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The trio was walking towards the Great Hall for dinner when they caught sight of a large group forming. Curious they joined the group and looked up to see a large banner floating in the air announcing the upcoming event.

"Wow, a talent show. Are you going to enter guys?" Hermione asked as she rotated to face the two beside her.

The dark haired boy looked at her and grinned, "Of course Hermione."

"I knew you would Harry." She turned away from him, already planning her entry for the talent show.

"What about you Ron? " She asked directing the question towards the other boy at her side.

He looked at her and nodded as she smiled at him. They then started to walking to the Great Hall, following the crowd heading to dinner, each lost in their own thoughts, deciding what they where going to do for the upcoming talent show.

The week of the talent show came quick and fast. The students were busy practising their acts, Hermione had already decided what she was going to do for the talent show. She just had to keep practising. She had taken singing lessons since the age of nine. Her parents thinking she had a beautiful voice had wanted her to develop it.

Now all she needed was a killer outfit to wear for the performance. She sat and stared at the same two outfits for over half an hour. She was not good at picking out outfits for herself so she went to track down the one friend she trusted. She tracked down her best girlfriend, Ginny Weasley.

In the Gryffindor boy's dormitory, the two boys were practising their performances for the talent show. The boys were really starting to feel nervous and a little scared as the talent show loomed. They were practising one at a time to let the other see how they performed, and then they gave each other their opinions of the performance. Two hours later the boys finished practising and were confident that they were ready for the talent show. Now they just had to find an outfit to wear.

Hermione had tracked Ginny down and had persuaded her to help her choose an outfit. They were in the dormitory where Ginny was currently rummaging through her closet, trying to find a suitable outfit. Occasionally she would throw things at Hermione to try on.

"Ginny it is useless," Hermione said.

"Is not," Ginny, replied, stepping out of the closet. "Just try on this last outfit Mione."

Hermione nodded and took the outfit from her friend and went into the bathroom, emerging ten minutes later

"Wow," Ginny said. "Mione, I think you found the perfect outfit.

Hermione smiled at her friend. "Now,'' Hermione thought. " I'm ready."

The two days passed quickly, and the day of the talent show was upon them. The students were buzzing with excitement about the talent show, wondering who was performing and what different talents were going to be in the show. The contestants were feeling their nerves. However, they were all ready for the performances later that day.

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