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Warning: Slight twincest. Yaoi.

Notes: This is my first fan fiction uploaded here. Ahah.


It was just another day at the host club. Kyoya was on his computer looking at... computer-stuff. Hunny sat on Mori's lap and shoveled cake into his mouth while the girls just squealed in utter delight. Tamaki was charming some customers on the couch while Haruhi was at a table being modest and getting prodded. Then there was Hikaru and Kaoru, who currently were getting most of the attention. There was a very good reason to that, just like many things.

Kaoru had 'accidentally' poured 'hot' tea onto his hand. In all reality the tea was cold and he did it on purpose so that the act would continue. The girls gasped when the younger twin shuddered in pain. Sometimes he wondered if he should take up and acting career. Big bucks.

"Kao!" Hikaru held up the 'burned' hand and then stuck the index finger into his mouth. More squeals. All while the redhead just thought that he was going to try some of the tea because it did taste quite good. Or maybe it was Kaoru's lotion? No. He hadn't used any today.


How was it so easy to get his face to turn that red? Years of experience. Not just in the host club but at home when they did something sneaky and had to find a way out of it. Like the time they broke the priceless vase his mother had just purchased from Paris, France. Now that was a close one! They both ended up fake crying and saying they wouldn't eat or sleep until their mother felt better. Boy did she perk up. The twins even got some candy for being, 'So sweet and kind.'

After he pulled the finger from his mouth he gave a quick wink to Kaoru. It was working. There was never a time when it didn't.

Before either of the twins could say anything one of the girls started to speak.

"I don't understand, though, this tea is cold!"

Then another girl, "Yes! It is cold!"

"Hikaru, Koaru, have you been deceiving us?"

Now it was time to think fast or get in trouble with Kyoya the ice-king. Kaoru gave a real shudder at the thought of this. Think fast... think. Oh! He pouted and sniffled to look cute. It was easier to suck them back in, then.

"N-no! I just wanted a reason for Hika to touch me..."

Hikaru gasped and pulled his twin into a hug, whispering into his ear, "Good one." And then saying in a low whisper just loud enough for the ladies to hear, "Kao, you never need a reason."

And, it was saved.

-- Owari --