studies with tuition paid for by GJ.

Kim's eyes went wide. "Global Justice is going to pay for my tuition AND pay me a salary while I'm studying in Paris?" she inquired in disbelief.

Bet smiled and answered, "You will find Miss Possible that while crime may pay well…" Shego laughed and rolled her eyes at Bet. The director snorted and continued, "Fighting it pays much better."

Kim looked back at the contract and continued to read. She wasn't sure how to feel about taking money for something she already did for free. Under any other circumstances she would have declined the offer or even countered for less money and fewer benefits since most Universities were offering her full scholarships anyway. She knew that even though she loved doing missions on a sort of bartering system she was going to one day have to quit or be paid in some way for her services. She just didn't want to become some for profit "good" mercenary group like Team Impossible helping only the elite that could afford it. At least Global Justice was paid by governments and was in the business of keeping the peace.

She also had Shego to think about and her thoughts returned once again to absorbing the words on the contract. Once Kim passed agent training Shego was to be turned over to her for 'round the clock monitoring. "So Shego will become my responsibility?"

The director nodded. "If you look on the next page you will see that all of her possessions, finances and holdings will be turned over to you as well."

"You are about to become a VERY rich woman Princess," Shego snarled not looking up from the contract she was reading.

"But isn't Shego's money stolen?" Kim asked, "Shouldn't it be returned to the banks and people she took it from?"

This time Agent Du answered, "Miss Go is a very clever woman. Her finances are in impeccable order." The young man snorted back a laugh and half rolled his eyes. "Now we ALL know Shego has stolen million's but she was also a very wealthy woman before she turned to a life of villainy. She invested wisely and managed to keep her earnings even with Dr. Drakken legal."

"I have also agreed…" Shego interjected and flipped back a few pages in her contract, "…as stated in article thirty-seven, to make monetary restitution to every known establishment that I burglarized." She rolled her eyes again and turned the pages back over to where she was reading. "So everyone'll get their green back," she grumbled.

"Oh so you'll have to give your money away then," Kim reasoned.

"Kim, Sheridan is a Go..." Betty Director began but Shego cut her off.

"Pumpkin, what Bet is TRYING to say is that even after payin' my fines and makin' restitution I'll have a little change left over." Shego kicked the director under the table adding, "Isn't that right Dr. Director!" through gritted teeth.

The director jerked and gritted her teeth in turn. "Yes. And Kim, we'll be systematically cleaning out Dr. Drakken's lairs. Shego will need a place to store all of her things," Betty pointed out.

"Oh… um, I guess the stuff can go in my room while I'm away at school," Kim offered.

Both Betty and Shego laughed out loud, even Will Du smiled softly.

"I'm guessing she has more than a few boxes of green and black clothes?"

"Try four fighter jets and about a dozen cars," Shego stated with an amused tone not looking up from her contract. "Is this final article for real?" she asked looking up at the director and handing her contract to Kim to read.

"Yes Sheridan it is. And I think you'll find it is the most important part." Betty smiled softly.

Kim read the final article and smirked proudly. "I have full confidence she won't have a problem with that one."

Kim looked at Ron who had been oddly quiet the whole time and asked, "Are you joining GJ too?" He frowned and looked down.

"Mr. Stoppable declined our offer. He has been accepted to a culinary institute in Japan," Agent Du replied for the boy.

"Wow, Ron that's great," Kim chirped, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was waitin' 'til the end of the year. I was gonna let you know after graduation," he answered softly looking at his best friend.

"SO you won't be too far from Yori then?" Kim asked slyly.

"Yeah but..." Ron sighed, "The institute has a partnership with a culinary institute in France just outside of Paris so I'll be in Japan for two years then I'll be in France. I chose this school so I could be close to both of my ladies," he chuckled. "That was before all of this…" he paused and unfolded his arms in a sweeping motion around the table, "…happened."

"Well, we're still friends. Right?" Kim hoped more than asked then continued on with her offer, "Shego and I will be happy to have you visit us or even stay with us while you are in France. Right Shego?"

"Two years of Stoppable, that IS cruel and unusual punishment!" she grumbled.

"Shego!" Kim gave her the puppy dog pout.

How can she do this to me? Shego wondered. "Oh okay, you're welcome to visit us Ronald. VISIT!" she clarified coldly.

The alarm on Will Du's watch went off. "Director the transport will be here in twenty minutes."

Betty nodded. "Shego," she began in her stern director's voice, "I believe you have something you need to give me."

The villain scowled and narrowed her eyes at her ex-lover. Dr. Director matched her look with one even more menacing. Shego looked down then frowned and sighed. She reached into her holster and pulled out the last surviving mindpod and slid it across the table.

Kim gasped and looked at her evil girlfriend. "Shego!" the young crime fighter snapped leaving her mouth open and looking at the villainess incredulously.

"What?" she replied as if it was nothing, turning to look her Kimmie, "Well, they are cool!"

"…" Kim just glared at her.

"I gave them back didn't I?" Shego barked.

The cheerleader just shook her head and sucked her teeth. "Villains."

"Hey, that reminds me…" Ron spoke up reaching into his pocket and pulling out a second pair. One of the lenses was cracked and the other one had fallen out completely. The boy unfolded the glasses to further inspect them.

"RON!" Both Kim and Shego yelled sensing he was going to try them on.

"I doubt they still work," he stated putting them on. The mindpod whirred to life and Ron started to giggle and talk out loud. He looked around the room at everyone through the empty lens hole. The other cracked lens was giving him an eyeful of memories and thoughts.

"Aww that's sweet," he said looking at Will Du who blushed.

"Mrs. Dr. P!" he gasped loudly, "That IS sick and wrong!" Then he smiled what Kim took be an almost Zorpox caliber evil grin. "…But, um, I'm flattered. Uh, Boo-Yah!" he blushed.

"Ronald, remove those glasses," Mrs. Dr. Possible ordered dropping the plate she was washing back into the soapy water.

The twins heard the racket and ran into the kitchen to see Ron staggering around wearing the broken shades.

"So that's how you lost your eye," Ron commented looking at Betty Director then he shot Shego a dirty look.

"OH, NO WAY! She's like a watermelon!" Ron squealed giving Shego an evil smile.

The look of confusion on Agent Du and Mrs. Dr. Possible's face was quickly ended as the Tweebs along with Kim and Betty said in unison, "Green on the outside pink on the inside." Shego's two lovers just looked at each other and then laughed.

"OH THAT DOES IT!" the villain howled and shot up from the table to forcibly remove the glasses from the blonde boy.

"Oh, so that's how you girls do it," Ron remarked in awe. "Kinda cool!" he added as Shego ripped off the glasses and crushed them in her hand. "Aww man! I didn't get to read Kim!" he whined leaning back against the door pouting.

"Do you want to be erased like Drakken?" Shego growled to him.

"No," Ron said putting his hands up in surrender.

"And how is it YOU know about Shego?" Kim angrily asked the Tweebs standing up and pointing at them.

"Um, her mouth is pink," Tim pointed out.

"Duh!" added Jim.

Shego stuck her very pink tongue out at the boys and Kim sat back down.

"What's gonna happen to Motor Ed and Drakken now?" the hero asked.

"We offered Ed a work furlough deal during his incarnation with the option of employment after his sentence is over in exchange for his silence on this matter," Betty explained, "He's a very gifted mechanic and someone that could really help maintain the GJ fleet. He jumped at the chance."

"Seriously," Kim mimicked in total Motor Ed tone giggling, "And Dr. Drakken?"

"We have just the place for him!" Betty said with an evil grin on her face.


The first media vans were already beginning to pull up outside the Possible residence. Leaks that the most wanted woman in the world had finally surrendered generated quite the media frenzy. Captain Avery sat the GJ transport jet down in the Possible's front yard. He shook his head at the reporters getting ready to transmit their streaming feed into living rooms of the world.

"We capture a criminal and it's on the fifth page of the Lowerton Gazette," he commented to one of the seven heavily armed men that exited the plane with him. "One of these super villains turns themselves in and it's headline news!" He shook his head again watching as his own agency's cameraman and reporter disembarked and set up for their shot. "Ready?" he asked getting the thumbs up from the cameraman. He took a long breath and knocked on the door.


"It's time," Betty announced and a somber chill spread around the room. Kim and Shego just looked at each other.

"I love you," Shego stated with a warm, tender tone standing up and looking down at her young lover. The sound and level of honesty in Shego's voice took even Betty by surprise.

"I love you too!" Kim replied as her confident voice wavered at the end. She rose and stood beside her former enemy. There in front of everyone they kissed passionately as tears filled both of their eyes.

"No tears Princess!" Shego gently reminded the girl wiping her lipstick off of Kim's lips. Kim nodded and wiped her eyes.

Betty motioned to Agent Du. He stood up and opened the door to let the GJ agents in. "I just need your signatures ladies," Dr. Director requested in her most authoritative voice as the camera started rolling.

Shego looked at Kim then leaned down and took the pen. She froze. Her heart was beating out of her chest. A million thoughts swirling through her mind in rapid succession. Struggling against her fight or flight reflexes to do the right thing for once she put the pen to the paper then eased up.

"I need ya to sign first," she admitted looking back up at the hero. Kim took the pen from her hand and signed her own contract without a second thought. She handed the pen back to the thief that had stolen her heart.

The pale green woman took the pen and looked down on the paper. She reread the last article again.

The undersigned shall not cause nor make come to harm through culpability or negligence the coronary organ of the undersigned's commanding officer as outlined in paragraph 3 section 21.

"I won't break your heart," Shego promised the redhead beside her and signed her name.

The most dangerous woman in the world stood back up with her head high in proud surrender and agent Will Du moved behind her. "Kimberly Sheridan Go…"

"Kimberly?" Kim interrupted agent Du putting a hand on Shego's shoulder.

"Yeah Kimmie, we're both Kimmies," Shego laughed as Will handcuffed her wrists together. One of the armed guards took out leg shackles and began to lock them around her ankles.

"It's just a formality Miss Possible," Dr. Director assured the stunned teen as she watched Shego being restrained. "We both know the only thing keeping Shego in chains is… a little possibility!" She put her arm around her new assistant director and led her towards the door. The guards surrounded the criminal pointing their guns at her.

"Kimberly Sheridan Go you are under global arrest for 13 counts of treason, 27 counts of evading arrest, 27 counts of escape..." Will read off the list of the green villain's crimes as he led her out the door. He and Shego were flanked by GJ's burliest agents and by followed Kim and the director.

Agent Du had managed to memorize every infraction. This was his big moment and while the young new recruit was going to be credited with this arrest, he still felt the overwhelming pride of catching the bad guy. Shego just scoffed at him as he continued, "283 counts of petty larceny. 154 counts of grand theft. 46 counts of arson, 18 counts of attempted murder, 68 counts of assault, 211 counts of assault with a deadly weapon..."

"Hey, spy boy my hands are NOT deadly weapons and is all this shit necessary? I know why I'm under arrest," Shego snarled at him. "Just get on with it before I change my mind and you have to add a few more counts to that indictment!"

Will looked back at Betty and she nodded. "You have the right to remain silent."

"Like that ever happens!" Shego snorted rolling her eyes and looking at the small band of press and photographers. They were being held back by yellow caution tape and the two original GJ guards that had been there all night. The crowd started to hurl their questions at the villain, the director and the young hero.

"Are you sorry for your crimes?"

"Will you be the next Director of Global Justice?"

"Are you stepping down director?"

"Will you rejoin Team Go?"

"Do you have any regrets?"

The captured villain wasn't interested in talking to the media. Dr. Director stepped forward to answer a few questions. Shego just looked the young hero as she climbed into the waiting plane. Their eyes locked on each other. Shego smiled and blew her a kiss. The thief had absolutely no regrets.

"You have the right to legal council," Agent Du's voice trailed on as the guards filed past Kim into the transport plane.

The redhead stood there stiff as a statue as her mother held her shoulders tightly. Her eyes never left Shego's as the agents roughly strapped the dangerous criminal in.

Dr. Director turned to Kim and repeated the question she knew the girl had not heard, "They would like to know if you are happy with your new job at Global Justice."

The young hero reluctantly broke her lover's gaze and turned to face the flash bulbs and reporters. She was joined by her family and Ron. "I look forward to working with Global Justice," Kim stated looking back towards the plane. "Thank you," she said as her voice trailed off. She just wanted a few more minutes with Shego.

Dr. Director finished with the press and walked up to Kim patting her on the shoulder as she walked past. Betty climbed into the plane obscuring Kim's view of her lover.

Kim started to tremble. She wasn't going to cry because she promised Shego she wouldn't but she was very close to losing it as the finality of this morning overcame her.

Her mom hugged her. "Everything will be okay sweetie," she consoled her daughter.

Ron walked up to her and Kim put her arm around his. She knew he was mad at her and that he might never forgive her but she was glad he was there. The tweebs even managed to squeeze in and hug her legs. Her father was the only one who wasn't there. She glanced back towards the house to see him standing in the doorway. He looked at her and nodded.

"We have a schedule we must stick to Miss Possible. We don't have time for long goodbyes," Betty Director hollered from the cabin, "You coming?"

"What?" Kim replied in disbelief taking a few steps towards the waiting plane. Agent Du threw a blue jacket at the shocked teen. Her quick reflexes caught the article of clothing and she looked at the jacket then turned back to her family. They smiled at her and even Ron managed to smile. She turned and took another tentative step towards the waiting plane still not sure she had heard correctly. The sound of her heart beating was louder than the engines of the plane in her ears. She hadn't even noticed that tears were running down her cheeks or that a large smile had crept onto her lips.

"Welcome to Global Justice Kim Possible," Agent Du said smiling, "I believe you are in charge of the escort of this prisoner."

Kim shook with tears of joy and relief as she put on the GJ cadet fatigue jacket and skipped towards the plane. She stopped at the door and wiped her tears away then jumped aboard.

"The hero always get's the girl!" Shego snarled from the back of the cabin with a seductive grin.

"Yes she does!" Kim agreed strapping herself in next to the woman she loved.


Six months later.
Ron and Yori walked into the Middleton Bueno Nacho. "It's so bon-diggity cool you could come home with me for the holidays to have an American style Christmas," Ron piped to his new fiancée.

"Yes Ron-kun, but I am still a little nervous about the naco," the ninja replied with a hint of uncertainty in her voice, "Certainly the food here is not nearly as good as what you prepare at culinary school."

"Oh the naco IS why I wanted to be a chef in the first place!" he informed her beaming proudly at his woman. He walked up to the counter to order.

"Buenos tardes," the cashier greeted him. Ron smiled and placed his order. The cashier took his money and gathered his order.

"I love the service here don't you buddy?" Ron commented to Rufus who nodded in agreement. "I just can't remember the name of that guy," he remarked giggling delightfully.

"But Ron-kun, his name is on the name tag he is wearing," Yori pointed out to the young blonde man.

"I know Yori, it's an inside joke. I'll fill ya in later," Ron whispered smiling as the employee returned to the counter with their order.

"Thank you and have a muy bueno day Mr. Stoppable," the blue skinned cashier said to Ron.


Meanwhile in Paris.
It was an icy December evening as Kim Possible turned the key in the lock of her luxurious apartment overlooking the Champs-Elysees. It had been the last day of her studies at the Sorbonne and she was finally on holiday. She opened the door and if she had looked closely she would have noticed that the hinges had recently been replaced. She flipped on the light switch entering into her darkened foyer. The light didn't come on. She tried it again, nothing.

She walked slowly down the short corridor and stopped in the entry way. In front of her was the banister for the stairs leading right up to the top floor and beyond that was the darkened kitchen. To her immediate right was the hall leading to the bedrooms on the main floor. To her left was the living room.

She stood there letting her senses settle. It was very, very dark. All the shudders had been pulled closed in her apartment. Something wasn't right. She felt heat coming from the left side of her. She strained her eyes to look into the dark abyss. She shifted into her battle stance and stood there frozen listening for any sound; silently hoping her eyes would adjust to the dark.

She heard something… or at least she thought she did. She took one step closer to her living room.

In a flash, a green orb shot across the room in front of her igniting the logs in the fire place. The red glow from the fire illuminated the room. There under the Christmas tree sat the best Christmas present ever wrapped in nothing but a strategically placed red velvet ribbon held together across the front by a brilliant bow.

BEEP! BEEP! BE-BEEP! The Kimmunicator on her wrist chimed alerting the young woman that she was so not dreaming.

"Oh just great!" the early gift from Global Justice growled cocking her head to the side and sighing.

The much missed sound of the sexy voice caused all the air to leave the redhead's body. Kim dove head first at the pale green package under the tree showering her in kisses. The package giggled and returned her lover's kisses passionately.

BEEP! BEEP! BE-BEEP! The Kimmunicator rang again with an echo this time and the young hero noticed a black and green Kimmunicator attached to her present's wrist. Their green eyes met. The antihero just shrugged, her eyes not leaving her precious Kimmie.

BEEP! BEEP! BE-BEEP! The annoying Kimmunicators insisted. Kim and Shego smiled at each other and then answered the call together.

"What's the sitch?"