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Tsunade spent the better part of a week rifling through the filing cabinets in her new office, trying to make sense of the ancient filing system before deciding to simply give everything a once-over and tossing it in a pile with similar things.

She had just taken on the mantle of the Godaime Hokage about a week prior, and regretted every second of it. All paperwork… Everything that had to do with being Hokage included a stamp, a signature, or five minutes of filling out. Honestly, she was starting to wonder what Nawaki, Dan, and Naruto ever saw in the job… Oh yeah… I'm the boss… Tsunade thought, chuckling to herself. "SHIZUNE!"

"Y-yes, Tsunade-sama?" Shizune asked, walking into the office with a slightly fearful look adorning her features. Whenever Tsunade downright bellowed her name, it never ended well.

"Get over here and help me through these, dammit!" Tsunade called, indicating the scrolls and books still sitting on the shelves around the room, and motioning towards the piles in front of her. Shizune wondered why her master was sitting on the floor, and more-so why she hadn't had Chuunin administrators go through all of it instead, but she merely sighed before walking over to help her mentor.

"Now, let's see… history, history, ooh, blackmail material!" Tsunade said, tucking a small scroll into her robes before tossing the others into a rather large pile. Shizune sighed, but couldn't help but chuckle at the older woman's antics.

After sorting through a handful of scrolls and books herself, getting a handle on Tsunade's 'filing system', (if it could indeed be called one) Shizune came across a red-bordered orange scroll with a similarly pattered letter bound to it with wire. "Ts-Tsunade-sama…" She muttered.

"Yes, Shizune?" Tsunade asked. She didn't like the tone in her apprentice's voice. She was worried the younger woman stumbled across something she wasn't meant to.

"This scroll… it… it's addressed to you…" Shizune said, handing the mid-sized scroll to her teacher. "To the Godaime…" Looking it over once, Tsunade immediately recognized the seals of both the Sandaime and Yondaime Hokage on the letter, and as her apprentice had said, it was addressed to the Godaime, in an oddly generalized sense…

She quickly sat herself back at her desk and undid the cord binding the letter to the scroll. Tsunade only stared at the letter for an instant before slashing the top of it open with a kunai, obviously forgetting there was a letter opener on the desk…

Tsunade swiftly pulled the papers out from the large letter envelope, and unfolded the letters inside. Seeing two other papers slip out of the now-unfolded letters and onto her desk, Tsunade decided to ignore these for a moment and concentrate on the first letter; which was in her sensei's handwriting.


-To my successor:

You are obviously wondering why you are receiving this, rest assured that this document was sealed over a decade ago, thus holding no bias or comment directed toward you in any way. This was done on behalf of my former successor, Yondaime Hokage.

Enclosed is a letter from him better detailing the situation regarding the scroll these documents were attached it, as well as explaining the documents I sealed inside the envelope along with the letters…

All I need say is that if all went according to plan, you are receiving these documents at least fifteen years after the hero they regard was born. I have sworn to look after him as my own, but should I pass away before he is of age, I would request you do the same in my stead. I am an old man, after all, and my finite time in this world has nearly run its course.

It is my deepest wish that all who suffered in this tragedy find happiness, especially young Naruto. I have given him the surname 'Uzumaki' to hide his identity from those who would do him harm, but I fear I can do little more than that, aside from passing a law forbidding anyone else from learning what is sealed within him.

Please ask Naruto to forgive an old man his folly in my stead…


Tsunade's eyes were in tears before she'd finished the letter. What shocked her more than anything else in the letter, however, was the fact that it was both hand-signed and stamped with her sensei's personal Hanko. As far as she knew, no document in existence, save something rivaling the importance of a declaration of war required both, showing just how important this letter was to the old man. If this is right… then I opened this a good three years early… Tsunade thought, before something else dawned on her… "Shizune…?"


"When was the Sandaime's law… the one regarding Naruto… founded?" Tsunade asked, throwing her apprentice through a loop, continuing before the younger woman could speak up. "And I mean exactly when it was laid down…"

"Erm… about a week after the Kyuubi's attack, I think…" Shizune answered.

"Then that would mean… this was written and sealed less than a week after Naruto was born…" At her apprentice's curious look regarding her statement, Tsunade passed the first letter to her as she started on the second, which was obviously written hastily, if not haphazardly.


-To Sandaime-oyaji and Godaime Hokage:

First off, old man, I'm sorry to say that I ran out of options and had to stick you with my job again… You're probably cursing my name right now for stranding you with my mountain of paperwork, but I'd also like you to take care of my son, Naruto. I mean, so long as it's not too much trouble… just watch over him when you can, and keep him safe. Our little hero is destined for great things, but only if the villagers manage to see him for the hero he is. I know that as long as he has you and his mother, he'll turn out just fine.

I want you to give him the family scroll when he's old enough for it, in other words, whenever you pick the next Hokage in a decade or two, just shirk it off on them, I'm sure my son will understand.

To Godaime-sama, I am sure you're quite confused by now, so I'm going to explain a few things; Naruto, whom you may or may not know as the 'demon child', is my biological son. Unless some horrendous twist of fate intervenes, my wife should be able to keep our son safe, and teach him enough to survive in this harsh world.

Along with this, you should find my son's birth records, and the deed to our estate. If there isn't a copy of our clan scroll along with this, then there should be a copy in my old home. All of your questions should be answered in the scroll…

Don't worry about Naruto, give him the scroll, and he'll figure everything out from there. He is my son, after all.


Once more, Tsunade saw that the letter in her hand was both signed and stamped by its writer. She sighed before handing the letter off to Shizune and opening up the first of the two documents that had fallen onto her desk. Heh… Kazama Naruto… who would've figured? Tsunade thought. I only wish his mother had survived to care for him… it would've made all of this a lot less complicated. Tossing the birth certificate onto her desk and taking a single glance at the deed to the Kazama estate, she swiftly turned her attention to the scroll on her desk. It was rather small for a clan scroll, but she assumed it didn't have much of the clan history or Jutsu, so that was understandable. Unrolling it, her eyes slowly widened as she read more and more of the apparently ancient document. "Call Naruto in here…" Tsunade muttered, catching her assistant's attention before simply exploding. "…NOW!"

As she watched her assistant scurry away, Tsunade couldn't help but think her day was simply shot to hell already, and started looking around for a bottle of sake.


Shizune returned about a half-hour later dragging an infuriated Naruto along with her. "Hey! Why you… what do you think you're doing!? I wasn't done with my ra-"

"Naruto…" Tsunade said, sternly. Her voice held no quarter, and Naruto silenced instantly, visibly gulping as he waited for whatever punishment was sure to come… for what he had no idea. "How would you like to know about your family?"

Naruto's eyes shot open. "What!? Seriously!?" Naruto yelled, and at Tsunade's nod, continued. "Of course I want to know!"

Tsunade glanced at Shizune, who understood instantly, and shut the door. "First, the reason there aren't any Uzumaki in Konoha is because there is no 'Uzumaki' clan… your name is Kazama Naruto, the son of the Yondaime, and apparently…" Tsunade stopped for a moment, opening the scroll so that Naruto could see its contents.

"…You've got to be shitting me…" Naruto muttered as he looked it over.

"Nope…" The Sannin muttered. "I'd suggest you find someone to help you figure out how to deal with this, and seeing as the council will want to talk to you about it, I'll set up a meeting in… say, a week or two?" Naruto was dumbfounded… but he knew that didn't matter. "Naruto… I'd suggest talking to the Hyuuga clan… you're friends with Hinata and Neji, right?" Naruto nodded, honestly confused. "Well then, I bet they can help you out with this, and I can order Shikamaru to teach you how to talk in front of the council…" She said, pointing to a spot on the scroll before smiling maliciously.

"Erm… okay… I'll talk to Neji and Hinata tomorrow morning…" Naruto muttered, rolling up the scroll to take it with him.

"I'll make sure neither of them have a mission tomorrow…" Tsunade said, smiling.

As Naruto walked out of the Hokage's office, clan scroll tucked safely under his arm, he started thinking to himself… Man… this is weird… first Sasuke starts acting strange, and now this… Naruto hadn't realized it, but he was already at his apartment. "Shinzenbigan, huh? Sounds kinda cool…" He muttered.

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Anyway, Shinzenbigan means 'The True Eye'.

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