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A Great Vacation?

Kurosaki Residence, June 10th

"Summer holidays are starting tomorrow for twelve whole days…!"

Yuzu said as she passed the bowl of rice to her onii-chan. It was dinnertime in the Kurosaki residence. "I'm so happy! Daddy, are we going-"

"That reminds me!" Isshin slammed his hand on the table while the other pointed upwards. "I have a reservation for a holiday at an island! Karin! Yuzu! Ichigo!" He took out some confetti from his back pocket and threw it all over.

Bewoo He blew a noisemaker he took from his front pocket.

"Otou-san! Don't make a mess!" Yuzu said. Though usually, every night there will be a mess at the table, thanks to Ichigo's and Isshin's fight.

"We'll be going to Rikka Island for some father-daughter bonding!" More confetti. "TA-DA! Isn't that great?" Some confetti went into Karin's rice bowl. She picked it out, her eye was twitching with annoyance. Why did her dad have to be such an eccentric?


"I'm not a daughter!" Ichigo yelled out, slamming his hands on the table. Here comes the mess Yuzu was prepared to yell out, "Onii-chan, Otou-san! Don't fight!"

But she didn't have to. Isshin ignored him, instead he told the three about their holiday trip. "We'll be there for ten whole days. It's a chalet in a beach resort! Isn't Daddy great?"

A distant "Pfft," was heard from a certain carrot-top.

"AND," Isshin continued, slamming his hands on the table. He seemed to make as much noise as possible. "We're leaving tomorrow!"

"What?! I DON'T WANT TO GO!" Ichigo's drink fell and spilled on the tiled floor. Some of it stained his light coloured shirt. But Yuzu was too excited to notice.

"Yay! It's so exciting!" Yuzu squealed.

Karin smiled. "Good. It'll be nice to go somewhere for once."


Kurosaki Residence, June 11th

Next day, around noon. Isshin with Karin and Yuzu crept up to Ichigo's room, almost stealthily. Isshin looked through a slightly ajar door. Ichigo was still sleeping, that lazy bum.

"Good," The elder Kurosaki said. "Daddy'll grab his legs and Karin-chan, Yuzu-chan, you two take his arms."

"Wouldn't it be easier to just wake him up?" Karin grumbled. It was waaay to early to be doing something as silly as this.

"Come on, Karin-chan…" Yuzu said. "It's fun. Like we're in a spy movie!"

" 'Cept that spies don't usually give their brother a freaky wake up call like this."

Isshin ignored her grumble and went in the 16-year-old's room. Yuzu followed him. Sighing, she followed her dad and twin. Isshin grabbed both of Ichigo's legs while Yuzu took his right arm and Karin took his left. And they lifted Ichigo off his bed.

The three got so much as half a metre from his bed before Ichigo started to stir. "Wh- whaa…?" He said groggily. Ichigo half-opened his eyes and saw that the ceiling was moving.

Hold on. The ceiling was moving?!

And his arms and legs' movement were constricted. What was happening? His question was answered when he turned his head downwards to see Isshin grinning like a madman. His eyebrows knotted to his usual trademark scowl.

"ARRHH!" He twisted and turned to break free. That made Karin and Yuzu let go of his arms accidentally. He fell, head first on the floor.

"Oopsie. Sorry, Onii-chan," Yuzu said in a small voice.

"It's not my fault, Ichi-nii," Karin said. Ichigo didn't care whose fault it was. He just needed to get out from his dad's grip!

"What the hell?! LET GO OF ME OLD MAN!" Too bad, Isshin had a firm hold of him.

"We're going to Rikka Island and we're going to be late if you don't hurry!" Isshin said, grinning.

"I'M NOT GOING!" He tried to kick him. Didn't work. Ichigo swung his fist at his dad but Isshin jerked his legs and made him fall flat on his head again. "I SAID I'M NOT GOING! LET. ME. GO!"

"Going or not, that is not your choice, Ichigo, my son!" Ichigo turned -now he's laying on his stomach- but Isshin still had a hold of him so his legs turned to an X shape. "Then we'll just force you to come! LET'S GO!"

With that, Isshin dragged him across the room (making some fingernail marks on the floor), down the stairs and outside the house/clinic. Then, he threw -yes, threw- him in the car.


So that was how Ichigo was dragged -literally- into coming to this trip. Ichigo slumped in his seat behind Yuzu's. He was still annoyed after being dragged into this whole vacation.

Honestly, he'd rather stay at home than spending ten freakin' days with his asinine dad.

Karin was leaning on Ichigo's shoulder and her white socks clad feet were propped up on the window, simply reading her newly bought manga. Yuzu was humming happily at the passenger seat in front. Ichigo suddenly thought of something. "Oi, dad. What about my clothes? I didn't pack you know."

Maybe his dad could turn around and he could lock himself in his room till they all leave…

Nope, plan failed.

"Don't worry, my son. Yuzu had packed for you." Isshin grinned. Nothing was going to ruin the Kurosaki family vacation trip. More silence for a moment when Isshin burst out, "It's too quiet…!" Isshin took an ancient looking -and of all colours- pink cassette and stuffed it in the player. "Come, Yuzu-chan! Sing with me!"

Oh, Kami-sama Not this please! Ichigo thought.

The tape began and it played a twinkling and xylophone-y type of music at first. Then, the real torture began. Isshin and Yuzu screamed out the lyrics.


Ichigo tried his best to block out all the singing- no scratch that, screaming- but failed. He looked over at Karin she was reading the newest edition of the manga '9 Shields' simply. But this time, he noticed that she had her iPod with her and it was playing on full blast.

Too bad Ichigo didn't bring his own.

When Isshin and Yuzu reached the letter 'P' on that horrible, terrible, awful, stupid, damned cassette, he was sure that he was going to be mad.


No. Scratch that last comment. He wasn't going mad, he was going insane.


After three hours (though Ichigo felt like it was three days), of terrible torture of listening to the "damned Animal Alphabets cassette" in Ichigo's words, they finally reached their destination.

"Finally," Ichigo growled. He hit his head three times when he got out of the car, hard. Why? After listening to that cassette for five times straight, that alphabets song got in his head and now he cant get it out. The cuuurious caats cl


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