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Chapter 3: Interrogation


The sharp trill of the bell filled the almost-empty restaurant. Other than the Host Club, there were only a few other people there. Most of them were simply sitting and sipping coffee as it was still fairly early in the morning. It wasn't lunchtime yet, so the sushi house wasn't very busy at the moment.

"Yes?" asked the cashier, who had been brought to attention by the sound of the bell. "What would you like to order?"

"Nothing, thank you. We're looking for whoever served at table six at this time on Thursday," said Kyouya, passing the receipt – which had the table number and time of the meal written on it – to the cashier.

"Just a moment," he said, glancing at them with a suspicious look on his face. Kyouya didn't blame him. After all, who came to a restaurant wanting to talk to a specific staff member whom they didn't know? After a quick trip into another room, the cashier came back, accompanied by a pretty young lady wearing the uniform of a waitress.

"I'm Yaeko," she said, introducing herself with a small smile. "You wanted to talk to me?"

"Yes," said Hikaru. "Did you see someone who looks exactly like me Thursday night?" He looked about ready to continue questioning her when Kyouya silenced him.

"Don't mind him; he's just a little worried. We're looking for his brother. We were wondering if you'd be willing to answer a few questions about Thursday night. That is, if you don't mind us taking time out of your schedule," he added politely.

Yaeko smiled. "Well, I suppose," she said uncertainly. "But I've only got a few minutes until my break is over."

"Don't worry. This shouldn't take long. Shall we have a seat?" Kyouya said, motioning over to the nearest table with a smile. Kyouya's charming side didn't come out much, but it was most certainly useful when he decided to be polite for a change.

The waitress was about to pull the chair out from the table to sit down when Tamaki glided over, pulling out the chair for her, gesturing for her to sit.

"Thank you," she said, blushing slightly at Tamaki's gentlemanly actions.

"The pleasure's mine," Tamaki responded with a smile.

"Well, what do you want to know?" Yaeko said, turning to face Kyouya, who had by now sat himself down in the seat opposite her.

"We'd just like to know if you could tell us a bit about the people you served that night who sat at table six." Kyouya stated.

"Well, there were two of them sitting there. One of them was an okama: that much was easy to tell. The other one was probably his boss." She bit her lip. "That's the extent of what I'm allowed to tell you, so if you'd please excuse me…" The waitress stood, bowed her head, and went to turn from the table.

Rushing forward to stop her from leaving, Tamaki cupped his hand under her chin, tilting it upward slightly, making it seem as if he were about to kiss her. With his other hand, he wrapped it around her waist, pulling her in closer to him.

The other hosts could tell that Tamaki was turning on his Prince Charming-ness, which he had used on many girls daily as a high school student. After all, he wasn't referred to as the 'Host Club King' for nothing.

Tamaki leaned his head forward, and made as if he were about to kiss her, but instead went toward her ear and whispered gently into it, "My dear, sweet princess. Surely you can provide us with more information than that can't you? Or do something else to help us. After all, someone of your status, beauty, and talent; there must be something that you can do for us..." Tamaki let his lips linger for a moment longer, almost as if debating gently kissing her, but pulled his head back to look into her eyes. "You could always pull it off and say it was an accidental thing after all. You seem smart enough to be able to come up with something." Again, Tamaki leaned in forward, acting as if he were to place a kiss somewhere upon her face area, but pulling back at the last second, instead fixing her with an alluring look.

Yaeko absolutely melted under his gaze, and began to blush profusely. She nodded, completely tongue tied, and Tamaki let her go, flashing another smile.

"Well, I… Oh! I know! The other copy of the receipt would probably help you a bunch! I'm pretty sure it was paid for with a credit card, and if you had the other receipt, you'd be able to figure out who signed it. But other than that, I don't know…" She trailed off uncertainly, glancing at Tamaki, who gave her yet another glamorous smile.

"I knew you could help us, princess. It was truly a blessing that I was able to meet someone as knowledgeable and enchanting as you are." He took her hand and continued, "And is it possible for you to get us this receipt? With someone as pure a heart as you, I'm sure you would be able to help us find our dear friend… would you?" He tilted her head up to look into his eyes, which were filled with honesty.

She turned, and began to walk back to the counter, her pace steady and sure. Tamaki turned back to the others, his smile turning into a triumphant – if not somewhat cocky – grin.

Soon Yaeko returned with a key clasped tightly in her manicured hand. She looked unsure, but grudgingly handed the key over to Kyouya, who accepted it with a polite nod. She turned back to Tamaki expectantly, but his attention was on the small silver key. With a small frown, she turned her back on the group, and headed back towards the counter, but not before adding something over her shoulder.

"The office is in through there," Yaeko said coldly, pointing towards a door to the left of the counter. And without another glance, she walked away, annoyed.

The group paid no mind to the displeasure of the waitress; instead, they were discussing who was going where and doing what. They sat in a little huddle, their heads close, voices low and quick; as it was a very serious situation.

"Now, I think Hikaru should stay outside and make sure nobody comes in while we're in there," Kyouya was saying.

The others nodded including Hikaru, and though he wasn't really pleased with having to stand by helplessly as the others looked for the other copy of the receipt, he didn't argue. Something inside of him had realized that arguing and being stubborn would only delay his reunion with his beloved brother. Or maybe it had just been Kyouya who had told him that. Either way, it didn't really matter now. They were one step closer to finding Kaoru, and that was fine with Hikaru.

Tamaki quickly took charge of the situation. "Okay. Get in, find the copy of the receipt, and get out. And don't tear the office apart like we did to the dorm room. Any questions?"

In perfect unison, they all shook their heads. Luckily, there wasn't anything overly complicated to the plan, so everyone understood.

"Good. Host Club, scatter!" Tamaki said, perhaps a bit too loud than was necessary as a few people in the room looked at him as if he was crazy, but none seemed to care what the young adults were up to – except for one.

The Host Club members did as their 'king' directed them to, running in multiple different directions (except for Haruhi, who just sort of stood there, not about to make a complete fool of herself). Kyouya had been the only one to actually head the right way: towards the office. After a few moments of watching the others run about without any sense of direction, he cleared his throat. As expected, he gained the attention of them all. "The door is over here," he said, pointing over his shoulder at the door behind him.

"Ah yes, of course. Host Club, to the office!" Tamaki exclaimed, a slightly embarrassed look on his face.

Rolling his eyes, Kyouya put the key in the lock. After a quick glance around the room, he opened it and stepped inside. He was followed by the others – except for Hikaru, who not-so-subtly leaned against the door, hands in his pockets, after it was firmly shut.

The Host Club instantly began their search earnestly, carefully opening drawers and searching shelves, trying not to make too much of a mess.

Mori opened a drawer of one of the filing cabinets, and found it to be filled with receipts, all carefully organized according to the date. Without a word, he began looking at the receipts dated Thursday, removing the small pile of receipts and shuffling through them. Finally, he came upon the one they were looking for. "Found it."

The two words stopped the rest of the movement in the room. "Good job, Takashi," Hunny cheered, climbing up onto Mori's shoulders.

"Yes. Good job, but –" Kyouya's sentence, however, was cut off by Tamaki's enthusiastic exclamation.

"Good job, Host Club! Mission accomplished!"

The situation was interrupted by a loud knock from Hikaru. "As I was about to say," Kyouya said with a sigh of annoyance. "I believe now would be a good time to get out of here. Especially as Hikaru has spotted someone."

Tamaki, who was closest to the door, turned the knob and threw the door open a bit more forcefully than necessary. Outside the door a loud THUMP was heard, and muttered obscenities. Tamaki peered out into the hall, and realized Hikaru wasn't there. Where'd he go…? His attention was then directed downwards by a movement.

Tamaki grinned down at Hikaru sheepishly. He had thrown open the door, causing Hikaru to sprawl onto the carpeted floor. Luckily, he was fine, and accepted the hand Tamaki extended to him to help him up.

"Milord, you really should be more careful," Hikaru scolded, a joking scowl on his face.

Before Tamaki got the chance to defend himself though, Kyouya pointed towards the other end of the hall, a warning look on his face, and Tamaki, Hikaru, and the others exited the office area.

"So, you found it? Who signed it? Where is it?" As soon as they arrived back into the restaurant area, Hikaru began quizzing them about the other copy of the receipt.

"Obviously we've found it, otherwise we'd still be in there. We haven't had the chance to look at it yet, and Mori-senpai has it." Kyouya answered all his questions calmly, and then directed his next statement to the group. "We should discuss this in the limo. Come on." He placed the key for the office on the counter, gave the puzzled cashier a cheery smile, and exited the restaurant, the Host Club trailing after him.

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