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Bruce ­hated Birthdays. His own especially. Like being a year older was something to celebrate. And why the heck did everyone tried extra hard to cheer him up? On the one day he felt most mortal and powerless? But the surprise parties had to take the cake. Yes, he noticed the pun, and no, it was not intentional) I mean surprising him. The most paranoid person living, the world's greatest detective. Some people, most people, were that thick.

When J'onn called to weep about Wally deleting the Tower ENTIRE database, he was more annoyed than concerned. And he wasn't relived when the Database turned out to suffer from a mere mismatch of pointers. Sadly, he wasn't even impressed with their schemes. Amateurs. Was the thought that kept coming back to mind.

So when the transport room opened to Halloween-themed decorations, bat-shaped cake included, he just did a one-eighty in the doorframe. Suddenly a red-clad racer appeared right in his face,

"Sing." the Flash thrust a microphone under the Bat's nose, making him jerk back.

"I don't sing." He replied without emotion.

"Yes you do." Flash was unphased.

How dose he know!? Bruce almost let his fear show, almost. He knew he wouldn't see the end of it until he sang. Still… "No."

"Sing or Kent here will publish your identity." Flash casually thumbed in Superman's direction.

The man of steel nodded.

"You wouldn't." He glared.

"We know you've made contingency plans." The manhunter sounded a little too sure of that. "Like all the times the bat was active while Bruce was allegedly out of town."

"But is singing worth the trouble?" Clark pat his shoulder.

Growling, Bruce snatched the microphone. Note to self - mail Wally's yearbook photo to all female members of the league, and than some.

Flash turned on the karaoke machine ceremoniously.

Bruce recognized the dreaded number form the first beat. No. Not that. Anything but that.

None of the leaguers recognized the song. His eyes turned to cunning, defiant slits. If I have to go, I go down my way and take the lot with me. Steeling himself, he held out a receiving hand. "Balloon."

"Huh?" Wally quirked a brow.

If looks could kill, Flash would be disintegrated. The next instant a balloon cord was tied around the Bat's gauntlet. The dark knight exhaled every last whisp of air, than inhaled deeply from the balloon. Holding his breath, he gathered the present company in one sweeping look.

Damned if I do this twice. The Bat thought. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth:

"I can see clearly now, the rain is gone…" He squealed like a cartoon character.

The other founders burst to laughter, tears included.

"I can see all obstacles in my way…" Bruce continued, professional as ever.

His colleagues clutched their abs, desperate for breath.

"All of the dark clouds have passed me by..."

They were literately rolling on the floor, kicking and punching with the sheer insanity of the scene.

"It's gonna be a briiight, bright, briiiiiiight - sunshine daaaay."

The End