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Chapter 7 – Etiquette Training

Hinata stared at the clothes laid out in front of her.

The set consisted of a soft, pale blue blouse top, a white cotton, layered knee-length skirt and a waist belt to top it all off.

In short…it was all very…ladylike. And so not her.

"Hinata!! Hurry up will you?!!"

She scowled and started to, rather painfully, put on the clothes.

So before we continue, how did she end up here, crammed in a store's change room and forced to wear clothes that she would ,on normal circumstances, stay well away from?


She knew something was wrong even before they started to speak. She had drummed it into their heads that they should NEVER interrupt her during a movie. So the fact that they had dragged her out of her room so that they could 'speak' to her was an obvious indicator that something happened.

Or something was about to happen.

There was silence as they sat directly opposite her, studying her with an all too intense stare. She started to break into cold sweat when Sasuke finally broke the tension.

"Etiquette training"

Hinata stared at him as if he had just something in a foreign language.


Sasuke sighed.

"Etiquette training. You need it. Look at the way you're sitting right now"

Hinata stared at him dumbly again. She thought that she was sitting perfectly fine.

This time it was Kiba who rolled his eyes and sighed.

"First of all, your knees aren't together. Have you ever seen a classy woman with her legs wide open??"

She was about to argue that she wasn't a 'classy' woman, nor did she ever wish to be a 'classy' woman.

"Second, your posture is horrible. God, you're sitting like a hunch back"

She wanted to point out that Naruto wasn't exactly sitting all that great either. In fact he was slumped on the chair with his eyes shut. Seriously, trust him to fall asleep in any situation. Was that a bit of drool coming from the corner of his mouth…?

It seemed to make him cuter.

All thoughts came instantly to a halt. Woah, did she just think that Naruto looked CUTE with drool dribbling down his chin??? What was happening to her?? Was she attracted to guys who drool??

She slapped herself in the face.

And that was when she was brought back to reality and realised that Sasuke and Kiba were giving her the weirdest looks.

Oh my god…did she just…? She restrained from slapping herself in the face again.

She was really losing it these days.

Kiba gave an awkward cough. "Umm…right. Anyway as we were saying…You begin our etiquette crash course tomorrow"

Hinata laughed nervously.

"Er, I think I heard wrong but did you just say ETIQUETTE CRASH COURSE???"

Kiba nodded, Sasuke 'hnn'ed and Naruto snored.

She stared at them like they were mad men. She had to get out of this situation quick. Her eyes darted to the doorway and she dashed.

"The photo…"

She froze and slowly turned around.

Sasuke regarded her with an evil look over pressed fingertips.

She felt like she was dealing with the mafia or something.

"Do anything you like with it. I don't give anymore. Nothing's gonna get me to do that…thing of yours"

Sasuke chuckled an evil chuckle. Was that possible?? Chuckles were meant to be jolly.

"Oh? Then what about this?"

He gave a sharp nod to Kiba, who drew out a rather familiar looking book from under the table. Very familiar looking…


"Th-that's my-!!!!!"

Kiba (evilly) smirked.

"Bingo. Your old diary"

Hinata's blood seemed to have frozen and she felt pure desperation and fury flow through her.

"How did you get that??!"

Sasuke smirked. She tried her best not to go over there and give him a huge whack on that smug face of his.

"We have ways…"

Hinata didn't need to put two and two together to figure out who was handing them all these items for blackmailing…

She was going to kill Tsunade when she got the chance.

"Do whatever. I don't care"

Sasuke smirked again.

"Are you sure…?"

Kiba opened up to a random page in the diary and began to read with a high, girly voice.

"Dear diary, today I saw this totally hot guy at the café. You know he was giving me THE look-"

She couldn't take it.


She didn't even realise that she was breathing hard.

Did she really use to be so…plastic?

Thank god that she changed. And she was never going back.

But she was not about to let the guys do something with her old diary. She shuddered at the possible and horrible things that they could do to it…

She gritted her teeth. Well…it wouldn't be too bad right? She'll just have to sit properly…How bad could it be?

Little did she know that it was the biggest understatement that she will ever make in her life.


She got a headache thinking about the two hellish days that she had been through.

They had made her learn things like how to walk softly, say things quietly and politely, take small steps, bites and sips, not to mention making her walk around in high heels for a DAY until she could walk in a slightly straight line.

And then, they had dragged her to the mall so that they could change her whole wardrobe.

"Hinata, get your butt out here now or we're knocking down the door!"

Muttering a few dark words, she straightened out the outfit, refusing to look at herself in the mirror. She knew that she'd look clownish.

Taking a deep breath, she started to slowly unlock the door.


Naruto yawned before he took another gulp of Coke. They had managed to get Hinata to act somewhat ladylike-ish and now they had to make her look it as well. Well, at least they had managed to cram everything in just in time, since Tsunade was coming tomorrow…

The change room door finally clicked open just as Naruto was taking another mouthful of Coke…

Which he promptly spat all back out at poor Kiba who was standing opposite him.

"Geez!! Say it, don't spray it!" yelled Kiba in disgust.

Naruto didn't even hear him.

He was currently staring at the person who had just walked out of the change room.

That…could not be Hinata. The Hinata he knew wore sweats or baggy clothes all the time (no matter the amount of protesting that they had done). The Hinata that was currently standing in front of them (and looking rather uncomfortable) was an entirely different person.

She looked really…pretty.

Finally Kiba broke the silence.

"That looks good" he said, nodding, Sasuke 'hn-ed' showing that he agreed.

They looked at Naruto expectantly. He managed to croak out a 'yea'.

Kiba grinned, "Great, let's pay for that and get outta here"


Hinata sighed with relief when she was back into her normal outfit. It felt good to be wearing a T-shirt and cargo's...

Her thoughts came to a halt when she caught a glimpse of red hair disappearing around the corner.

Her eyes widened.


"U-um, you guys go back first, I'll see you later!"

Without waiting for a reply she immediately started to run.

The three guys could only stare dumbly at her disappearing figure.



It had to be him.

He was the only person she had ever seen with such a distinct shade of red…

She stopped to take in her surroundings…it seemed that she had ran up to the roof of the shopping mall. The place was totally empty….

She sighed…maybe she should get her eyes checked or something…

"What are you doing here"

Trying her best not to flinch, she turned around.

Sure enough there was Gaara leaning against one of the walls. His arms were folded and he was currently glaring at her with his distinct green eyes.

"What are you doing here?" she snapped back…and then regretting it…couldn't she come back with better comebacks?

He smirked.

It had been the first time she had seen him with something else rather than his usual scowl.

He stood up and started to saunter towards the exit stairs that would lead him to the streets.

She hesitated but pushed on.

"Ano…Gaara? You should really talk to Temari and Kankuro, they're really worried..."

Suddenly a fist punched into the wall, missing her face by inches and Gaara leaned close to her face.

"It's none of your business, so just keep out or I'll make you"

She felt like looking down to avoid those eyes that were filled with hatred. But instead she forced herself to meet them. She had to. Temari and Kankuro…couldn't this guy see what awesome sibling's he had??! Couldn't he see that he still had family members who still cared?? She thought about her father and her so called sister. She felt her years of collected frustration, anguish and anger burst.

All she could think of right now was just to knock some sense into this stupid idiot.

"Do you really think…that by running away you can just escape the problems back at home? Temari and Kankuro…their trying to do something about it and you're just trying to run away!"

The words were just flowing from her mouth. She felt furious.

"You try to act all so cool back at school… 'oh look!! I'm sooooo isolated away from the world!!' God, stop trying to be Mister Lonely or something!! You know what?? Maybe you should audition for Akon's new video clip or something!! If you really don't want to be a total LONER all your life then DO something about it already instead of just sitting there all day in that stupid classroom with that stupid expressionless face of yours! You know I have never met someone who has a freaking mask as a face!!-"

She stopped for a breather. Man, this is so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!

Then it slowly started to dawn to her…what she had just done.


She swallowed hard and prepared herself for what would come next.

Nothing came.

She slowly looked up at Gaara's face. The corners of his mouth were twitching weirdly and he refused to look at her. Slowly he removed his hand from the wall and walked off with an 'hmph'.

Hinata stood there for a moment, before realizing that she was holding her breath. Letting it out shakily she slid down to the floor, leaning against the wall. God, every time she talked to Gaara she seemed to lose a few years of her life…Still, everything would turn out all right…she hoped.

The sound of footsteps on the stairs caused he to scramble up to her feet quickly but she relaxed when she saw three familiar faces; although she quickly became suspicious when she saw the three males smiling sheepishly at her.

"You saw?" she said stiffly.

Naruto waved his hands in front of him defensively.

"We didn't mean to stalk you or anything!! And we only just saw him walk away… We were just trying to find you!!"

She glared at him suspiciously. Knowing them they were probably just trying to find out what she was up to.


Kiba rolled his eyes.

"Like you even know the way back home yourself, you'll probably just get lost again"

She blushed. That was true…man, she was really bad with directions. But wait, they came to look for her…so she won't get lost?

Was she supposed to be touched?

Ah well…

Punching Kiba's arms, she joined the guys to make it back home.

Their home.

The tension in the living room was almost tangible, everyone in the room casted nervous glances at the clock every few minutes.

"Obaa-chan said she'll be here at ten right?" Naruto grumbled.

Sasuke sighed. "Shut up and just wait dobe"

Naruto's eyes bulged and he was about to make a snappy comeback when Hinata cut in angrily.

"Both of you shut up!!"

She was pissed. Kiba and Sasuke had taken the whole morning doing her hair and makeup. She shuddered at the memory. She couldn't wait until all this was over…

They all jumped when the doorbell rang.

Naruto being the nearest, scrambled to get up and went to the door. He opened it with an enthusiastic smile.

"Obaa-chan!!! Geez took you long en- oof!"

Tsunade had simply clubbed Naruto on the head and pushed him aside, paying no attention to his curses and protests. Her eyes, which were wide with shock, were on Hinata. She stared at her with disbelief for a second before she enveloped her niece into a fierce bear hug.

Hinata was about to grimace before she saw Sasuke, Kiba and Naruto mouth the word 'SMILE' to her. She forced a smile to her face just as Tsunade pulled back, with tears in her eyes.

"Oh my gosh! Hinata-chan you've finally decided to join womanhood!! We can do so much fun things together like shopping!! You look so pretty!! But then again you always were…"

She continued to talk but Hinata was on a different planet. Shopping…? SHOPPING?????! (insert scream here)

She had to get out of here.

But then…she hasn't ever seen Tsunade so happy before when she was around her.

A battle waged on in her head before she sighed.

With a pained smile she hugged Tsunade back.

"That sounds fun…Ob- Tsunade-san"

Tsunade stared at her in wonder before she dragged Hinata into the living room.

The three males stood there dumbfounded before Naruto shrugged.

"I'll take her stuff upstairs"

Kiba and Sasuke nodded before they joined Tsunade and Hinata in the living room. They had walked a few metres before they stopped. There was something wrong. Tsunade looked too serious and Hinata looked like she had just seen a ghost.

Hinata let out a shaky breath.

"Father did what?????"

Her voice got raised an octave higher at the end of her sentence.

Tsunade sighed and massaged her temple.

"Your father wants me to find you a fiancée"

Hinata just stared at her. She felt like as if someone had just slapped her in the face. She was eighteen. She had not been planning to marry anyone at the age of eighteen. Heck, she hadn't been planning to marry anyone for her entire life. A huge lump formed in her throat and she tried to swallow.

"You're kidding"

She didn't care about how she was 'supposed' to speak now. Her mind was in a dead standstill. Why…why did her father have to control everything in her life?? Clenching her fists she looked at Tsunade's face desperately and couldn't find anything that showed any sort of indication that this was a prank.

Suddenly Kiba broke the serious atmosphere.

"She can't get engaged"

Hinata, who hadn't noticed before that Sasuke and Kiba were in the room gave him a thankful look before she sent him looks to tell him to go on. Tsunade gave him a suspicious look.

"And why not?"

He glanced at Sasuke desperately, who shrugged and muttered 'you're on your own'. Kiba made a mental note to kill him later. Swallowing, he racked his brains for anything. Anything.

The silence grew on. Hinata's eyes bulged bigger with looks of desperation and pleading. Tsunade's eyebrow's raised higher. He began to sweat as the pressure built. Godammit!

That was when Naruto stumbled into the living room looking confused.

And that was when pure inspiration hit Kiba.

He opened his mouth.

Everyone waited.

"She can't…"

Tsunade's eyebrows had disappeared. Hinata looked like a goldfish.

"She's dating Naruto"


There was silence. Pure silence. Before jaws dropped and the whole room erupted.


Wwwwoooooooo!!!!! Chapter 7 is done!! xD And yes I left it on a cliffie (laughs evilly) But wait! I'm not done yet! Hehe, with this chapter I present you a SPECIAL STORY!!! WOOOT!! … anyway, read on!

Sasuke's 'date'

Okay so you may be wondering…what exactly happened on Sasuke's 'date' with Sakura? Well, my friends you shall soon find out…


Sasuke drummed his fingers impatiently on the table as he waited for his project partner. The thought made him grin. Sakura was an interesting girl…she was loud, harsh, tomboyish, stubborn…yes, her personality clashed with his. But he enjoyed picking fights with her and watching her face get redder and redder with anger as he made snide and sarcastic comments at her, before he would say or do something sweet to her and then she'd mellow out.

She'd never admit but he knew that she was attracted to him.

Like he was attracted to h-

THUMP. Looking up he glared at Sakura before he rubbed his head.

Poking out her tongue, she smirked and took the seat opposite him.

"You looked so stupid with that weird expression on your face"

Scowling he quickly flicked Sakura's forehead.

"At least I don't always look stupid like you" he said, smirking with satisfaction as Sakura's face started to redden.

She was about to retort when…


Sasuke only had a split second to realise what was happening before he quickly ducked a flying chair aimed squarely at his head. Looking up with dread, he saw his attacker.

Rock Lee.

He was currently regarding Sasuke with a very angry look. His thick (and fuzzy) eyebrows knitted together into a frown.

Sasuke sighed….why? WHY??? Of all days and places??

He felt a headache coming already.


Sasuke ducked more flying chairs.

Oh god…

In the end, the trio got kicked out of the library by a rather angry librarian. Sasuke looked like he was about to kill something and Sakura wasn't very far off either. Lee on the other hand gave a nod of satisfaction, glad that Sasuke and Sakura weren't getting cosy in the library.

He smiled his blinding white smile and gave Sakura the good guy pose.


Sakura could only give a tired sigh. She turned to Sasuke.

"We'll do this another day ok?"

He 'hn-ed'

He watched as Sakura disappeared around the block (with Lee following closely behind her).

He punched the wall.

The gods. The spirits. The stars.




Haha, hope you liked that. Anyway don't get the wrong impression, I love Lee, he's one of my favourite characters. It's just that he's so funny…xD

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