TITLE: When Did You Know
A/N: (not required) Fred didn't die in DH. Written for one of the dyno_drabbles July challenges.

"So when did you realize you loved me?"

Hermione looked over her shoulder at him. "Who said I loved you?"

"Give it up, Hermione. You aren't the type of bird who goes around marrying blokes she doesn't love."

She bit her lip and stalled. "When did you realize you loved me?"

"That's easy. I knew it was love the first time you went down on me."

"Charming. That will make a beautiful story to tell our future children."

Fred grinned. "Oh, I won't tell them that story. I'll tell them instead about the day I realized you just might be the woman for me."

"When was that? The first time we shagged?"

"Hermione Granger you have a dirty mind!"

"It's Hermione Weasley now."

"Oh, that's explains the dirty mind. "


"I realized you might be the woman for me during sixth year when you threatened to turn George and me over to Mum if we didn't stop testing our products on first years."

"You couldn't have known then! You were angry with me."

"No, I respected you. Anyone who could keep me line was someone to pay attention to."

Hermione shook her head, but couldn't stop from grinning.

"Your turn."

"Hum… it must have been the day you gave me the daydream charm."

"Awed you with my magical brilliance did I?"

"No, that wasn't' it."

"You were impressed by my generosity then?"


"Amazed by business sense?"

"That wasn't it either."

"What then?"

"I'm pretty sure I felt the first stirrings of love when you leaned over to get me a box and I got a good look at your arse."

"Charming!" Fred laughed, grabbing his wife by the waist and giving her a deep, wet, kiss.

The End