-1Seth thinks Franz is like mother nature. He has a small mop of sunshine gold hair, which no matter how hard he tried he cannot make neat. His Luscious, grassy green eyes, that always sparkle with admiration when the red haired captain walks past. His skin was soft, with a slight hint of tan to it, almost as soft as snow, Seth mused.

The red head is roused from his daydreaming by Cormag, who shakes his head with a knowing smile. It wasn't hard to tell that the red head had an undying affection for the younger of the blonde brothers.

"One day you will have to tell him." Cormag stated, his smile faded almost instantly. Seth's goofy smile had also faded as he started to stand.

"I know." He replied before leaving.

Little did he know Cormag had already planned the whole situation, he had called for Franz to come by, knowing the captain would rush off and knowing his current state clumsily bump into the smaller soldier. The sound of many small apologies told Cormag his plan had worked and the two had collided. Now it was up to Seth…


The red head stared at the container of his affection, and his absent minded state allowed his hand to do what it wanted. He reached a hand out to touch Franz' delicate face, liking the warmness matching the red tinge on the young warriors face.

"I-I'm so sorry general!" He stuttered, trying to regain his calm composure, and watching the now seemingly gathered captain stand up. He could feel where the man's hand had touched his face but he knew before he could think anymore on that he had to get up and escape the embarrassing scene.

Seth knew Franz would try to leave after such a thing, so he pushed his hand towards the floored soldier, offering him aid in standing up. Franz hesitantly took the hand, and pulled himself up by it.

Seth saw his chance now, and lunged the smaller boy forward into a tight, and almost loving embrace.

"General what are you-" Franz was silenced by a soft kiss, melting almost instantly against Seth. The red head noticed this, could it be that Franz felt what he did?

"I have to be honest…" the taller one sighed, his face only inches from the others. "What I feel for you is beyond being comrades, beyond friendship even. In fact im sure what I feel is-" Franz face feel into an elegant smile, highlighted by a deep blush staining his cheeks.

"I do too, General Seth."

Three words had done it all for the taller soldier. Three words had made all his years watching the blonde seem worth it. He tightened his embrace again, planting a soft kiss on the boys crown and whispering softly into the locks.

"You're my world."