Snake pushed the fence aside and stepped past the restricted area sign. All the planes were burning. He'd watched the attack come and go. His eye took in the scenery looking for a vehicle. He was sick of walking in the hot desert. Plissken continued on until he saw the hanger. It was like God sat inside.

Plissken ran toward the big black bird. It was out of date but he knew this machine. He climbed the ladder and slid into the cockpit. She seemed in working order. His hands worked over the controls and the craft sputtered to life. The first thing to come across the comm system were screams.

Plissken's vision hazed reality blurring with memories, old memories. Leningrad! Fury and skills that ran deep in Snake's mind kicked in. In blind movements put the straps locked into place and the bird's cover snapped shut. Snake shoved the throttle and the plane raced into the airfield leaving the ground flawlessly.

He had a lock on the fighter in distress. "Black Knight what's your coordinates."

"Who the hell are you?" Came the voice confused and sarcastic.

Snake laughed. "Don't matter but I got a load of missiles with alien ass written all over the son-of-a bitches."

"That's what I'm talking about." The voice on the other end was jubilant. Plissken forced the jet to the red skimming low over the desert.

"Coming right for you with two of those ugly bastard."

"I got them. Take the basement." The old pilot talk came back like a charm even after all the years.

"Would put me down... You... Hey who the fuck are you anyway?"

Snake watched the jet appear from the canyon with two craft trying to lock. "Call me cSnake."

"Snake huh? You got some adequacy issues with name like that?"

The jet shot under him and Plissken locked on taking out one of the tailing ships.

"No." Plissken laughed coming around to see the pilot ejecting and the alien ship skipping like a stone toward him. Snake's eye went wide and he slammed on the eject button. The pressure of the burst up burned in his eye but he came down gracefully on the sand. He pulled off the chute and sauntered over to where the other pilot was looking over the alien craft.

Snake gave it a curious look as he lit a cigarette. The other pilot looked over and Snake met his eyes. He was a cocky flyboy. Plissken could see it in his stance. The thought brought a huge grin to Snake's expression.

"A grinning Snake?" The other man rolled his eyes. "Can I get one of those?"

Snake tossed his cigarettes to him. "Who's going after that ugly bastard inside?"

The men looked at each other, puffing on the smokes. They exhaled and both turned toward the ship. It was time to kick alien ass.