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blah blah – Hinata's thoughts

BLAH BLAH – inner Hinata

Chapter 1 – Mission Impossible

Naruto fumed. He was tired, it was freaking hot and they'd been standing out here on the doorstep for half an hour already, luggage scattered around them, waiting for someone to open the stupid door. He pounded the door again. "IS ANYONE IN TTTHHHEERRRE???!". Kiba who was sitting on the ground chose to ignore him and closed his eyes. Sasuke who was leaning against the wall rolled his eyes. "Shut up dobe, people are staring". Naruto scowled and glared at him. It was true though, a lot of people who was passing by the huge mansion were casting him rather strange looks.

Naruto shot death glares back at them, making them look down and hurry off. He sighed in defeat and slumped down onto the marble floor, leaning against the impressive front door. "I thought Tsunade-baa-chan said that someone would be at home.". Kiba yawned, "Who would want to let a ramen-freak into their house…". Oh, that was it. Naruto snapped. "AT LEAST I DON'T HAVE B.O DOG-TEME." Kiba twitched.

"NANI…AT LEAST I HAVE A BRAIN UNLIKE YOU". They continued to bicker and scream. Sasuke sighed…stupid idiots…and he'd have to put up with this for god knows how long.


Naruto, Kiba and Sasuke were lying down on the green grass, staring at the clear blue sky and listening to the crickets sing in the summer heat. He heard Naruto sigh and mumble, "This is thhhee life". "Hnnnn", said Sasuke lazily. Kiba grunted. Except…they would have to leave all of this behind in about two weeks time.

All three had applied for Konoha's School of Arts and all three had managed to get scholarships. Naruto had applied for music, Sasuke and Kiba were both doing the designer courses. The three boys lived in the countryside and were the best of buddies…not that Sasuke would ever admit this fact to any one though.

The three continued to lay in contented silence until Kiba's voice broke it. "Hey guys…what are we gonna do about where we're gonna stay and stuff…?". This struck some realisation into them. Crap. They didn't have a place to stay (Konoha was a city…far away from where the three lived). Naruto sweatdropped…"So we'll have to look for a place to rent…?" The trio sighed…rent money…something that they really didn't have much.

"Well you guys could always stay at my place" said a familiar voice. Naruto sat up quickly and spun around. "TSUANDE-BAA-CHAN!!! CONGRATS ON YOUR WEDDING!!! SORRY WE COULDN'T COME" Tsunade rolled her eyes…he was still the same loud idiot… she slapped him at the back of his head. Tsunade was like an 'aunt' to all three boys, though she was especially close to Naruto.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "What did you say about us staying at your place?" Tsunade grinned. "Well, you see. Me and Jiraiya are going to travel around the world as our honeymoon. So yeah, basically my place is free right now. You guys can come and live in it until I come back. I'm sure by then you would have had settled in and can look for another place."

The three stared at her and each other. They've been to her house before and it was HUGE. She was after all, one of the most successful business women in Japan. "Wait, so we don't have to pay for the rent??" asked Kiba eagerly. Tsunade snorted. "Course you still have to. Just not as much as you'll have to pay for other places." "Aawwww…come on baa-chan!" whined Naruto. Tsunade glared at him, "You call me that again and you guys will have to find another place to live." Kiba and Sasuke punched Naruto in the head to shut him up.

Tsunade sighed…they really haven't changed much. Except for Sasuke. A small smile flickered across her face. He had grown up with the loss of his brother, Itachi. The two brothers had been very close and the sudden loss had been too much for the young Uchiha, causing him to become secluded in his own world. That was until he met Naruto. Naruto had reached out to Sasuke and had helped him come out of his darkness. Shortly afterwards the two boys met Kiba and now the three were the best of friends.

She glanced at Sasuke who had the smallest of smiles on his face. Naruto seemed to have that effect on people. He had this effect where everyone felt like they could put faith into him. He certainly had that effect on her. He had changed her from an alcoholic and gambling addict to a happily wedded woman. She grinned and shook her head. Who would have thought that she'd turn out like she was now? She certainly never would have imagined herself like this 4 years ago. If only she had that ability. To change people. Then maybe Hinata wouldn't be like…

Suddenly, an idea started to form in her head. A sly smile spread across her face. Well…why not…She cleared her throat causing the trio to stop bickering and squabbling. "Well…maybe I COULD offer you free rent." The three stared at here for the second time. Naruto looked at her with his puppy eyes. "REALLY OBAA-CHAN??!" he tackled her into a hug whilst Kiba and Sasuke grinned and high-fived.

Tsunade impatiently peeled Naruto off her. "ON the condition that you manage to accomplish one thing". Sasuke scowled, of course there had to be some catch to it. "What is it" asked Kiba.

Tsunade grinned.

"That you manage to turn my niece, Hinata, into a perfect lady"

"NANI…??" Sasuke stared at her like she was a mad woman, whilst Naruto and Kiba had their mouths wide open. What kind of a 'MISSION' was that???

Tsunade turned around to leave. "Accept it or leave it," She casted them one more look, an evil glint in her eyes. "but if you manage to turn her into a perfect lady in 4 months time you guys can have free rent and live for however long at my place. But until then, you guys will still have to pay." And that was it. With one last wave she was gone.

Sasuke scowled. No way was he gonna do something like that.

Or so he thought.


Sasuke sighed as he continued to listen to the annoying shouts of Naruto's and Kiba's fight. The two had managed to convince him to take Tsunade's 'mission' on. How they did it…he had no idea. Or maybe it was because of the tantalising bait of the free rent that they could get.

Naruto glared at Kiba. Kiba glared at Naruto. Naruto sighed…is it just him but does every one of his conversations with Kiba had to end up like this. "What, can't think of a comeback ramen-freak?" smirked Kiba. Naruto seethed and was about to retort when suddenly the door opened.

Naruto who was still leaning against the front door gave a surprised yelp and he landed backwards, head-on onto the cold marble floor. He rubbed the back of his head. "Itai…". He looked up to glare at the person, "About time some…" he didn't finish his sentence because when he looked up at the mystery person he did something everyone least suspected. He screamed. "AAARRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHH".

He scrambled back to Kiba and Sasuke who both looked like they were going to scream themselves. Because the 'THING' that had greeted them at the door was well…not human. The three were clutching onto each other, eyes wide and shaking with fear. The 'thing' that stood in front of them had a somewhat strange resemblance to a human however…

Long, greasy blue-ish straggly hair covered the 'things' face, making it impossible to decipher its features. The 'thing' was wearing extremely baggy sweats which were covered with countless stains. Naruto stared at the 'thing' then came to realisation that it was a female. The mystery female brang a hand to brush back part of her extremely over-grown fringe, revealing one rather blood-shot eye.

Naruto had to bite back another scream. Sasuke's voice broke through the thick silence. "W-who are you??!" Naruto heard her sigh. "I'm Hinata." His eyes widened. Wait a second…THIS IS HINATA?? THE GIRL WHOM THEY HAVE TO… 'CONVERT'. OH. MY. GOD. BAA-CHAN IS SO DEAD.


Hinata brang one hand up to brush some of her hair out of her face. And when she saw what was in front of her…she felt like screaming herself. TSUNADE WANTS ME TO LIVE WITH THREE GUYS???? AARRRGGGHH. Hinata felt like hurling up, because...the three guys were well…cute. NOOOO…I CAN'T HAVE THOUGHTS LIKE THAT. WHY NOT…ITS TRUE. AND ESPECAILLY THE BLONDE-HAIRED…Hinata scowled and pushed her thoughts away.

How the hell was she going to survive with these three…RADIANT creatures around?? Oh god. Tsunade is so dead.


Hinata hesitated before speaking. "Eeerr…you guys wanna come in or something?" The three nodded and having regained their composure quickly got off each other and scrambled for their bags. Hinata awkwardly held the door open for them as they went inside. Once again there was tense silence. "U-umm…I think I'll go and check to see if the maids have finished arranging your rooms yet."

The three merely nodded and stared at her whilst she quickly scurried up the stairs. Once she was safely out of sight the three boys exploded. "OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIVE BAA-CHAN…" "WHY DID YOU GUYS HAVE TO DRAG ME INTO THIS…" "WHAT THEY HELL ARE WE GONNA DO NOW??" The three fell into gloomy depression. Naruto sighed. "Well, we can't turn back now…so we might as well just try to…" Kiba glared at him. "You have got to be kidding me. Did you see the state she was in?? How the hell are we going to turn that into a 'perfect lady'??"

The two started to bicker again. Sasuke sighed…kami-sama…what had he gotten himself into??? He hit them both on the head to shut them up. The two glared at him. Sasuke smirked, "Well…for once…I agree with Naruto. We might as well give it a shot. Think about it. Free rent." Kiba stared at him for a second before raising his hands in defeat.

Naruto grinned. "Cool…except how are we going to do this??!!" Kiba frowned. "Well, first thing is we have GOT to do something about that appearance." Naruto rolled his eyes, "Duh…except how are we gonna do that?? Its not like she'll just sit down and not do anything…and remember what baa-chan said??"


Tsunade grinned. "So you guys in?" The three nodded unsurely. Tsunade's grin became wider. "Excellent…except I should warn you about one thing…Hinata…can have a well…rather 'vicious' nature. Even I can't convince her to do anything to change. Especially her look"


At that time the three were all picturing a geeky looking girl with braces, fuzzy blown up hair and thick thick glasses. They DEFINTALY were not expecting this. Naruto and Kiba once again resumed their gloomy depression. That is until they saw Sasuke give them one of his smirks. And they saw him lift up a bottle.

Naruto took it and Kiba glanced over his shoulder to read the label. They were sleeping pills. Maximum effect. Naruto stared at Sasuke who merely shrugged. "Well at least she won't be struggling…and don't ask why I have them." Naruto stared at the bottle in his hand.

Oh dear god.

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