"Damn it, Albus, they have the right to know!"

Harry jumped as Snape's voice rose. What would be causing him to be so angry this early in the morning?

He puzzled over it for a moment, and then dismissed it as Mrs. Weasley's voice floated up from the kitchen. Food was much more important at the moment than the Potion Professor's anger issues. As he hurried down the stairs, he marveled at the changes to Grimmauld Place. It was just as gloomy as when he had first arrived, but much cleaner, and now no one worried about being attacked merely walking into the drawing room.

Hermione and Ginny were already eating when Harry arrived in the kitchen, studiously avoiding Mrs. Weasley's gaze as she engaged in a low, heated debate with Remus.

Remus was practically growling as he rounded on her, saying, "B'God, Molly! You've no clue what you're even talking about! Damn, they were practically made for each other! If they hadn't died, then none of this, none of this, would be the same!"

"Wha-what do you mean, Remus? I was just saying I fully support her divorcing Severus if he was always so brooding and prone to rages, let alone being a Death Eater!"

"Whose hogwash have you been listening to, Molly? She didn't divorce him because he was a Death Eater. She's dead! They're all dead!"

"I-I-I-ahh!" Mrs. Weasley screamed as the fire suddenly flared green.

"How the-Who the hell would try to Floo here? No one's stationed at Figgy's and Dumbledore's here..." Sirius wondered aloud, moving to stand in front of the two girls and Harry as Remus pulled Molly back, their previous quarrel forgotten.

A form was visible in the fire, but only a voice floated out.

"Sevvie did his job, the distraction worked. We do have a bit of a problem, though, they're there, but they have company."

"Damn," another voice and shape joined the first, "Well, let's get this over with. It'll just be even more awkward than anticipated."

Harry blinked at the people that walked out of the fire. They were hardly run-of-the-mill Death Eaters from his standpoint. Two women, two girls and a boy, who were probably about Ginny's age.

"Harry," Sirius said softly, "Go get Molly. The two of you need to go tell Dumbledore we have visitors-now."

Without thought of disobeying his Godfather, Harry went over and took Mrs. Weasley's hand, pulling the shocked woman from the kitchen.

"Oh, don't do that. Sevvie is stalling him so nicely for us, and besides, he's breaking down that idiotic-smart man's wards." The blonde said.

"What wards are you talking about?" Remus asked, reaching for his wand on the table.

"The wards for this building. He made them so that if someone he had not accepted into their scope came close, they would be immediately and painfully ejected, and Oblivated." The other woman said.

"Who are you?" Sirius asked, casually putting his hand in his pocket.

"Who do we look like?" The blonde countered.

"You look like our dead wives." Remus said, fighting down a wave of memories.

"How do you know your wives are actually dead?"

"The Dark Mark was above our houses, and they were nowhere to be found."

The two women looked at each other, then the dark haired one turned and called out, "Kreacher!"

"Yes, Master's Mistress?" The rag covered house elf asked, mouth twisted into a parody of a smirk.

"Stop that, you foul-mouthed vermin. Get a glass of pumpkin juice for everyone in this room."

"Yes, Mistress."

"I will warn you now, Kalli, we won't be living in the lap of luxury you're used to. I've been disowned, remember?" He twisted his head to look down at her.

"Of course I remember, Sirius. I'll be fine, that's not a reason for me to stop loving you. And besides, if Regulus dies, you automatically become Heir again." Kalli remarked, placing her head back against his chest.

"I'd rather not be Heir. There's too much responsibility, besides an annoying and rude house elf."

"What's his name?"


"That even sounds like a terrible name."

Sirius barely managed to grab the wavering glass being held out to him.

Kreacher turned from him with a sniff, muttering, "Ungrateful Master is trying to spill disgusting juice all over Kreacher." The old house elf then shuffled over to the dark haired woman.

"Here you are, Ma-Mistress, and young Master." He handed the pair the two remaining glasses with a sneer.

"Thank you, Kreacher, you may go now." The boy said, taking a sip of the chilled juice.

"So you've proven you have control over my house elf. That doesn't mean you aren't Narcissa Malfoy and her son."

The woman just handed her empty glass to the boy, and changed. A thestral was where she had been a mere moment before.

"That's an advanced potion Snivellus brewed for you, allowing you to change into her Animagi form. Did Wormtail tell you about it?"

"First of all, Sirius, I never thought you could be this big a blockhead." The blonde said, "Secondly, did Peter even know about our Animagi abilities? Thirdly, did you even notice the markings she has?"

Sirius' gaze swept up and down the thestral, who gazed at him haughtily. The markings all down her neck and chest were distinct, white against black, matching those on Sirius himself. There was the 'Love' rune, just over her heart...and 'Laughter' over her windpipe. 'Strength' wound it's way up her neck, while 'Courage' covered her right shoulder.

"There," he said, putting down the needle and patting her shoulder, "We'll be able to help eachother now. My laughter for your strength, and our love bolstering our courage, if it ever faulters."

"Not that your courage is likely to." She said when she had changed back, "Just you yourself could take on all the Death Munchers single-handedly at a test of pure courage, and win."

At Sirius' look of shock and wonder, the blonde grinned.

"Go greet your wife and son, Padfoot."

"I-son?" He croaked.

"Yes, now go say hello." The blonde shoved him over to the thestral and boy. Sounds of kissing and a very loud, "Eww!" were soon heard.

"One down," the blonde said, "and one to go. If you don't recognize me, Remmie, I will have to hurt you."

"Gwen? Gwendolyn Holmes?"

"What, d'you think I'm Celina Warbeck?" The woman didn't get a chance to say any more.

The sounds of revulsion merely grew louder.

Ginny and Hermione were standing near the stove, at a loss for words.

Ginny finally broke their silence, commenting, "Tonks isn't going to like this much."

"No, she's not, but this has to be about the easiest way to nip a crush in the bud that I've ever seen. 'Hello, please meet my thought-dead-but-actually-in-hiding wife!'"

At this point, their bubble of space was invaded by the two other girls. The shorter and lighter haired of the two spoke first, pushing her glasses back up her nose awkwardly.

"Hullo, you must be Ginny Weasley, and you must be Hermione Granger." At two hesitant nods, she continued on, turning pink as she did so, "I'm Caitlyn Aurora Lupin, but call me Cat. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go tell my father I'm alive." With that, the small girl turned and ran over to where her parents were standing, jumping onto her father's back in greeting.

"Forgive Cat, please. She's shy, until she gets comfortable with you. Then, as you can see, she's like a different person." The dark eyed girl gestured to where Cat was thwarting Remus' attempt to give her a serious, loving hug by tickling him.

"Pardon my rudeness," Hermione said, "but who are your parents? You're not Pettigrew's daughter, are you?"

"No, I am not that sniveling-worthless-good-for-nothing-nancy-boy-traitor's daughter." The girl said with venom, then raised her chin and announced proudly, "My name is Anne Eileen Snape. I-"

"What is the meaning of this?" Dumbledore's voice rang out, stopping the conversation, the sounds of fake retching and laughing. The sound of kissing was not truly halted. Sirius merely muttered, "Why do I feel like we should be in a broom closet right now?" With a quick wand wave, a complete broom closet surrounded the adult Blacks, and they went back to their previous occupation.

"The meaning of what, Albus?" Gwen asked, "A joyful family reunion? Oh, no reason than our deciding to celebrate being back with our husbands after thirteen years, let alone introducing them to their children, whom they had not even known were born."

"The meaning of inviting Death Eaters into this house!"

Any potential attacks on the newcomers were quickly stopped by her next statement, accompanied by pointedly rolled eyes.

"And if we were damn Death Munchers, we could get into this house how? You're Secret Keeper."

The old man was puzzled for a moment, but continued on, "Severus could have told you."

"How? If one isn't the Secret Keeper, one can't say where the hidden place is."

Dumbledore was at a loss for words.

"Then how did you get in?" Arthur Weasley asked, looking part confused and part elated.

"Sevvie swiped one of the new-member papers to show us."

"Then Severus did tell you!"

"No, he didn't tell us, Albus, he showed us. Two different actions." The grin that had been beginning to form on her lips faded as she saw who came through the door next.

Bill Weasley, dragging a bruised and bloodied Severus Snape.

"I've got the traitor, Professor."

Three voices started up at once.

"Good, Bill-"

"He's not a-"

"Albus, think about-"

One completely and utterly overrode them all.

"Let go of my Papa, you brute!" Smack!

Gwen winced, and then laughed shakily into Remus' chest.

"I knew I shouldn't have taught her that cross-punch. We'd best go over and stop her from trying to kill Bill."

There was no need for worry, for as soon as the red-haired man had staggered back, rubbing his chin, Anne had turned her attention to her fallen father.

"Papa, are you ok?" She asked, expertly rolling him onto his back and lifting his eyelid when he did not respond.

"I'm fine, Anne."

"No, you're not, Papa. Lay here for a minute, I'll have you right as rain."


"Stay there, Sevvie. You'll be up on your feet in a minute." Gwen said, handing over a vial to Anne. "One drop should be enough, lass."

"Open your mouth, Papa." Anne ordered sternly. One clear drop was poured into his mouth, which he closed immediately afterward. His injuries instantly started to heal.

"I got more from Mum than just her eyes, Papa, remember?"

An unusual grin lit the Potions Master's face.

"I forgot, little one, I'm sorry. Forgive me?"

"Of course." Anne said, giving him a peck on his pale cheek, and moving out of the way so he could get up.

"Now that we know you did not believe Severus when he tried to explain our situation to you, I shall ask you to take drastic measures. Albus, you'll have to read me. You're not letting me read you, after all." Gwendolyn stood, left hand clasped loosely in Remus' left. Neither seemed likely to break that one point of contact.


"Remus," she turned to her husband, "it has to be done. He won't listen any other way. We've come back to you, and b'God, we want to stay!"

"Fine, but if you hurt her-!" Remus growled. A shocked ripple ran through the assembled crowd. Remus had always been everything that was courteous and kind. Here he was now threatening Albus Dumbledore for this woman who was probably a Death Eater!

"I will do my best not to, Remus, but it all depends on her level of cooperation." Dumbledore said calmly.

"I'll cooperate, I already said I would. But I do need to make a deal with you. If you do this to me, then you don't do it to Kalli. You take both of us on the facts of my mind."

"That seems agreeable enough."

Blue eyes met blue eyes across the room.

...The shelves held all sort of interesting things...that one even looked tasty!

"No, Gwen, you can't eat Daddy's potion ingredients!"

...The silence in the compartment was fraught with danger.

"Soo...what house do you think you're going to be in, Caitlyn?"

The dark haired girl sniffed, "Slytherin, of course. Where else would I go?"

Gwen didn't rise to the bait on that one, instead turning to the Asian girl beside Caitlyn.

"What about you, Kalli?"

"Slytherin, there is no other place for me."


"I'm not from here, remember? I'm still trying to get my head around magic, let alone what House I want to be at school. But for the interest of conversation, what house do you think you'll be in?"

"Hufflepuff. M'dad was in Hufflepuff. Mum was Ravenclaw, but I don't think I'm really smart enough for it. I don't care about studying."

...Gwen tried to keep her breathing steady. Caitlyn, as she had said she would be, had been Sorted into Slytherin. She was next.

"Holmes, Gwendolyn!" Gwen went to the stool after giving a reassuring look to Anna, and sat down with a small gulp.

"Well now," the hat said conversationally, "I do like a challenge. You've got quite a nurturing and patient side to you, so possibly Hufflepuff...but you always want to learn more...Ravenclaw? No. You're more determined than even the birds, now that I look deeper into you. But you're also quite a strong one, aren't you? You don't think so, but I know so. Be loyal to your house, but remember to keep that strength to keep your friends, little GRYFFINDOR!"

..."So," Remus said conversationally, after James' latest attempt to lure Lily into his clutches fell completely flat. "Your mother works at St. Mungo's?"

"Yes, the Llewellyn Ward mostly, with your mother, in fact. Did your mother tell you about the newest case they have?"


"Fucking Fenrir Greyback bit a pregnant woman. She was a week away from giving birth. The pain from his bite caused her to go into labor. He waited out the entire four hours of labor and then bit the baby."

"But how did he keep her there? She could have moved in four hours." He asked, but she could see the banked anger in the gold of his eyes.

"He hamstrung her when he bit her. He knew exactly what he was doing. And that's not even the worst part."

"What do you mean?"

"She was a Muggle."


"Yes, Remus?" She looked up into his glorious golden eyes, shocked as he got down on-

"You don't need to see that!" Gwen snarled out loud.

...She put her hand on her father's arm, and prepared to walk down-

"Or that, you were there!"

..."Mrs. Remus Lupin-I like the sound of that...but I love the sound you make when I-

"You definitely don't need to see that!"

...She set up the simulacra hastily. She knew she didn't have much time, Severus had warned her they were coming soon. They knew Kalli and Caitlyn were traitors, and had decided to get their friends before-

"Tha's enough!" Gwendolyn shoved Albus Dumbledore out of her mind without as much as a 'by-your-leave', throwing the old man across the room, into a chair.

"You could have gathered who I was from the first few memories, there's no way those could have been planted!"

"You are right, Gwendolyn, I could have."

"So then why didn't ye stop?"

"I had encountered something that interested me."

"Really? Well, you'll have to satisfy your interest later, 'cause fer now I'm gonna to visit my parents, seeing as they'll appreciate knowing I'm alive. That's moore'en I kin say fer you, Headmaster! Cat, we're going't visit your grandparents. Remmie, are you coming?"

"One minute, Gwen. I'll be right there. Grab the Floo Powder." Remus stalked over to where Dumbledore was sitting, still slightly dazed.

"Albus-you've just made my black list. Congratulations, you're now lumped together with Pettigrew, Voldemort and Greyback. It's going to take some real work for you to get back into my good graces. You didn't tell us they were alive, when you must have known because of the name book. And you tried to keep them away from us even now, when you knew it was them standing in front of you. Shame on you."

Remus then turned and walked into the Floo-powered fire, wrapping his arms around his daughter and wife.

"Sona CroĆ­ Baile!" Gwen cried, dropping her handful of Floo Powder. The three were taken away by the rush of green flames.

Once they were gone, the kitchen was completely quiet, except for the broom closet right in the middle of the room.

((There, they're all together again. Those three will be back, but not liking Dumbledore very much...in fact, methinks one certain Professor of Potions isn't precisely happy with his Headmaster very much either. We shall see, eh?))