The comeback;

Parring: Shinichi X Ran

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Ran wandered over to Shinichis house. Every month she visited his house and cleaned it. It had gone some years since she saw her beloved detective, and she quietly wondered if he had lost his ability to solve cases.

She shocks her head. As if, she thought to herself. He probably had the time of his life, wherever he was, and her she was, cleaning HIS house. Suddenly she became angry. Why did she need to do this? He was big enough to take care of himself, still the house always got dirty again before he returned…

She let out a big sight and sank down to the floor. She missed him, it was nothing she could do really, it was just that way.

Suddenly she heard that someone opened the door. Shit, she thought. She had forgotten to lock it.

Shinichi had sent her the key to his house short after his disappearing. Leaving it to her to take care of. He could do THAT, but not visit her? The thought made Rans blood boil. What did that jerk think of her as? His personal cleaner?

Angry she stepped down the stairs. Anyways, she needed to know who tried to get inside his house, and of course, kick whoever it was out with his or hers head first.

She froze before she took the first step down the stair. She starred chocked on the black-haired boy that took of his shoes and placed them on the rug. Was it… no it couldn't be… it couldn't. Or was it really…

"S-shinichi?" she whispered almost to quiet for the detective to hear.

His eyes immediately searched around before he found the one that had said his name. The both starred into each others eyes for the longest time before he broke the silence.

"Hi Ran, I am home" she nodded slowly, feeling tears made their way down her cheeks.

"I can see that you dummy" she tried to sound emotionless, but definitive didn't success. For a long embarrassed moment, none of them could fin anything to say.

It had gone so long time and Ran had no idea of which personality Shinichi had now. He maybe was a entire other person, and the other one Ran loved so much now maybe only existed in her memories.

"What are you doing her?" he asked her, making the angry side of Ran return.

"What I am doing here? And you're supposed to be a detective?! I am gonna tell you EXACTLY what I am doing her Kudo" Shinichi smiled nervously. He knew al to well that it was hard to stop Ran when she once had started.

"One time EVERY month, I walk over to your damn house and cleaned it! Do you know why?" she asked yelling. He shocks his head, thinking that the best thing to do for the moment is to let her continue.

"Because no one else is doing it! And you are asking me what I am doing her?!" she was really angry know, and he could tell because al other timed she had been angry at him.

"Please calm down Ran" he begged her.

"Oh no… I am not gonna…"

"Please" he said again with a serious and at the same time begging voice. Ran crossed her arms and turned her back against him, obviously decided to keep quiet, at least for a while.

"I never asked you for it, right? Then please don't blame me" she knew he was right, but she keep quiet, not wanting to give the jerk another reason to think he was so smart and so on.

"I am just surprised that you had courage to show up again" she said with a voice full of anger.


"After everything you have done. I mean, leaving me al alone for YEARS when you where of with some hot looking American or whatever you where doing." Now our detectives anger started to build up.

Oh, so he hadn't been trying to get back to her? He just crushed one of the biggest organizations ever, just so she would be out of danger.

"You're going too far" he groaned at her making her give him death glares.

"Oh really. Is it because it is the truth? Did you really think everything could go back to normal after al those years?" he knew that it probably wouldn't be that way, but al that time as Conan he whished for it, but obviously didn't someone grant him that whish.

"You have o idea of what I have gone through!" he yelled at her, quietly in his head wondering why it always ended like this.

"The same here, I have waited so long... and yet… I got really happy when you send me the key to your house. It made me feel like you trusted me…so I needed to take care of it... right?" she swept an arm around the room, making him understand that she talked about the house. Walking down the stairs she continued;

"…and yet... yet you're asking ME what I am doing here?" somehow their conversation had leaved the past, forgetting it, and tried to talk about the things that where happing just some minutes ago.

Ran walked to the end of the stairs, sticking her feet inside her shoes and placed a hand on the doorknob, trying to leave the house.

"Ran, wait" she heard Shinichi say and felt him place a hand on her wrist. When she made a move, as if to open he door he added;

"Please" somehow, that was the word that always worked on Ran. She stopped and starred down on the floor, not letting a word leave her mouth for awhile.

"Don't you dare walk away in that mood" he said with calm voice.

"Which mood?" she asked, already knowing what he meant.

"I know you're crying Ran" he said easily. She was quite surprised over that he didn't say something like, 'cause I am a detective you know! But let the thought disappear.

"And? Would that be bad if that got out to the media or what? Are you afraid that I would ruin your image?" she felt the tears burning on her cheeks, but she kept telling herself that if she continued to look on the floor he wouldn't notice.

"No, I just simply don't want you to cry" his words made an eco in her head, and made her cheeks redden at the same time.

"I have really missed you Ran" he forced himself to say, a slight blush on his cheeks said that he really meant it.

Because Shinichi had lived at Rans house he was pretty sure of her feeling for her, but he still felt embarrassed.

"A-and I think t-that you maybe has missed me to?" the question he already knew the answer on, but still decided to ask were hanging in the air.

Ran nodded, slowly turning her head against him.

"A little bit" Shinichi got speechless as he saw the tears on her face. Ha wanted to wipe them away, but he hadn't courage enough to do so.

"Come on. Don't cry" was al he could say, mentally hitting himself in hi head.

She nodded slowly and whipped away the tears.

"I am home now Ran" he said and smiled warmly at her.

"Welcome home Shinichi" she smiled at him, making him understand that al that had happened now where in the past.

Collecting al his courage Shinichi wrapped his arms around Ran and hugged her tightly which created a blush on both of their faces.

"It's school tomorrow, right? I will come and pick you up as before, ok?" she nodded again and opened the door.

"Bye bye" she smiled and he smiled back.

"Bye Ran" Everyting were back to normal now... and hopefully it would always bee that way.

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